MSNBC: Trump Victim Act Follows Authoritarian Playbook Drawing In Fanatical Supporters

I’m noticing a pattern here.

  • Lives in New York City in Acela Corridor
  • Lives on East Coast where Thursday was “1/6”
  • Professor at New York University
  • Female
  • Half Jewish
  • PhD in comparative history
  • PMC
  • Probably listens to NPR

This is who is unironically watching this content and absorbing it too.

The people who are the most radicalized and detached from reality and who consume the most left-leaning content are post-graduates. It is the Brahmin Left.

The actual voting rights story in her neck of the woods where people like her vote was New York City giving illegal aliens the right to vote. The rest of the country doesn’t want that type of “democracy.”

Note: Hilariously, these people also tend to act like their own views and values are normative and “mainstream” and we are “extremists.” They don’t get out much these days!

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  1. Trump was the exact opposite of a strongman. In fact, he might have been the weakest president in American history. Just a fat, feckless moron.

  2. Hold the mirror up and force this filth to look at themselves. Make them see how they are guilty of everything they accuse us to be. Racist, extremist, fascist, look at yourself Jew. Look and see what everyone else can see but you.

    • That’s their greatest sin- they refuse to acknowledge their guilt, their crimes, their perversity, and their Deicide nature. They truly are the sons of their father, the Devil. [John 8:44]

      Jer. 2:35- c. John 9:41 “If you were blind, you wouldn’t be guilty,” Jesus replied. “But you remain guilty because you claim you can see.” NLT

  3. This is an example of accusing your enemy of doing exactly the things you yourself are doing.

    Leftists use identity politics and “marginalization” (i.e. victimhood) as a blunt weapon to strengthen their authoritarian impulses, and this has created a fanatical base of coastal PMC shitlibs who pile onto every bad-thinker on the internet, force them to perform apology rituals, get people fired from jobs, wreck their families, etc.

    It is just easier for them to point at Trump as an individual because “Our Democracy™?“ obfuscates those who hold the power and leaves them unaccountable.

  4. No. Cheetohead’s behavior follows the usual Republican grifter playbook. Pretend to oppose the ongoing great-replacement and dirty war against whites – led and organized by Jews and others who’ve taken the devil’s ticket – while quietly assisting them in carrying out their extermination campaign. HW is correct that more whites have become aware of what is going on since that clown left the white house. Even some of his longtime loyalists (Vox Day just this past week) have now cast him aside. Blumpf is not one of us and has never been on our side – a typical Republican in other words.

  5. Trump pretends to be something he is not. He was weak, ego driven and was led around by his jew son in law, daughter and Israel.

  6. Jews forever thrive off the holocaust as they work to have us replaced.
    And there’s still the minor issue of the Bolshevik revolution, whose death tally we dare not touch on…

    • It’s even worse than that. In France, for example, you can get serious fines and jail time if you mention the crimes of communist regimes, especially the USSR. Under the 1990 Loi Gayssot, mention of these crimes constitutes “minimizing the holocaust”. It would come as no surprise if the usual suspects have similar laws on the books in every okrug of the EUSSR along with other bastions of “freedumb” like Soviet Kanuckistan, Britian and Australia.

  7. The author of that book of histrionic, neurotic, and Janus-faced tome is irrefutably a jewess.

    Another example of the JP.

  8. “The people who are the most radicalized and detached from reality and who consume the most left-leaning content are post-graduates. It is the Brahmin Left.”

    AntiFa and BLM tend to be White, spoiled, rich brats, rather than Black or working class. Excepting for the three who Kyle Rittenhouse shot, who were criminals, but not working class, since none of them worked.

    “Hilariously, these people also tend to act like their own views and values are normative and “mainstream” and we are “extremists.”

    That’s the classic Bolshevik grand tactic. Pretend like you’re in the majority, which is what “Bolshevik” means. Then pretend that your majority opponents are in the minority, and that what they think and believe is on the fringe, when it’s not. Some of the greatest victories won by the Red Army during the Russian Civil War, were in battles that never happened. They had the civilian population in the White territories terrified and thinking that the Reds were invincible. The U.S. Army cleared all of Northwest Russia of the Red Army, in short order, however. That’s the irony. The Whites could have won fairly easily. But they let themselves be buffaloed by a false narrative. Not by bullets.

    This explains why the modern Bolsheviks are out to censor the internet. The internet nullifies their 19th/20th Century manipulation tactics, that rely on control of the traditional media forms. Which the internet certainly isn’t.

    Without millions of minions, these people are almost completely powerless. Without sympathetic judges and lawyers, completely so.

    Sidenote; They like to pretend that certain things are illegal, until they can get legislation passed to make these things illegal in dejure. That’s why we have/had police officers explaining to numerous Karens of both sexes, that they can’t actually arrest the neighbours for supporting the Republican candidate, or for saying “nigger,” or some other naughty word.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

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