The Bulwark: Is America At Risk of a 21st Century Civil War?

If there is a “civil war,” it will be a lopsided one for a variety of reasons. Namely, the other side will be mostly women, minorities, anarchists, “trans girls” and PMCs who are afraid of firearms and who are literally surrounded in their urban shitholes and geographically separated on the coasts. There are a lot of immigrants who vote for the Democrats who don’t really have a dog in the fight.

Personally, I don’t see it coming to that. There might not be a “civil war.” It is more likely that after a long period of gridlock and polarization that the other side simply loses and collapses. Inflation is one thing that I can see decisively breaking the stalemate. I don’t think either side wants to fight it out.

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  1. I don’t think the Whites have it them to fight for their God given rights. More than half of them walk around with face diapers on their faces and take what the govt sells them. It didn’t start with “covid”, it started long before that and still no one stands up. So no.

    • For Civil War or serious fighting, you do not need many people. In Afghanistan , there is 30 million people and Taliban fighting force was always below 30 000 men.

      Also in 1991 , there was no referendum or voting in Soviet Union. Just nationalists in every level of power structure started to govern. Yeltsin announced that Russia is independent from Soviet Union, Yeltsin loyalists supported him, Central Government fell into impotency and 95 % of population just watched and then went with flow.

      Diapered folk will watch with horror how determined Nazis will take over. This is the reason why grabbing lower level power structure posts is very important. Local State Government announces that considering all circumstances, now local laws are above federal laws and your local municipality declares loyalty to local State Government.

      Central Government will scream death threats and threatens to send army which he does not have because local army units declaring also loyalty to local government and outside soldiers will be sent home.

      Or just thrown out of barracks in the cold September night with the words that this is foreign country now and you get lost. It happened with me 1991 in Leningrad Suvorov Military Highschool. 😀

  2. The court jesters and circus freaks don’t fight the king’s wars. Hired Mercenaries Do.

    It will be well-groomed, clean cut, and well-paid men the “dissidents” will have to fight.

    I guess you completely forgot how you said the attendee’s at the “justice for J6” protest couldn’t have been dissidents because they weren’t fat?

    Those feds at the “justice for j6” look closer to what the dissidents is going to have to fight than your pictures

    • And what do the suppose the numeric count of those specimens are in the country and those available globally for importation and effective deployment in the US (e.g. Blue Helmets and US troops)? Could they not, in effect, wind up being paid in worthless “Confederate Money” by our current overlords? What would they do if large numbers of them (mostly White BTW)) wound up as casualties at the hands of our “Urban” dissidents of enhanced melanin?

      • “Is America At Risk of a 21st Century Civil War?”

        No. But that’s what the Oligarchs want. They also want war with Russia.

        “The media wants to convince whites that there IS a war going on, and they hope some unstable white will be the Fort Sumter of today, and start the war.”

        Exactly. They also want to convince us to fight Russia, Iran and China.

        If there is a “civil war,” it will be a lopsided one for a variety of reasons. Namely, the other side will be mostly women, minorities, anarchists, “trans girls” and PMCs who are afraid of firearms and who are literally-

        (surrounded in their urban shitholes and geographically separated on the coasts.)

        I’ve interacted with “Ecotopians” on Twitter. They were mostly urban, anti-Southern/Jeffersonian America, working class, flag waving ZOG Patriot sports fans types, and, and a few Trendy Lefties, that seem to think that they’ll be fighting Southerners in the next “civil” war. Imagine the rude shock, when they discover that it’s the farmers, ranchers, loggers and mill hands, from the east side of the mountains, who are besieging San Francisco, Portland, Salem, and Seattle, and not Southern armies led by the ghost of General Lee.

        Aside from Calexit, the most interesting development is the movement by inlanders to change the borders of Idaho, Oregon and Washington State. They’re real Westerners, not Pac-Rim Yankees. They’re definitely gonna be treated differently, because of their Jeffersonian leanings, than Calexit or Cascadia proponents will/would, be. Especially if their movement shows any signs of actually going somewhere.

        In the end. The general government is simply going to disappear one day, leaving us alone, with just our State governments. This is why we need to be preparing our states for the transition, and for our survival. If there is another war between the states, it’ll pit various Northern States against each other. People in the Great Lakes region will want to distance themselves from any association with the Northeast. Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania, will certainly want to assert their perceived authority and entitlement to lead and rule the North, if not all of America. But it won’t involve Dixie, or cattle country.

        End Reconstruction. End the War.

        Fix a bowl of popcorn. Kentucky grown, of course.

  3. The media wants to convince whites that there IS a war going on, and they hope some unstable white will be the Fort Sumter of today, and start the war.

  4. @ Pilot,

    My suspicion would be an MK-Ultra and gaslit autistic loner groomed by the FBI and CIA to become a “John Brown” type.

    • @November – Using the term “MK-Ultra” (whatever the hell that is supposed to prove) is a symptom of someone who is not living in the real world. Most people, who are not dwelling in an internet rabbit-hole, will not take you seriously.

  5. I’m not sure a civil war would be an easy victory for us, since an American civil war would become a world war. It doesn’t really matter that they’re all soy boys and trannies because the PMCs have the ports and global reach. They would be bringing in professional troops from Europe and Australia, mercenaries from South America and MENA, and anyone from wherever else they could. They would have shipments of resources coming in from everywhere, too. Unless our side received similar foreign support, we would likely be crushed. In this case, diversity really would be their greatest strength. And because the PMCs control the media and internet, it would be easier for them to spin information in their favor and prevent us from gaining any foreign support.

    In a vacuum, sure our side would have the heartland and the better quality fighters, but in the bigger picture they have a lot of advantages that we wouldn’t have.

    • Stuff like this only succeeds when one faction of the elite rebel against the other. A faction that have access to the things that need to take place in communications, infrastructure, supplies etc. That’s why they are so against Trump and any appointees, and why Biden was caught by surprise in Afghanistan because his handlers where 100% engaged in plotting against DeSantis and Abbott and other red state governments. Problem is I think the elite faction that is unhappy and agrees with Trump also does not think he’s respectable and I really hope he doesn’t run but endorse someone decent who doesn’t have his “asshole” baggage with both swing voting white bimbos who hold our fate at the ballot box, and unhappy regime members who want someone respectable to put us back on course.

  6. There may not be civil war but there will definitely be several rounds of secession as states flee the federal debt of the US. ZOG needs America dismembered as they cannot allow a functioning system to remain in case they go after ZOG as payback for the destruction of the West.

    We are alive in the most important and interesting century in human history. It’s all to play for, as the sports commentators say.

  7. “”..other side simply loses and collapses…””

    Before this they make last desperate attempt to save their democracy. Like Soviets brought tanks to the street back in august 1991.

    Worse. Weirdos, soyboys and professional managers have their entire life to lose. They are not old WW II hardened Soviet apparatchiks who could afford to retire with their stolen property. Managers are relatively young, they have very little real assets and zero real education and working skills. They can not sit back and relax,

    So some kind of armed standoff will definitely come.

  8. Don’t underestimate the regime, the control the money supply so they can pay psychopaths from all over the world who are a lot tougher than the feminists, soy boys, and transvestites you imagine will be all you face. Not to mention the control the media and tech. Any uprising in one city expect the internet and cell phones to go dark, just like they did in Kazakstan when paid outsiders showed up to disrupt the place last week. There’s not much interest in shortwave, ham, CB or any form of two way radio anymore so the population would be in the dark as they put down what they kept local. We’d get all the TV stations running sit com reruns as our version of when the Soviets had some bad event take the politburo by surprise and suddenly all their national stations went to a “24/7 classical music” format…the people knew something bad had happened, just not what.

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