Rachel Maddow: The Caning of Charles Sumner

Editor’s Note: It seems to be Civil War 2 week in the liberal media.

Excellent monologue from Rachel Maddow!

Here is what Preston Brooks said to Charles Sumner before walloping that insufferable, sanctimonious Yankee bastard on the floor of Congress in 1856:

“Mr. Sumner, I have read your speech twice over carefully. It is a libel on South Carolina, and Mr. Butler, who is a relative of mine.” 

Charles Sumner was a lib and he got owned, antebellum-style.

Seriously though, as much as I wish we had U.S. senators and representatives who are the caliber of Preston Brooks for whom defending the honor of his state and kin were of the utmost importance, what we really have are a bunch of worthless cucks like the governor of Mississippi who folded under pressure from Wal-Mart and took down the Mississippi state flag – overruling the voters of the state in the process – in the mania of the George Floyd riots which had nothing to do with Mississippi.

Maybe it isn’t too late to do something about that though. In my conversation with Tim Murdock yesterday evening, I suggested that we might as well try to get some of our own people elected in state and local races in what is sure to be the latest large wave of backlash politics.

Note: The Southern position on the War Between the States was always that slavery was the “occasion” of the war. It was the “incident” that triggered the war. It was the thing that triggered the conflict over a much larger divide which was ultimately over the nature of the Constitution.

Slavery hasn’t existed in over 150 years, but the country is now far more deeply divided than it was back then. It is also worth observing how little has changed in how the Yankee Problem back East has resurfaced with a vengeance and is driving polarization. The “Civil War” was also about them and was triggered their fanaticism. Blaming it on slavery was always a self deception.

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  1. I highly, HIGHLY recommend training how to fight, do self defense with hard wood canes.

    Probably our best populist USA President – “Old Hickory” got that name because he would beat people’s as* with a hickory cane. (if he didn’t get the name that way, I’m spreading that good rumor abut him now).

    Right Wing Conservatives put way, way to much time, $ and hope in GUNS, GUNS, GUNS that are rarely practical.

    Or else they do martial arts fantasies about fighting rapists, Communists and terrorists with ….

    Their bare hands.

    The bones in your knuckles are brittle, hit some groin in the head with your knuckles and you’ll break bones in your hands.

    In contrast a hard wood cane is very effective and it doesn’t have the reputation of being a bad guy weapon for a middle aged man. Just start going for walks with a hiking staff or walking cane. Don’t use a hidden sword cane, that’s a bad guy’s weapon. Beating someone’s as* with a hard wood cane is very effective and let’s be honest. So many of our Cucks, RINOs, idiot Libertarian Liberal loons just need to get their as* beat.

  2. The Democratic Party is waging and all out race war against Trump’s Native White Working Class Voting Bloc…I mean, the Democratic Party is very open about this.

    The Democratic Party doesn’t believe in democracy…The Democratic Party is importing it’s non-white highly racialized Democratic Party Voting Bloc LEGALLY….and they go one to breed a nonwhite Democratic Party Geneline on US Soil……with the open intent of racially nullifying the Native White Vote every Nov 3 every 4 years…….Native White Working Class Voters are incapable of talking amongst each other about the obvious fact that nonwhite legal immigration is race war against them…

  3. “In my conversation with Tim Murdock yesterday evening, I suggested that we might as well try to get some of our own people elected in state and local races in what is sure to be the latest large wave of backlash politics.”

    This is exactly what Brion McClanahan talks about.

    There is huge scope, and room for maneuver, off the Yankees’ radar, for Southern Nationalists, in Dixie. It’s past time for the Texas Nationalist Movement to start running candidates. They’ve already gotten legislation passed, or considered, in Austin.

    Speaking of being off the Yankees’ radar, the Confederate Summer of 2015 went off without a peep from Northern SJWs. Or with their usual interference. Unlike with our elections and state governments.

    As an aside, I’m thinking about voting for Huffines for governor of Texas. There are a lot Campaign signs up around where I live. All for Huffines. He wants Texas to finish the border defenses on our own. Without the federal government. He also wants to do away with property taxes on primary residences. And institute county sales tax.

    I think we need to make a State Bank, and be ready to print state currency, when the federal government and the dollar collapse.

    Whether the states like it or not, the
    federal government is going to secede from them.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  4. “The “Civil War” was also about them and was triggered their fanaticism.”

    Everything in America is about them. And about the Jews who hide behind, and ride, their coattails.

    “Blaming it on slavery was always a self deception.”

    Slavery is just a distraction from the real argument. It’s a smokescreen.

    On Twitter I said to Neo-Yankee jackasses;

    “I don’t care about slavery, and you don’t care about Black Folks.”

    I also asked them;

    “Why should Southerners have had to defend themselves politically, legally, and finally, militarily, against their supposed “fellow Americans,” in the Northern States?”

    “What amendment(s) grant the Northern People ruling authority over the other states in the Union?’

    “What amendment(s) reduce the Southern and Western States to the status of colonial territories, and their residents to the status of subordinate subjects of the Northern People?”

    “What amendment(s) grant the Northern People special rights, privileges, and exemptions, above other Americans?”

    I never got an answer. I was even blocked by several of them, including the pseudo professor, Kevin Levin.

  5. Caning?

    How about canning where you can (deplatform) and take away funds from your political enemies where they lose all their financial support and lose their supporters.

    Megan Squire and her apparently subordinate husband Anthony Crider have cushy jobs at Elon University (in NC) who from their ivory tower above the rest of us sometimes venture out into the local southern country side among us “hicks” and try to get Confederate monuments removed and this marxist dynamic duo were even in Charlottesville where she was actually one of those blocking the entrance to Lee Park to prevent the UTR people from getting in and then chickened out when the League of the South showed up. (She’s no dummy.)

    So what does Megan Squire do at her make-believe job? Apparently she doxxes and destroys people’s lives on the Right with impunity.


    Megan Squire
    Dec 19, 2021
    Took a minute but we finally got this bit of old business sorted. Hot off the presses from @jason_a_w and me – all the nitty gritty behind Nicks latest shenanigans with extremist enablers Entropy


    Megan Squire
    · Jan 8, 2021

    The “glitch” is called “the company that processes your payments doesn’t want to do business with you.” Yeah, Tipalti heard about you and they’re horrified. By the way, Entropy is next on MY LIST so you better make a Plan C.

    Nicholas J. Fuentes
    Don’t send superchats tonight through DLive. If you’re going to send a superchat, use Entropy. There is a glitch on DLive that isn’t allowing me to withdraw donations, I don’t want any more money going through DLive until that is resolved.


    Megan Squire at Charlottesville

    From an interview she seems to suggest that this was not a planned event at all but just a spur of the moment thing and she is really not among the hard core Antifa terrorists who do surveillance and plan as precisely as possible what they are going to do.

    “I’m safe, I’m safe, I’m with MY CREW, I’m safe”

    What crew? This crew?

    Here is the list of the 650 antifa at Charlottesville. You will see Squire and Crider listed at numbers:

    117. Megan Squire (Leader): Gibsonville, NC
    118. Anthony “Tony” Crider


    Notice she is listed as a Leader and numbered before her husband.


    Tony Crider and Megan Squire of Gibsonville were on the front lines of the violence in Charlottesville on Saturday.

    The couple, both professors at Elon University, joined Squire’s peers from the Raleigh-Durham branch of the Industrial Workers of the World General Defense Committee in countering the Unite the Right protest. Fellow Elon professor Jeffery Pugh also was there.

    “I watched the event grow on Facebook from a couple dozen people to 740 the day before the event. I knew it was getting bigger and getting more traction and they were putting all their eggs in that basket. That’s just terrifying,” Squire said. “We haven’t seen an event that big in the U.S., with that many hardcore white supremacists in a public place showing their faces, in years. You can’t let that go without somebody saying ‘This is not OK’ loudly in their face.”

    With that in mind, Squire and Crider booked a hotel room outside Charlottesville and planned to attend and counterprotest.

    AROUND 9 A.M., THE couple arrived in Charlottesville and headed toward Emancipation Park, where the Unite the Right protest would occur. The crowds were still small at the time, but a line of 55 clergy members, including Pugh, stood singing outside the barricades.

    “It was all peace and love,” Squire said.

    This peace did not last long.

    “About 9:20, we got to Justice Park, which was a safe zone permitted for us. There were two of those. We split up. Tony went out to take photos, and my group got our flags and went to set up. By then it was about 10, and it was pretty crowded,” she said.

    With crowds amassing outside Emancipation Park, tensions began to rise. Squire described watching down the street as waves of Unite the Right protesters marched toward the park. Each wave consisted of a few organizations holding their flags and getting into verbal skirmishes as they passed the counterprotesters.

    Shortly after 10 a.m., Emancipation Park held about two-thirds of the expected protesters.

    “A friend came to me and my group and said, ‘There are some clergy over here that have decided to blockade the stairs, and they might need some help holding those stairs so the fascists can’t get in there.’ We got there and decided on nonviolence, and lined up in front of them, linked arms, and the clergy linked arms,” Squire said.

    As the last and largest wave of protesters moved down the street toward their blockade, fear grew among Squire and her peers. The clergy soon abandoned their blockade, fearing a violent outburst from the protesters. This last wave of protesters, composed of members of the League of the South, The National Socialist Party, the Traditional Workers Party and some anti-communist stragglers, would be the most violent group to enter the park.

    “They showed up armed; they showed up with shields, with batons and mace. They picked people out of the crowd and were fighting them — even women. The other groups made their way in and had some modicum of self-restraint, but League of the South came through fighting the whole way,” she said.

    The protesters continued to force their way through the human blockade, injuring those in their path. A member of Squire’s branch of the Industrial Workers of the World General Defense Committee was knocked in the face during the struggle, leaving her bloodied. Eventually, Squire and her peers abandoned their blockade and slowly allowed the protesters into the park.

    “I thought ‘OK. They’re in their park, they asked for that park, I think that’s the last one. They’re done.’ There was no time to decide what to do because they started coming back out — the League of the South guys,” she said.

    It was at this point that the Southern Defense Force, a militant wing of the League of the South, left its designated protest area and tried to pour back into the streets. Squire and the other counterprotesters feared that allowing them back into the street would incite a brawl, but their blockade was again broken, and the violence began again.

    “They were lobbing first empty water bottles, then full water bottles and Gatorade bottles, and then the tear gas canisters,” Crider said who watched nearby. “On the front line, they’ve got giant shields that they’ve built up. Most of the videos you see of people fighting are right there by the stairs.”

    Squire described seeing blood and vomit all over the street from the fighting and tear gas. The couple pointed out that during the height of the violence, the police were not around.

    “The police were very hands-off; they stayed out of the fray. They stuck together in very large packs, but they really didn’t engage with anybody. I didn’t see any police at all where the front lines were,” Crider said. “The police thought they could split the park with barricades, but that wasn’t where everything took place. All the fighting happened a block down. The cops just went down the street a block away and stayed out of it.”

    EVENTUALLY, A STATE OF emergency was declared, and protesters on both sides were urged to leave the area. People started filing out of the streets very slowly, and it seemed as if things were dying down.

    About an hour later, Crider planned to meet up with his wife and regroup, but events took a turn for the worse.

    “As I’m saying to a friend ‘It’s all good so far,’ I get a message from Megan: ‘I’m OK, but someone is really bad. There’s cars. I’m safe, I’m safe. People are dead. I’m safe, I’m safe, I’m with my crew, I’m safe,’ it read. I got that, and I start to run,” Crider said.

    As James Alex Fields drove his car through the crowd of counterprotesters, killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens more, Squire stood just feet away on the side of the road. She has no memory of sending the message to her husband because she was in shock.

    “The police didn’t get there for a really long time. With the ambulances and stuff, it felt like forever. When they did get there, we were moved away by then. It always seems in those situations that it takes too long, but it took a really long time. The medics had their hands full; they were treating people on all sides of me,” she said.

    After being reunited and assuring Squire’s safety, the couple left town to get the pepper spray washed off quickly and return to their hotel after a trying day.

    WHILE THE WEEKEND’S violence took place nearly three hours from their home, Crider and Squires argue that acts of violence like these pose a threat to communities everywhere, and their participation in counterprotests was an effort to protect others’ communities as they would protect their own.

    The couple say events in Alamance County are evidence that Charlottesville was not an isolated incident of racially motivated protests.

    “We have a long history of this here. This stuff has been going on in our area for 150 years,” Squire said. ”… I’m hoping this is the end, but I don’t know if it is.”

    “I hope that our community is ready when this comes to our doorstep,” Crider said. “Charlottesville didn’t want this, and I don’t think our county does, either.”
    by Elizabeth Pattman / Times-News
    Posted Aug 14, 2017 at 5:43 PM Updated Aug 14, 2017 at 6:17 PM

  6. “Mr. Sumner, I have read your speech twice over carefully. It is a libel on South Carolina, and Mr. Butler, who is a relative of mine.”

    There is no such politician that will truly stand up to these Yankee/Leftist liars today and defend his state and relatives. He probably couldn’t stop beating Sumner because he probably felt he was killing a snake and only breaking his cane would bring the beating to an end.

  7. Here is a “better” link (someone is trying to hide this) to:

    List of Antifa Members at Charlottesville

    Posted by Curt Doolittle (ericd) Date April 11, 2018

    All known Antifa who went to the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017(August 11 and 13 as well):
    Key: Antifa with a “*” before their list number are Antifa who are known to be violent.

    1. Lacy MacAuley (Leader): Washington, DC
    *2. Daryle Lamont Jenkins (Leader): Philly, PA
    3. Spencer George Sunshine (Leader): Brooklyn, NY
    *4. John Michael Carico (Leader): Chattanooga, TN
    *5. Renee Campbell Hall [INJURED]: Chattanooga, TN
    *6. Alexander Stokes Contompasis AKA Alex Stokes (Leader): Albany, NY

    117. Megan Squire (Leader): Gibsonville, NC
    118. Anthony “Tony” Crider

    641. Paulina Leonovich: Washington, DC
    642. Franklin Bryan: Washington, DC
    *643. Michael J Longo Jr.: Philadelphia, PA
    644. Carly Romeo: Richmond, VA
    645. Alexis Morris [INJURED]
    646. Noelle Morris [INJURED]
    647. Margaret “Maggie” Nicole Dickhaus AKA Vaughn Stokes: Asheville, NC
    *648. Brian Bozicek: Philadelphia, PA
    *649. Laura F Evangelisto
    650. Alexander Stein


  8. If Josh Hawley was the man he. Pretends to be, he’d cane both Ted “domestic terrorists” Cruz and Charles (((our democracy))) Schumer on the US senate floor..

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