CNN: How Dangerous Talk of a ‘Second Civil War’ Is Different Today

Editor’s Note: There has been a big surge of Civil War 2 hysteria in the media this week. It is a transparent attempt to stir up their demoralized base amid Joe Biden’s terrible poll numbers.

I’ve been laughing about this stuff all day.

For the record, I don’t think a state will secede this year. I don’t think Civil War 2 will begin either. I also don’t think we will see a violent insurgency or accelerationists lashing out. I assumed we would see a lot more “1/6” hysteria. I expected our politics to get more polarized. I thought we would see more radicalization. We’re going to continue building up to something ahead.

There is one thing though that is very similar between our times and the late 1850s. As Americans got closer to the War Between the States, it became much more common to see disunion invoked as both a threat and a prophecy. It became conceivable and was on the table.

It took decades for our people to get there. Every man has his limit. There is so only so much shit they can take.

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  1. So here’s a question: If they’re so afraid for (((our))) “democracy”, why are all they pushing this notion so hard? Putting aside the very real possibility that it’s a signal for launching a series of false-flags to be pinned upon the “insurrectionists”, what’s the big game plan? They wouldn’t be doing this if they were not confident of delivering a final, fatal blow to any hope of resistance. A series of false-flags with gaslight media wall-to-wall lies would win support from the Karens of the need for a full Soviet-style “democracy”. It also serves as a fine distraction for ginning up some shiny new wars (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Taiwan) to spend lots of the fake-money their farting out of bankstein asses at record rates.

    After all, it’s not as if those who are against them or even possibly could resist them will be allowed to vote their way out of their ultimate extermination – though perhaps they’ll be permitted to vote for nice R-jerseys like Mr. Youngkin who will keep the Great replacement running more smoothly than his rabid D-jersey team-mates could, or even Blumpf tweeting away on his shiny-new Jew-owned “freedumb” platform – right up until they’re forced to take that final-booster by the FBI-NKVD thugs with badges and guns. Interesting choice of Quantrill’s speech from Ride with the Devil one of the few movies to give something of the taste of how vicious the civil war was in Missouri and Kansas – basically a festering decade-long guerilla war.

  2. There were people who were competent leading the confederacy. You need two sides for a civil war. Right now all they’d have to do is tell Lowes they can’t sell us tiki torches anymore and our entire strategy for confrontation would collapse.

    No, there’s not going to be a civil war.

  3. >It is a transparent attempt to stir up their demoralized base

    Per worldometers, a whopping 751,000+ Americans got infected with Covid today (Jan 6th), the highest total yet recorded, and with 2,143 deaths. Even though this is going to crash down just as fast (as what happened with omicron in South Africa), crowded hospitals would be this week’s story if Dumpster was president, and not qtards trespassing in the Capitol twelve months ago.

    Biden, taking a page out of Trump’s playbook, is covering up incompetence with braindead distractions, taking political performance art to new heights — you see, despite how eerily quiet everything is after an uneventful year, we’re actually in the civil war now and Brandon is Abraham Lincoln who will defeat Hitler or something and end racism forever. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Sleepy Joe: Nazi Hunter.”

      • It’s raging around here, but much milder than before when so many people that I know were sick for weeks or months, and quite a few died. This one is much more contagious.

        The Africans gave us a very good gift if they gave us a milder and most contagious Covid.

  4. “We’re going to continue building up to something ahead.”

    Federal government collapse.

    Which will be harder on some states, than on others. Especially the ones who depend on the government for their egos, sense of self, and as ‘the’ tool for enforcing their will on the rest of America.

    There won’t be an inter-regional war this time. There will be several intra-regional wars and insurrections against local and State governments. Before things settle down into post America, America. Which will become the new normal.

  5. I agree that “Civil War 2,” secession of states, et cetera is not happening.

    The drama or circus of “1/6 insurrection” and “civil war” is a DISTRACTION, keeping the U.S. population from noticing or thinking about what is REALLY HAPPENING, such as:

    (1) Escalating theft of common people’s wealth (labor, savings) by increasing confiscatory taxation (mostly INDIRECT) and by inflation (The Fed continues to give money illegally to three or four big banks including the one that owns the Fed) – and by the continued privatisation and dismantling of public/social property, space, and services. Economist Michael Hudson explains it well in a new podcast:

    (2) Escalating imperialist war – hot, cold, and “hybrid” – waged mostly by “sanctions,” blockades; by corporate media “news” propaganda; by long-range bombing, missiles and drone attacks; and by supplying money, military equipment and training/direction to foreign proxies to do most of the direct killing, and spare your precious troops and give you “plausible deniability” for being responsible for destroying the world.

    The circuses of “Insurrection” versus so-called “democracy” and Anti-vaxx “science” cult versus Big Pharma vaccine monopoly, serve to keep the U.S. population distracted from noticing or thinking about the launch of a new terrorist operation against “Russia’s soft underbellly” in Kazakhstan, in Central Asia.

    Meanwhile Russia cannot retreat any further, and it will show no mercy to the U.S.’s hired proxy army:

    Colonel General Andrei Serdyukov, commander of the CSTO grouping in Kazakhstan, briefing on Kazakhstan, today, 07.01.2022:

    “Citizens of Alma-Ata are urged to stay indoors and observe the state of emergency until all remaining militants are shot (…) the operation in Alma-Ata will continue until all militants have been exterminated. Concerning the question whether they are protesters or not, everything is simple (…) the task is the physical destruction of the enemy (…) Some of the militants, who are lucky, will simply be captured, followed by a conviction. The rest will be destroyed.”

    Kazakhstan, the tenth largest and arguably, the most strategically located country in the world, sharing the longest border with Russia and a long border with China, was lured to become capitalist and to partner with NATO, and allow dozens of U.S. banks and corporations and anti-Russian CIA-NGOs to set up shop, and a U.S. military base and even a U.S. bioweapons lab to be built inside their country – and finally, it was bound to happen that the U.S.’s ISIS and Uighur terrorists would be shipped in. Note the beheadings in Almaty, and other ISIS and Uighur signatures. Note that the U.S.’s global mainstream media calls them “protesters.” Now there’s a REAL insurrection on 1/6 (2022) but this time, you are supposed to think it’s just a protest.

    • The President of Kazakhstan just spoke on the U.S.-run Insurrection of 1/5, that apparently “woke” the Bear, that was apparently “sleeping.” He said: “The state had ‘slept through’ the clandestine preparation of terrorist attacks by sleeper cells of militants. Twenty thousand terrorists attacked in Almaty alone. Their actions showed the presence of a clear plan of attack on military, administrative and social targets, in nearly all parts of Kazakhstan – coordinated actions, with high combat readiness, and brutal cruelty. In addition to the militants, there are psychological war specialists, trained in ideological sabotage, adept at using disinformation or ‘fakes’ and capable of manipulating people’s attitudes. It seems that a single command center is in charge of their training and guidance….” Yes, I wonder (rhetorical question) who is in charge of their guidance? He also spoke on democracy, the right to protest, and other human rights: “The tragic events in our country shine a new light on democracy and human rights. Democracy is not permissiveness and, moreover, not incitement, including in the blogosphere, to unlawful actions. In my speech on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence, I said that law and order are the main guarantee of the well-being of our country. And not only in Kazakhstan, but in all civilized countries. This does not mean an attack on civil liberties and human rights. On the contrary, as shown by the tragedy of Almaty and other cities in Kazakhstan, it is lack of respect, permissiveness, and anarchy that lead to violations of human rights.” I have a feeling that Kazakhstan won’t be partner-ing with NATO anymore, and may close (kick out) the U.S. military base, NGOs, and bioweapons researchers, and re-adopt Cyrillic. The long-term effects of this REAL insurrectrion of 1/6/22 will be much more serious and lasting than the reaction to the nonviolent demonstration of 1/6/21.

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