The Washington Post: Can Democrats Be The Party of PMCs and Blue Collar Workers?

The Democratic Party is shaped like an hourglass.

It is an unstable top-bottom coalition of White college educated PMCs and multiracial working class voters. I have been saying for over a year now that we ought to focus on fire on the PMCs.

Washington Post:

Professionals and managers are trending left. Blue-collar workers are not.

We analyzed trends on 15 political attitudes over a 44-year period from 1974 to 2018 using General Social Survey data. These attitudes range from morality and civil liberties to crime control and economic redistribution. They also include whether people identify with a political party or a particular ideological view.

We found that professionals and managers were trending in a left or liberal direction on 10 of the 15 attitudes. By comparison, blue-collar workers were trending left or liberal on only five and conservative on 10. In cases in which members of both groups were trending liberal, professionals and managers were, with few exceptions, trending liberal more quickly. Moreover, professionals and managers are now as or more liberal than blue-collar workers on 13 of the 15 attitudes. …”

Time and again, we have seen that it is PMCs and their brats who are the real problem. Look at Charlottesville and Portland and tell me that it isn’t them who are behind Antifa.

Skip ahead to 58:00.

Watch AC Thompson talking to Mary McCord. It is enlightening.

It is people like that who are wielding state power against us. It is the woke professional class. It is also their children who join Antifa. I plan to continue hammering away at this until these people are seen and understood as being the far greater menace.

Note: Nosferatu, of course, is right there in the middle of them illustrating how the PMC Question and Jewish Question overlaps.

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  1. I think you might be onto something here, HW. Who are the footsoldiers of ZOG’s machine – and also the weakest link in ZOG’s chain of power? White college educated PMCs. Most born Southerners (and even Copperheads like me) refer to these evil bastards as “Yankees”. They are the descendants – spiritual if not actual literal of the same looters and self-righteous assholes who flocked in to manage the “reconstruction” on behalf of their (((City of London))) bosses, along with a few native Southern “scalawags”. Andrew McCabe, Kevin McCarthy, David French, David Blight, Timothy Snyder – unless there is a name-change in the background or they’ve become converts to Talmudism, none of these are chosenites (based on the surname). Nominal Catholics or Prots most likely. Unless there’s some shape-shifting going on (a common Jewish practice, to enable the “hello, fellow white person”… gambit), being white (and male) makes them easy targets to be tossed beneath the treads of the rainbow Panzerkampfwagen. Yes we should absolutely concentrate fire here. They will be the first to break and run once the heat is on.

  2. It is all lies, damnable lies. White Christian are decent well meaning peace loving people. Nobody believes these lies. Hatred of the innocent is what I call it, others call it more simply, evil.

  3. PMCs just respond to Jewish incentives. All of the money and institutional/media power is controlled by Jews.

    • That is very possibly true. Even so, the weakest links in the chains that ZOG holds to keep everyone in line are the PMCs, for the reasons I stated above (among others). Concentrate fire on the PMCs and the chains of power are eventually broken. They’ll do this themselves to an extent. The more trigger them into total rabid insanity, the more they alienate normies. Jews will get desperate and toss them aside.

  4. I seriously doubt that Irish Roman Catholic McCarthy will be smart enough to point out that immigration drives down wages and imports social problems! Instead the Holy Catholic McCarthy will see how much Black and Brown Catholic penis he can fellate. That’s the way to bet when dealing with Catholics of both parties.

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