The Washington Post: The Rise of a Pro-Democracy Media

Perry Bacon, Jr. is clearly excited about this.

“Journalists” are rising to the occasion to defend “our democracy.” They are finally showing the “moral clarity” to reject “both sides-ism.” This could work!

The Washington Post:

“America’s news media is increasingly covering the growing radicalism of the Republican Party and its democracy-eroding behavior. That’s a welcome shift. But it still isn’t going far enough.The media has long had a problematic “both sides” approach to covering politics. After Donald Trump became president, the media couldn’t avoid covering him very negatively.

First, many outlets are now defining “democracy” as a core coverage area and devoting more space and prominence to the issue. The Atlantic says it is “training its editorial focus on the crisis facing democracy in America and across the globe”; democracy has been the subject of the magazine’s past two cover stories. FiveThirtyEight, mostly known for analyzing polling and election results, has made election administration — voting access, redistricting, etc. — and democracy two of its major areas of focus. In cable news, MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan and CNN’s Brian Stelter are among the hosts on those networks who have made democracy a central part of their programs. …

Given these dynamics, it’s likely that the Democratic, upper-income, college-educated cohort that gets its news from CNN, MSNBC, The Post and the Times will become increasingly worried and engaged about the radicalism of the GOP. …”

We also need to reject “White appeasement politics.”

It is not like those people vote or anything. It is not like those people are more efficiently concentrated in pivotal swing states. Besides, those people are anti-democratic “white supremacists” who support the Constitution of the United States which is an antiquated relic of white privilege.

White Independent swing voters know what they want from the national press. They want more fiercely urgent coverage of 1/6 and the peril that is facing “our democracy.” They want more partisan cheerleading for the Brandon administration. They want more sanctimony, more wokeness, handwriging, hypocrisy and hysteria from self-absorbed and self-righteous blue check New York and DC based Millennial journos.

The Wesley Crusher generation can save “our democracy” with this one shift!

David Brooks seems skeptical this morning.

He thinks his own side is doing a terrible job of defending “our democracy.”

New York Times:

The whole electoral system is in crisis. Elections have three phases: registering and casting votes, counting votes and certifying results. When it comes to the first two phases, the American system has its flaws but is not in crisis. As Yuval Levin noted in The Times a few days ago, it’s become much easier in most places to register and vote than it was years ago. We just had a 2020 election with remarkably high turnout. The votes were counted with essentially zero fraud.

The crisis of democracy is right in front of us. We have a massive populist mob that thinks the country is now controlled by a coastal progressive oligarchy that looks down on them. We’re caught in cycles of polarization that threaten to turn America into Northern Ireland during the Troubles. We have Republican hacks taking power away from the brave state officials who stood up to Trumpian bullying after the 2020 election …”

For one, American politics is unusually heated and the 2020 election probably had the highest turnout in over a century, so it is hard to see how “our democracy” is on the verge of death from “voter suppression” when more people are voting and participating than in generations.

The other problem is that the Democrats are increasingly perceived as the party of out of touch, woke, ruthless, power grasping coastal liberal elites. It is the party of PMCs and their incomprehensible jargon and weird customs like the 10,000 new genders and pronouns that have been created over the past decade. David Brooks seems to have some self-awareness that the New York media bubble has shrunk down into a regional media bubble. These people are increasingly talking to themselves.

Could they become even more detached and isolated from the rest of the country in 2022? We’re off to a good start.

Note: As for killing “our democracy,” the plan seems to be to relentlessly mock these people between now and the midterms. In many cases, our people live hundreds or thousands of miles away from coastal shitlibs and they will probably just vote as usual in their own communities in 2022 or maybe even run themselves which is tantamount to murdering “our democracy” at the grassroots level.

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  1. “”….eject “both sides-ism…”.”

    Of course. This was predicted long time ago that at the very end there will be only 2 sides. Communists and anti communists,. Even the Holy Bible told something about final battle between good and evil.

    This process is going on around the globe. All college students journos professional managers and other progressive folk talking already pretty openly that they like free speech, democracy human rights and all other glorious things but when there is Nazi attack against humanity and the only way to resist is join under the Red Flag then so it be.

  2. The Democratic Party is composed of three major groups, Catholics, Jews, and Blacks. The Washington Post and the New York Times, know they represent the three major Democratic groups.

    • O Mein Gott, this again…there’s no data to support that claim. Catholics have not been a “major group” in the composition of the Democratic Party in decades; back when they were, the “Solid South” was an even deeper blue Democratic voting bloc. Times have changed.

      To the extent “Catholics” vote Democratic, it is incidental; e.g. Hispanics who mostly happen to be Catholic vote Democrat out of racial interest like all nonwhite minority demos—just as black Baptists vote Democrat like blacks, not like Baptists. (Even then, Hispanic Catholics are far less loyal Democrat bloc voters than Black Protestants.)

      White Catholics vote as would be expected of basically a more conservative version of Episcopalians/mainline Protestants—the latter of whom make up a greater share of the modern Democratic Party coalition than Catholics.

      Whereas Catholics are, in fact, a significant segment of the MAGA Republican Party coalition, in numbers second only to White Evangelical Protestants. And, due to their broader geographic distribution plus the nature of the American constitutional system (Electoral College, Senate), Catholics are no less essential an electoral component to DEFEAT the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the GOP ceiling is higher, with still more room to grow, if GOP actually appealed to White Catholics as White gentile voters—frankly the same goes for White Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, other mainline Protestants (who currently vote more Democratic than Catholics do).

      Per Pew Validated Voter analysis:
      ?White Catholics made up 14% of the 2016 U.S. electorate.
      ?White Catholics voted 64% Trump to 31% Clinton (R+33).
      ?White Catholics made up 9% of Democratic Party coalition
      ?White Catholics made up 20% of Republican Party coalition

      ?Religious makeup of DEM voters:

      19% Nonwhite Protestant
      17% ‘Nothing in particular’
      11% White mainline Protestant
      10% ‘Other’ (Non-Christian religious)
      9% Agnostic
      9% White Catholic
      8% Atheist
      8% Hispanic Catholic
      7% White Evangelical Protestant

      ?Religious makeup of GOP voters:

      34% White Evangelical Protestant
      20% White Catholic
      19% White mainline Protestant
      8% ‘Nothing in particular’
      6% ‘Other’ (Non-Christian religious)
      5% Nonwhite Protestant
      3% Agnostic
      2% Hispanic Catholic
      2% Atheist

      • The Democratic Party is composed of three major groups, Catholics, Jews, and Blacks. There are about 100 Roman Catholic DEMOCRATS in Congress by the strictest of counts & measures. Catholic numbers rise every day due to legal and illegal immigration. You may disagree with Biden, Pelosi, Durbin, Markey, Kaptur, AOC, name your Catholic Congressman etc. etc. and all of the other Catholic Democrat leaders in State Houses and City governments, but, they are Catholic Democrats!

        You realize your Church and its political leaders are the major importer and supporter of 3rd worlders in the US. Because they are Catholics!

      • Good King,

        Well you did your best. Interesting comment. As you may have noticed the vast majority of comments are written by perhaps 20 people. As for my beliefs? A traditional Catholic who recognize that the current rulers of the world are in general evil to the core.

  3. “The media has long had a problematic “both sides” approach to covering politics”

    Lol. I remember as recently as 10 years ago when pundits would call it a “conspiracy theory” or another equally slanderous term when those of us outside of the mainstream would accuse the media of having a liberal bias and being a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.

    And here they are now openly admitting that their past lip-service toward neutrality was always a smokescreen for their natural shit-liberal inclinations and subcutaneous biases.

    “Hey guys it’s time to drop the pretenses!”

    At least they’re finally being honest. That’s a good step toward dismantling this phony system. Normal people need to see the lies laid bare.

    • I’d say most so called normal people aren’t really worth saving anymore
      I did something selfless and nice to someone the other day at work and I regret it.
      The truth is that most people are garbage in this sick society ..
      When so called normal people adjust to and become tolerant of the sickness in our society they are no longer ‘normal people’ ,they become part of the immoral and degenerate control system itself.

      95% of white women are garbage humans who have no morals or knowledge of what matters and they are proud of it and don’t care to know.
      Let the niggers and mud people eat them alive.
      I’m sick of them all.
      This country is becoming hard to exist within.

  4. If I land on a remote island and the local cannibals vote democratically to eat me, am I morally obligated to accept their majority rule?

    A democratic system is only legitimate when members share the same basic values. When a majority hates a minority, the minority has every right to secede, just as our Southern ancestors did. Leftists are not Americans in any real sense. They’re making it known that they don’t endorse fundamental American values such as the right of free speech.

    Consequently, we’re not obligated to accept their majority rule. The tyranny of a majority is no better than any other kind of tyranny.

  5. “radicalism of the Republican Party and its democracy-eroding behavior.”

    That’s the standard reality inversion.

    It’s the Democrats, who have dragged this nation to the radical left and the Republicans that have passively complied with their destructive agenda.

  6. “New York media bubble has shrunk down into a regional media bubble.”

    Oh Lawd, may it shrink to nothingness !

  7. “it’s become much easier in most places to register and vote than it was years ago. ”
    Yuval levin

    Yeah, even the dead and fictional people vote.

  8. Will Weaton is a soyboy bugman. The only cast member of STNG with less testosterone was neoliberal Capt. Picard.

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