Brian Stelter: “Journalists” Open Up About Their January 6 “Trauma”

America is deeply divided in lots of ways in 2022.

The deepest divide, however, isn’t the racial divide. It cuts across class, culture, ethnicity, education and geography within White America. It cleaves this class of people who live in coastal metros and who have professional class jobs from the vast bulk of White people in the Heartland.

Note: Close your eyes and listen to the signature faggy, sanctimonious Acela accent.

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  1. The U.S. media ignores the real insurrection-invasion of a capital, that the U.S. government (CIA) almost pulled off recently, against the Parliament building in the capital of the Solomon Islands. The U.S.’s proxy forces (the protesters) were not only invading the capital but they were also trying to kidnap or kill the head of state and overthrow the government on behalf of the U.S. because Solomon Islands recently recognized the Peoples Republic of China instead of Taiwan as the real legitimate government of China. Now the U.S. is supporting a rebel force and intends to force the unruly Solomon islanders back to being puppets.

  2. To quote Steve Sailer, January 6 has become like Groundhog Day for shitlib “journalists”. The more they mull it over the crazier they get. Remind them often, therefore. Whisper it in their ears…. (it’s coming … Jan. 6… tick-tick-tick). I rather like the Biblical disembodied hand scrawling mene, mene, tekel … (tick, tick, tick) as a reminder for these evil bastards myself but if Jan. 6 does causes more acute agony, Let’s Go Brandon!

  3. The Lügenpresse is apparently extremely sensitive; who knew they were such a collection of weak sisters? There will probably be commercials on TV a century from now with wrinkled, toothless, Jan. 6th Lügenpresse survivors living in poverty in run down shacks, forgotten, out in the woods, alone. A bare light bulb hangs from the ceiling, dimly glowing. A young girl with a serious, pained expression brings them a box of shit to eat, a bottle of Valium and a quart of vodka to wash it all down.

    Won’t you help? Send your money now by calling 1-800-lying-bastards. Brought to you by the association of Conservatives and Republican Cucks. Thanks, suckers!

  4. The media likely had a field day covering that event, over dramatizing things, then pretending they’d just witnessed something akin to a jumbo jet ploughing into a neighbourhood. Maybe the little dears are in the wrong job if that ‘traumatized’ them.
    Fact:- the protesters went into a government building. Nobodies home or business was targeted like with some other incidents from around that time that we dare not talk about, and there were no deaths except on the part of some insurrectionists.
    The media just dislike protests when it’s done by ordinary, white people.

  5. B-But I thought kikes like Fischlipz Frum opening our borders to all the Wretched Refuse in ’65 was to make Flyova hick “fascism” an impossibility, enabling them to parasitize America without a care in the world. Whut happin?

    These greasy usurper hairballs, these self-imagined geniuses, thought they had it 100% in the bag, and they’re shitting themselves that maybe, just maybe they were wrong; that the schtupid goyeem are at long last awakening from their stupor in a murderous rage in spite of all the lies, censorship, doxings & firings coming from their media/academia/corporate/government monopoly.

    • I once had the pleasure of issuing a response to one of Frum’s noxious tweets, calling him a “fish-faced kike” and a “jew war criminal”.

  6. I wonder if ZOG is actually expecting an armed uprising from red state, MAGA hat-wearing conservative white males? The kind of working class guys who attend Trump rallies in Florida and Arizona in their customized pickups with the giant tires and F*CK JOE BIDEN banners? Could ZOG really be that out of touch with reality?

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