Marjorie Taylor Greene Openly Advocates End To American Democracy

I have a love / hate relationship with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

On the one hand, she is the queen of the annoying lib owning performance artists in Congress. On the other hand, she is probably the best we have got in terms of an elected representative who is constantly edge posting and eroding those precious “guard rails” of “our democracy.”

Can you really hate someone who has injected the idea of a National Divorce into the national conversation or disenfranchising and quaranting libtard transplants from states like California and New York? I’ve long believed that these are issues we should be talking about.

Anyway, I will just say that 2021 is ending on a positive note. I’ve been saying all year that our ideas jave advanced and we have gained a lot of political ground.

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  1. bwahaha the Jews are panicking with such a threat! It’s a long parade of genius after genius in this amazing country.
    Above all the Jews fear the stupid dancer Jaye Ryan and the lunatic “man of god” Fr. +John.

    • Yes, Jews and communist’s are panicking and for reason. They are parasites who can not live without host.

      So they try to avoid secession and when it fails, then they pretend to be good fellow white people and will infiltrate new countries and subvert them. This is why secession is useless without purging bad genes and keeping white liberals out.

      This problem is in the whole world. In Russia and Eastern Europe, people discussing, what we gonna do with our screaming lunatic mad genetic white liberals. Without getting rid of them, we just go to the next round of madness. Like in Ukraine where liberals hijacked white nationalism and turned it to absurd.

  2. No one agrees with anyone else 100%, due to differing genetic endowments and life experiences in different environments. Therefore, expecting any elected representative to share each of our public policy positions or basic life philosophies is counterproductive.

    MTG is giving voice to observations and attributes that contribute towards the world most Regime dissidents share. Not all (her support for Zionism being the most prominent example), but as our Host notes, the electorate is moving in our direction due to Establishment overreach and hubris.

    Under these circumstances, I believe it is best to accept allies where we can, even if they are not perfect in our own subjective estimation. Like Tucker, MTG is giving literal Voice to a new spirit of resistance. That is only good, because the thought of change has to occur before the action to bring change about can develop.

    • “Like Tucker, MTG is giving literal Voice to a new spirit of resistance”:

      They’re not resisting Zionism, and they’re not resisting the evil capitalist global imperialist system that is inherently cosmopolitan, anti-ethnocultural and anti-ethnonational.

      • Mr. Anon #1 (collectivist version), please retire the “real socialism has never been tried anywhere” dog and pony show for 2022, and beyond. It grows tiresome.

        Systems don’t make a society operate in the interests of all its citizens. The people living within that jurisdiction, acting both as individuals seeking the best life they can, based on their genetic capacities, and collaboratively with others not like themselves to meet collective needs, make life worth living.

        The endless shilling for your economic comfort zone, the “Worker’s Paradise” of legend, has no salience in the modern world. People are materialists, and given a chance, that is what they will seek. So capitalism is the only game in town, because it harnesses people’s materialist instincts the most effectively in creating things and services citizens covet.

        So the solution to current imbalances to to harness the urge to splurge in us all by tying the suppliers of capital/management skills with the workers who make and serve things. Not to suppose you can tyrannize or enslave Capital or Labor, but to give each the incentive to cooperate- SWF/UBI anyone? .Can you dig it?

        • “please retire the ‘real socialism has never been tried anywhere’ dog and pony show for 2022, and beyond. It grows tiresome”:

          Before the resolution I’m considering, to do just what you said, might kick in tomorrow: I have never said or thought real socialism has never been tried. Of course it has been tried, and is being tried, and it exists. What I have said here probably too frequently, is that so-called socialism such as the Democratic Socialists of America is “not real socialism,” and much of so-called leftism is “not really left” (not real socialism either). A peaceful, harmonious classless society, in which the socialist state (or dictatorship of the proletariat) – socialism in survival mode under constant hybrid war attack by imperialism, is no longer needed and has finally withered away is still a goal, not a present reality. After capitalism reaches its final stage of development, as a global empire that has fully exploited the entire world, it will collapse under the weight of its many contradictions, opening the way for the new social order to emerge that does NOT “harness people’s materialist instincts” and “their urge to splurge” – the base side of human nature – but instead harnesses the GOOD side of human nature: love, sharing, trust, fraternity – when, as the de-frocked, excommunicated renegade fourteenth-century priest John Ball predicted, we will all be ruled by Fellowship, and all will labor and spin for the love of one another. This we still look forward to, unless the present system, which had to come before socialism, but is dying now, does not destroy the earth and mankind completely as it dies:


        • Re: “the solution to current imbalances is (…) tying the suppliers of capital/management skills with the workers who make and serve things (…) to give each the incentive to cooperate – SWF/UBI anyone?”

          J.R., what do you think of this? “(T)he present push by western elites is to prepare for a transition away from a money-regulated (labor-driven) society. This leads to their need for a social credit system that matches the post-labor age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” See source:

          • Mr. Anon, I can’t say there is anything of substance I disagree with in the writings you highlighted above. If those are your words alone, bravo on a tour de force meta explanation for the current correlation of forces in the USA and around the world. If the observations cited belong to other people, you have chosen your teachers well.

            I would reduce the U. S. military budget to 50 billion, withdrawing all our troops and bases around the world. Let others defend themselves as they wish, and let us become good neighbors towards other nations, helping them humanitarially when asked, otherwise allowing them (and us) to live and let live. Let true diversity reign.

            As I have noted, I am not absolutely tied to a social wealth fund based UBI as the only possible social contract between investors and workers. If another mechanism for granting citizens material security can be developed, so be it. I do believe that materialistic individualism is the default position when a cumulative economy exists, and that as a result we must create life security via a capitalist economic system. But if I am wrong, and another way can be found that harnesses ” from each according to his or her capacity, to each according to his or her needs” for both security and freedom of thought and action, that is fine.

            Since it seems we may indeed be striving in the same general way towards our visions of the good life, I say welcome, comrade. And to those more comfortable with a status quo that has stood the test of time, I understand and accept your premises as valid and genetically based, so we are comrades as well.

  3. Fuck American “Democracy”. I’m with Hans Hermann Hoppe. It’s never been anything but a soft form of Marxism. It’s definitely NOT what the Founders intended for us. Free Dixie! Deo Vindice!

  4. Can you really hate someone who has injected the idea of a National Divorce into the national conversation or disenfranchising and quaranting libtard transplants from states like California and New York? I’ve long believed that these are issues we should be talking about.

    Steve King’s line about “can’t preserve our civilization with other people’s babies” was good too. But he cucked out at the first bit of pushback. He should’ve kept his mouth shut if he wasn’t prepared to stand his ground.

    This chick seems pretty gutsy, and the way she gets into on twitter, you figure she gets a real kick out of lib owning.

    Just having a congressman responding to a figure like Pedro Gonzalez is a step in the right direction regardless of what she says.

  5. “After Democrat voters and big donors ruin a state like California, ”

    Is that ever the gospel truth.

    Ca use to be such a nice place for the average worker.
    Now, it’s overpopulated and only comfortable for the rich.

    • The first betrayal of CA was Ronald Reagan’s amnesty. So far as CA voters go, way back when CA voted down Welfare for Illegals. Passed overwhelmingly. The courts reversed. Same happened not so long ago with Gay Marriage on the ballot. So it is not all a matter of voters voting their shit-hole in.

      • Yes, that’s true. I was writting more to the degree Calif has gone down.

        Calif started going down at the end of WWII, when those southerners gave their blacks free bus fare to Calif, so they could get rid of them.

  6. ” shitholes they created with their Democrat votes and donations”

    Truer words don’t exist.

    In the above posts, this woman is absolutely right.

    The term ‘democratic communism’ should be used extensively, to give it currency in the language. Start refering to ppl like Schumer and Pelosi as “democrat communists’.

    Fitting !

  7. >I’ve long believed that these are issues (National Divorce) we should be talking about.
    Whites are beginning to see themselves as whites, and that will only become more common, because the increasing numbers of non-whites see us as whites.
    A national divorce might be a long term goal, but first the goal should be to move the democrats in an anti-woke direction since they need white votes to win, in an electorate that see themselves as white.

  8. @ the congresswoman from Georgia, was doing ok, till !?, This and I quote “It’s our republican politics that create the very invironments you like”, she is a good example of the normie right, we the dissident right, waiting for the rest of our people, too mentally catch up with us, but she is trying, I appreciate her effort…….

    • @Terry Smith – That same line stuck out to me as well when I read it. The fact is, it is the environments created by traditional White people, especially by White men, that the anti-Whites and colored-people (from literally everywhere) love and flock to. It has absolutely nothing to do with an (R) instead of a (D) on a voting ballot.

  9. Trump said good things too then did nothing in office. It’s probably helpful but I’m not getting excited.

  10. I love the word transplant. I once called a liberal jew that when he was referring to himself as Southern. He went ballistic.

  11. What are we even talking about? What is a national divorce and what is its result?

    There is no regard for the rule of law or the constitution anymore. The federal govt. has been weaponized against us.

    What reconciliation can there be? Does divorce mean they take half the country and all the kids?

    I’m not sure I understand how to apply this analogy to whats actually happening.

    Does she have an only fans yet?

  12. I”’ve long believed that these are issues we should be talking about.”

    We’ve got to clean house in our Southern State governments.

    We’ve also got get an accurate, or reasonably accurate accounting of all the Carpetbaggers in Dixie.

    We also haf to find ways of stopping the Northern SJWs from interfering in our state elections and political processes. Massed Minnesotans shouldn’t be able to protest on the capitol steps in Austin, Texas. Nor should Alyssa Milano be able to harangue the Georgia State legislature in their own house.

    It would never occur to a Southerner, or to anybody in Wyoming, that they could go to Wisconsin, or New Jersey, and interfere in those States’ political processes and elections. Or demand that those states change their laws to suit them, and not the peoples of those respective States.

    Political, legal, and moral bankruptcy and corruption aside, our state legislators dedicate a significant majority of their time to countering the constant political attacks coming out of the Northern/Northeastern states, rather than in legislating for the benefit of their States and their constituency.

    If the governor of Michigan was doing what the governors of Texas and Florida are doing now, it wouldn’t even make the national news. Unless it was to show the innate superiority of the Northern People, over their subordinate subjects in the colonial territories that are mistaken by non-Yankees, for the formerly “United States®.”

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  13. Well, is it true that these are “liberals” flocking to Texas, Florida, etc? In some cases where professionals get “transferred” I can agree, but I’ve also heard competing claims that these people fleeing blue states are usually republicans who vote republican and the growing democratic vote in Texas is largely native born young people, white and hispanic, who are all on board with the crap being taught in the commie school system.

  14. When she apologized to the jews and even visited a holocaust museum after comparing coronavirus-related rules and restrictions to the treatment of Jewish people in Nazi Germany, I lost all respect for her. If she had balls, she would have doubled down but she folded. You either stand for something or you stand for nothing.

    • She held up an Israeli flag at a Rep rally. She says a lot of things, but achieves nothing. It’s the Trump thing of talking big, and getting credit for the talking, but doing nothing.
      I don’t see why anyone trusts her.

  15. MTG is an adulteress, a cad and a freak. If we must ally with her (him?) we have already lost.

    This is called moving the Overton Window Left. This is not Right.

  16. >I have a love / hate relationship with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    I generally agree with your assessment — it comes down to whether one thinks the fact she says things that need to be said outweighs her boorishness, the latter meaning the regime doesn’t take her seriously, or worse ridicules her in an attempt use her abrasiveness to discredit the issues she addresses.

    Then again it’s really impossible to talk about topics in a way the regime deems taboo, no matter how responsibly it is done; no matter how measured the rhetoric — no one exemplifies this more than Jared Taylor and the problem of race/ethnicity.

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