USA Today: How The U.S. Government Failed To Stop The Rise of “Domestic Extremism”

Establishment liberals are 13% of Americans while Populist Right are 11% of Americans. In spite of this relative parity in numbers both in the general population and among Democratic and Republican voters, the former faction is bent on suppresing the latter faction as “domestic extremism.”

USA Today:

“When FBI Special Agent Brian Murphy returned from an overseas posting in 2011, he expected his desk job in Pittsburgh to be far from the front lines of the U.S. war on terrorism.

Instead, he found that western Pennsylvania was a hot spot of another terror war of sorts, one involving formidable homegrown foes: white supremacists, anti-government militias and right-wing extremists.

That year, a young neo-Nazi was convicted of ambushing police in the working-class neighborhood of Stanton Heights, killing three officers and wounding another in a four-hour firefight. Authorities also were investigating various militias and survivalist groups, including in rural areas northwest of Pittsburgh where six people were arrested three years earlier for allegedly stockpiling assault rifles, homemade bombs and a flamethrower to incite a race war. …

Now, one year after the assault on the Capitol, many of those officials question whether Washington is up to the task of containing a problem that has embedded itself deeply into the fabric of America. …”

In 2021, there were exactly zero “domestic terrorist” attacks from “the most lethal threat” facing the Homeland. It was never clear to me why the domestic extremists would need to launch an insurgency. Wouldn’t it be easier for them to vote the Democrats out of power?

Washington Post:

“Yet despite this toxic stew of anger and threats, actual terrorism — politically motivated violence against noncombatants that seeks a broad psychological effect — was low in 2021. Data from the New America Foundation reveal there were zero — yes, zero — successful far-right, left-wing or Islamist militant mass terrorist attacks in the United States so far this year. It’s a remarkable statistic and one not reached at any time after 9/11, 20 years in which jihadism and white supremacist violence, in particular, vied to claim the most American lives. The lone lethal attack that might even be considered terroristic involved a misogynistic man who killed eight workers at massage parlors and spas in Atlanta due to a self-proclaimed “sex addiction.” A depressing number of mass shootings occurred in 2021, but despite being murderous they are not terrorism as they did not involve a political motive. …”

A year after the January 6th insurrection, it appears the “domestic extremists” are now the favorite to seize power in Congress. It looks like they will take Congress in 2022 without a fight.

Note: Looking further down the road at 2023, I anticipate that Joe Biden will face impeachment. Lord Fauci will also be hauled before Congress to answer for his various crimes.

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  1. “Wouldn’t it be easier for them to vote the Democrats out of power?”

    I mean, this is what I’m gonna do. Why shouldn’t I vote R and wear a lets go brandon hat to trigger libs?

    Nobody on the dissident right has convinced me of the long-term merits of intentionally aiding the other side with concerted blackpilling to hurt Republican turnout, like was done in 2020.

    Do I recognize that the Regime is irreparably damaging its legitimacy by persecuting normies? Absolutely.

    But this isn’t gonna help White advocates when people see the dissident right fagging for guys like Biden openly, or fagging against Trump for intentionally overblown bullshit like Covid or bombing brown hero general. Its not like, because we succeed in helping people hate the current regime that the only thing normies can do is turn to us for some ideas about wtf is going on. We aren’t even on people’s radar as an alternative perspective because our autistic braintrust shot its wad at the tikitorch march and screamed about jews to a camera for the world to see among other things.

    An autistic bunch of knuckleheads with nothing useful to say are no alternative to a known party that even if its treacherous and lies half the time, is still capable of giving its base at least something.

    Why should I stay home? Whats ur plan?

    • I’m just going to watch the shitshow as politics gets more heated, more stupid and more toxic while nothing really changes. South Carolina is playing North Carolina on television right now. I’m watching it out of boredom mostly. Red Team will win the 2022 midterms and the policy agenda will be sold to the donors as usual.

    • >Whats ur plan?
      To do like the environmentalists, that got their will because both sides needed green votes to beat the other side.
      The Democrats will have to become less anti-white in 2024 to win, and that means the Cuckservatives will need to step in a pro-white direction to win, etc etc.

    • Biden’s going to destroy jobs. Jabs or jobs. I don’t trust it at all. Especially since they gave the Afghans some Ivermectin when they came here, but you and I can’t have access to it. Afghans in town, already having kids here, living off of us, they have tons of kids.

      They will control the elections, and no matter who gets in, whites will continue to be the slaves and more of what we make will go to nonwhites.

  2. “Data from the New America Foundation reveal there were zero — yes, zero — successful far-right, left-wing or Islamist militant mass terrorist attacks in the United States so far this year.” Of course the autonomous SUV that murdered the White people in Waukesha wasn’t left-wing with a proclivity for BLM, duh.

    As for the absolute majority of terrorism being perpetrated, foreign and domestic, the federal government’s “intelligence community’s” false flags and fake stories are getting too sloppy that only jaye ryan believes them now. The Jan. 6 “insurrection” was an atrociously bad setup so it’s pretty clear why they want exclusive control of the internet now. Hey WaPo isn’t the federal government committing pretty blatant terrorism by opening the southern border to all, using the “Intelligence community’s” NGO front groups to bus them to the border, using their cartel connections to smuggle them over and using the military to distribute them all over the “homeland” while in the middle of a supposed pandemic, all the while not subjecting them to all the bullshit corona law that actual citizens must obey to control the scamdemic? One could even say this is bioterrorism if the hysteria of the scamdemic is to be believed or that they’re bringing other actual nasty third world shithole diseases the we have long eradicated with actual vaccines and not useless government subsidized big pharma experimental gene altering garbage.

  3. Brian Murphy?? I will tell you what is extreme, whoring yourself out to the enemies of Christ, that is extreme, to the extreme.The Irish and the Jews both have a deep hatred for the innocent. How else can they do what they are doing to a people who only want to be left alone and live their lives in peace?

    • Brain Murphy is no Irishman. His real name is John Goodman. He is a jew that changed his name to fool the goyim as they all do.

      • What is Karen Dunn’s real name Mick? Moe Ginsburg? You got a problem Christ killer, there is blood on your hands and you can’t wash it off. And everybody is seeing it.

        • I was going to apologize because I read the name wrong. I was referring Jack Murphy, the jew pedophile from Twitter that was just busted who’s real name is John Goodman and that’s who I thought you meant.

          • Oh okay. Can I ask you something? Matt Walsh the political commentator does he look kind of dark haired for an Irishman? I took a look at him with that black Jew beard he reminded me of a Hasidic rabbi You know Jews love to pose as Irish to subvert, undermine and infiltrate. What do you think?

  4. How was Muslims terrorism turned off like a light switch and domestic terrorism turned on like the very same light switch? How? Could it have been orchestrated? And is it being orchestrated now?

    We know flight 93 was supposed to take down building seven but was shot down by an air national guardsman. How did the hijackers of flight 93 know the other two twin tower buildings would fall from the attacks? How did they know? They could not have know and yet they waited until the plane they intended to hijack was over western Pennsylvania. Why, why wait? Because they had to wait for the first two towers to fall, so flight 93 had a clear flight path to building seven.

    We are going to have something big happen and whitey is going to be blamed. You watch.

    • There were no hijackers. There were also no commercial aircraft involved. Not one registered part was found in any crash site according to an FAA FOE request. The official explanation was Flight 93 crashed into an abandoned mine shaft and was irretrievable. The rest vaporized like Louis Lerners IRS hard drives and Epstein’s videos. Don’t take my word for it look on the internet before it’s all gone. James Corbett is a good place to start. It’s all Hollywood but with real casualties, just not on the airplanes.

      • Good post. The buildings came down like imploded building destructions. They think they can make any movie they want, just like their overloaded Hollywood CGI pics.
        But right after 9/11, we are suddenly going in Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction. We didn’t
        declare war, but everyone will believe it, because they dislike the Muslims.
        Then they “got Bin Laden”. One photo.

      • @KT-88—–Ye shall know them by their fruit.

        The fruit of the Jews is the hatred of the innocent. This is what they produce. Now the questions becomes will the Jews be able to do to innocent whites what they have already done to innocent Muslims?

      • Always thought it was funny how no aircraft wreckage was ever shown at the Pentagon. Just a gaping, smoking hole.

        • Conspiritards, the borderline functional Autistic, and KOOKS… This is the vanguard opposition??
          White peopke are f#cked.

    • White people in Red America need to fundamentally realize that what emanates from DC and NYC is pure evil: the heart of The Great Satan.

      Why would White patriotards in Red America want to go die in the Middle East because some Muslims attack DC and NYC?

      The elite who reside in DC and NYC viscerally hate the White patriotards of Red America.

      This Evil Empire is also oppressing many Muslims in their countries.

      And yet these same elite who run this Evil Empire will gladly send these White patriotards of Red America to go attack those Muslims in their country or die trying. These elites don’t give a **** if you come back in a body bag.

      When the Evil Empire drone bombs an innocent Muslim family or many families out of existence, who do you this Muslim community pictures as their oppressor?

      The same White patriotards all over the classic Hollywood military movies and the same ones FOX News and Con Inc pretend to celebrate as heroes for powerless and decultured Red America to continue sacrificing their sons on The Great Satan’s production line.

      Goals for 2022 and beyond: End Christian Zionism and Red America’s Patriotardism.

      • Zionism is good. It is only bad because jews deny the same thing to Whites. All jews should move to Israel. All ethnicities should have their own homelands. What needs to end is Christian worship of jews.

    • EXACTLY !

      The typical jewish truth inversion. They always assert the opposite of the truth, then use their media megaphone to shout down any opposition.

      jews are the masters of lying……..Schopenhauer

    • Just like Lori Lightfoot ignoring the constant homicides in Chicago, well over 100,000, and not going after the criminals, yet, she is focused on forcing anyone not vaxxed to get it. The magic vax must have some advantage for these politicians.

  5. Hmmmm,

    I’d like someone to cite the US Code section that makes ‘extremism’ a crime. I need a citation.

    (More jewplay with words.)

  6. “insurrection”, shame on you HW, for using a jevv counterfiet term.

    Peaceful Capitol tour 🙂

    Undocumented tourism 🙂

  7. All of this is just Yankees Yanking.

    After two hundred years, they’re running out of ways to blame the Southern People for own, self inflicted misery and failures as a people and nation.

    So much for the self proclaimed rulers of America®.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

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