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  1. If you want to cuck to and enforce the scamdemic, make absolutely all of our consumerist garbage er I mean just about everything we need overseas, and mandate potentially dangerous experimental gene therapy to the masses on the threat of employment, this is the result. Supply and demand.

  2. >Joe Biden’s coalition is collapsing into a black hole of inflation

    I know Biden is catching the blame, but if any one person (aside from the Federal Reserve) is responsible for current inflation, it’s more Trump than Biden — Trump signed budgets with huge deficits throughout his presidency — the FY 2021 (Oct. 1, 2020 – Sept. 30, 2021) deficit was $3t, and that was also Trump’s responsibility.

    • @John – A (very) mixed area that is nearby to me with heavily black “leadership” already is. Many White locals are looking to purchase a generator — and these are not high income people. Wait times to even get someone to come out and give them an estimate on price and installation schedule is the typical indefinite limbo that is the new normal in the USSA. One family I know, personally, are facing this. Yet another economic hardship forced upon White people by the incompetence and corruption of black-run America.

  3. Democrats are benefiting greatly from redistricting and Republican control of Congress is no longer the slam dunk it should be based on the previously decade’s lines.

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