Dementia Joe Rambles About George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis

I got a banner and a clip for that that. LOL.

As Bull Connor points out here, we can beat them at their own game. They want to stir up shit here between the races for no other reason than to justify grabbing even more power for themselves at the expense of state and local governments. They want to seize control of our elections. Don’t fall into their trap. It is better to stand by and watch Dementia Joe’s party collapse under his own failed leadership. Last year, they were deeply disappointed when there were zero “domestic terror” attacks.

You should consider running for state and local office yourself. George Wallace was a governor. Bull Connor was Commissioner of Public Safety in Birmingham. The Brandon administration is so unpopular that you might get elected to some position on the strength of the backlash. If you want to further polarize things as accelerationists do, then winning some local office would create far more panic and hysteria.

Note: Back in the 1960s, George Wallace and Bull Connor didn’t have many of the tools that we have today to discredit “journalists” and their fake news.

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  1. >LOL

    It’s not funny dude — none of it is.

    As I said in another forum: every American is tied to this shitshow via the coercive tax system — for anyone conscious of that, the US has become an unbearable place to live.

    And obviously the government doesn’t need anyone’s money: through fiat money creation and deficit spending, they have ready access to all the money they want, or imagine they need — the money is used to cement the power and control of Wash DC — they aren’t finding those trillions under grandma’s mattress — no one is ‘loaning’ the government all that money — the growing debt represents enslavement, and nothing else.

  2. Agree Hunter. But also note Greg Post seems mainly upset bc Biden compared opponents of federalizing elections – the good guys – to what Greg no doubt devoutly believes are the bad guys: Bull Connor, the Confederacy, segregationists, etc.

    Which is OK fine. We can work with people like Greg – who hate us – against common enemies.

    But that doesn’t change the fact they still hate us, and will use federal power like the Democrats to de-platform, doxx, and marginalize us once they are back in power, Trump or no Trump.

  3. They want every single lowlife out there to have a ballot to be harvested by the democratic machine. They talk as if even homeless, drug addicted dregs have a “sacred right to vote.” And they especially want every last abandoned home in the ghetto to be shipped mail in ballots along with every single green card holder going through the DMV along with illegal aliens as well. They just want millions and millions of extra ballots going out in these big blue globalist urban colonies occupying American soil so their machine can harvest them all.

  4. Need to heckle sleepy Joe. He’s openly race baiting against our people.

    Look how great it was when Irish Americans in South Boston turned on their former beloved Kennedies – Ted Kennedy.

  5. “Note: Back in the 1960s, George Wallace and Bull Connor didn’t have many of the tools that we have today to discredit “journalists” and their fake news.”

    That’s why they want to censor and restrict the internet. It was much easier for them to control information when newspapers, radio and TV, were the only sources of that information. I’m surprised that they haven’t gone after desktop publishing, too.

  6. “What you see here is truly the soul of nation being restored.”

    Which nation is that?

    Joe Biden is Yankeedom’s middle finger to the rest of America.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  7. The shitlibs of the day could barely conceal their hatred for Wallace. Wallace knew it and laughed at them which pissed them off more. As I recall he got 45 electoral votes from 5 Southern states in 1968. In the 1972 Dem primaries Wallace was wining Northern states with the White ethnics there. How convenient he got taken down by a “lone gunman”. The “Wallace Democrats” were later renamed the “Reagan Democrats”.

    • But he has power. He’s restoring…fcommunism. Not Red communism, not Soviet-style communism, but American communism. The intermittent bumbling is to keep the illusion going, that he’s just “making mistakes” and not dangerous.

  8. The “our democracy” crap has a purpose. The filibuster and the disproportionate power of Red State Senators are in the way. Team Biden wants to reduce Red State power thorough insurrection and a rewrite of the constitution. These people will go to any extreme to maintain and increase their power up to and including fomenting insurrection and to oh so conveniently blame it on some one else. Filth? You tell me.

  9. The big problem is that the progressives, libs, whatever want all this power and control, but they don’t seem to know how to use it. They’re too touchy-feely to really get down and start repressing, like the Bolsheviks did, and Biden, like too damned many Americans, is all talk. Just talk, talk, talk…what did Churchill say about jaw-jaw replacing war-war?
    They’re good at destroying, but not at replacing. perhaps it’s the final result of the Gramsci way of revolution. You infiltrate the institutions, take over, but lack the guts to go on and really start killing the opposition.
    In many ways I see things now not like before our civil war, but in the peace before the Thirty Year’s War in Germany…a kind of genial armed truce between irreconcilable doctrines. No one really likes the system, because it’s breaking down, but even if it guts our culture and moral standards, it can still churn out material abundance, although we see some dark corners beginning.
    The left needs some one to do their purging and killing for them. So far, our cops seem happy to oblige, but there are too many contradictions…cops will arrest people, but then they get shoved back when they try to arrest blacks. More then a few of them are probably uneasy with the Covid b.s. forced on them. They haven’t been totally coerced like the European police forces, and we still have an element of local control. Hunter makes the point that the left is an easy target, BUT you have to have leaders to oppose them.

    Maybe, as William Pierce said, the blacks are the muscle of the jews. But even the blacks are too stupid to become methodical. They have their hired clowns do the racial whine, but they’re basically good at unrestrained violence.

    All the leadership now…both sides…is old, out of touch, probably senile and too mendacious to think beyond the next wave of grifting. A baby-boomer myself, I think my generation needs to get the hell out of the way.
    And now, who do the Democrats want to offer? Hilary Clinton.
    This is the most nihilistic system I’ve seen in America.

    Like I said earlier, Biden is like the Twilight Zone episode of a man who died and wouldn’t stay dead, and kept hanging around as he continued to rot and decay before everyone’s eyes. When he sneezed and his rotten nose fell off, he finally gave up.

    We’re the zombie nation now.

    As for Wallace, in his essay The Art of E. Howard Hunt, Vidal strongly hinted Wallace’s shooting was a hit by the deep state. The ‘diary’ of Arthur Bremer was, like that of Sirhan Sirhan, obviously made up. Vidal thought a lone assassin killed JFK, but after these shootings, he changed his mind. It was all following a similar pattern.

    Even a drugged out kook like Hunter S. Thompson admit he admired Wallace and the way he solidified the working class whites. Thompson still despised Wallace for being a ‘racist’, but he saw true devotion and genuine national and racial unity among his supporters. Thompson just wanted Wallace to be a leftist.
    Of course, Wallace was a loose cannon to liberals and conservatives, and had to be dealt with.

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