Daily Stormer: CuzinEd’s Stone Cold Truth of The Century of The Week: Incels

This is the funniest thing that has been posted on the Daily Stormer in years:

If you are wondering what happened to that Alt-Right site, it devolved into an enraged manlet cult. The funniest poster currently there is an individual who calls himself Trump Trainwreck1488:

My sides!

Anyway, I thought I would share some light humor.

In light of everything that is happening, I was wondering where they are now.

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  1. They forgot one thing: the current crop of young white women are not only stupid and spoiled they are UGLY. Their real future is probably as nog kebab. This is going to be a brutal century for women.

    • I should add I think our food in the US is being poisoned by agrochemicals and steroids. The 70’s and 80’s weren’t great but you can see a difference in outcomes especially with kids with both parents working that eat lots of processed foods.

      • I was once eating lunch in a work lunchroom, and several people were going on about “Subway”, and how it’s not really fast food. I think Wendy’s actually used that line in several commercials years ago, but they didn’t seem to convince anyone that they weren’t fast food, either.
        There are families who buy frozen “chicken nuggets”, rather than cook their own food. The media has somehow been able to convince people that chicken skin is bad for them, but fast food sandwiches and subs are good. You know, those small pieces of lettuce they throw on those..

    • What about to grow up? Incel or not the white American male is a cuck, the epitome of a cuck.
      Since they don’t even know how to deal with their women and with their blacks, the possibility that they could one day defy their bullies the mighty Jews is zero.

      Years and years of more stupid articles and comments to come til the mighty Jews notice it and ban even that

  2. It’s barely satire. If you think the part that starts with “attractive young white women are not for you” is not true, you are still living in blue pill world…they are all basically evil, since the very first one, Eve, always ready to destroy and rip apart everything around them. All they need to become raging demons, is opportunity. And these days, a smartphone.

    Some guy walking around with an at least somewhat attractive woman, in a major metro area, is about ten minutes away from a complete breakup at any time he doesn’t do whatever she wants. They have choices, and they know it.

    • I’m with Metro completely. After the 2nd child the good ones straighten up. 1 child and they slide into multiple guys with the kids get both abused AND neglected.

  3. I haven’t even looked at DS much recently. I used to visit the site just to see what Anglin was shilling, but now it’s just 100% vax posts all day everyday.

  4. The Daily Stormer was always just a pack of Jews larping as White Nationalists. No surprise to see them devolve into Jewish psycho-babble.

  5. Attractive young white women are not for you. This is currently the highest valued demographic in human history.

    Personally, I agree: white women are the most attractive — but at least per dating site/app stats, Asian women have the highest response rates (link) and positive match scores (link) — I think Asian women are less likely than white women to be overweight.

    • It’s still miscegenation. The boomer men were big on Asian women, but a lot of those women took them to the cleaners.

    • I think we’re all agreed that there are a lot of lazy white dudes out there dipping in the urine-colored kiddie pool.

    • White men that race-mix with Asians are just as bad as White women that race-mix with Negroes. The former should be shipped to Burma and the latter to the Congo.

  6. [HTML] nih.gov
    Rotation of Vibrio fischeri flagella produces outer membrane vesicles that induce host development, sooooo. When a scientist put one of these on a slide and filmed it u grew fearful of it.admit you never had a clue about what u were projecting as authoritative views . U never thought about what u wrote and are still clueless. U aren’t very intelligent. Prolly dumb. Tell me the next step in logic to proof u not moron.

  7. Asian women are slightly less likely to be completely crazy cunts, but only very slightly. Like 5% less. So it’s not some hidden gold mine, and odds are, your kids with her will end up looking nothing like you.

  8. The daily stormer is the funniest real news aggregation site on the planet. The absolute hilarity of some of the headlines and content serve as lube in order to get normies to read something and to get a perspective that is not jewish globo homo.

    It is a great site and it’s very useful.

    It really serves no purpose to still be pissed off over the optics bullshit from 2 or 3 years ago.

  9. There have always been incels. They used to just be called ugly. The internet has made them seem a larger group, than they actually are. Many of us had that one dude in highscrewel, that all of the girls hated, rejected, and said was ugly. Some of us knew two, or three. But everybody ignored them. Because they didn’t matter. I knew a couple of them. I didn’t pay much attention to them, either.

    In most rural and suburban counties, I’d guess that there’s anywhere from 0-3 incels. In large urban areas, maybe no more than a few hundred. But certainly not a thousand or more. Most men are able to have a girlfriend, and ultimately, a wife, without too much trouble. How it works out for them, in the end, is a different story.

    Eventually, what little interest in “incels,” that there exists, will wane and disappear. Some other lunacy will take its place.

  10. I’m putting this here, because I think too many of you don’t actually believe that women can be that stupid, malleable to an ideology, and/or that evil. Anglin may be a jerk, but he’s got the number of the current crop of godless whores out there. Older women are a different breed than the self(ie)-centered trash that’s under 40.

    http://mileswmathis.com/news.pdf (2nd half of article)

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