Response To Thomas Main

Professor Thomas Main is still here.

It appears he has a new book out too called The Rise of Illiberalism. It has been an eventful year and a half since we last spoke. We have been given a big boost by the Brandon administration.

Naturally, Main completely missed the point of my article. The point of sharing the Bull Connor video wasn’t what he said about keeping blacks and Whites separate. Instead, Connor was urging his audience to stay out of it and let law enforcement handle civil rights protesters. He went on to say that the Kennedy brothers like Joe Biden yesterday were looking for any excuse to intervene in state and local affairs and that we could “beat them at their own game” as long as we didn’t have any trouble here.

I’ve said for years now that we should avoid the public spotlight. We didn’t show up at the George Floyd riots. It was normies who stormed the Capitol on 1/6. There also wasn’t any accelerationist mass shooters either last year. In span of a year and a half since we last talked, more people have become radicalized than in the previous twenty years. We should continue persuading our audience and organizing locally and quietly. Why should we do anything else when this is working out so well for us?

In spite of all the censorship, which I am happy to report hasn’t worked, Joe Biden is about is popular as a skunk in large parts of the country, so unpopular that we ought to be thinking about how we can capitalize on the situation. I think some of our people should quietly run for state and local offices like the Qtards and Threepers. The Democrats obviously have no response to “Let’s Go Brandon” and it appears that the upcoming midterms will be another pure wave of kneejerk backlash politics.

As for liberalism, it was Thomas Main’s own side who discredited it and/or killed it inside their own institutions. I’ve sat at my house and watched this happen. We crack jokes on this website. We make arguments. We follow the polls. We’re focused on persuasion which seems to be a lost art these days on the woke progressive side. I responded to Main’s emails. I argued with him. I didn’t try to cancel him or anything. Perhaps this is what he thinks is “rightwing illiberalism” and “authoritarianism”!

Here are some of the things that the Left has done over the past five years while I have sat at my house and made fun of people on the internet:

  • Created a complex racial hierarchy based on social justice ideology and placed cishet White men at the bottom of it while accusing them of possessing White privilege
  • Created a complex racial etiquette on the basis of social justice ideology that is far more elaborate than Jim Crow in which “White men” has become a racial slur
  • Imposed this social justice ideology on all American institutions from the top down from medicine to sports to business to “journalism” and especially on the Democratic Party
  • Spend all their time sowing racial grievances among non-Whites and encouraging them at every opportunity to resent Whites
  • Weaponized the FBI and used it as a tool to suppress their political opposition
  • Weaponized the “intelligence community” against the president
  • Weaponized government bureaucrats against the president and praised them for heroically subverting the president
  • Impeached the president twice over the made up Russia Hoax and the leak over the Ukraine phone call
  • Created a 24/7/365 show trial of people who are associated with Donald Trump who are hauled before Congress to be threatened and harassed and in some cases imprisoned
  • Created a literal gulag for Trump supporters in DC
  • Spread fake news like the Steele dossier which was used as a pretext for the Russia Hoax which consumed the country for years
  • Used COVID as a pretext to change election laws to tilt the 2020 election to Joe Biden
  • Organized the worst nationwide race riots since the 1960s to unseat the president and confessed to doing it in Time magazine
  • Got away with causing billions of dollars of property damage
  • Denied access to White people to life saving COVID medications on the basis of race
  • Created massive bail funds for people engaged in violence and rioting
  • Justified rioting and looting and violence in the press
  • Progressive DAs dropped charges against thousands of people who engaged in violence and looting
  • The FBI looked the other way at people who quite literally laid siege to the White House and burned down the country on national television
  • Defended and protected Antifa in Portland who laid siege to a federal courthouse for months
  • Antifa were allowed to intimidate juries in the Derek Chauvin trial
  • Embraced mob violence from Antifa and BLM who routinely get away with it in progressive cities and whose bail funds were promoted by Kamala Harris on Twitter
  • Decriminalized shoplifting in California
  • Deplatformed rightwing content creators from payment processors which have been politicized
  • Abolished ICE through executive orders allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade the country
  • Used COVID as a pretext to empty prisons of thousands of violent criminals
  • Defunded the police all over the country in cities like Portland and San Francisco
  • Merrick Garland’s DOSJ has put the police on trial in Minneapolis, Louisville and Phoenix
  • Merrick Garland’s DOSJ has meted out social justice by indicting Derek Chauvin and the McMichaels in Georgia on federal charges
  • Demonized Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist”
  • Downplayed or ignored the Waukesha Massacre because the victims were White and the black perpetrator didn’t fit the narrative
  • Redefined the term “racism” to mean systematic racism and “white supremacy” in which all White people are “complicit” and “racism” is baked into the law and institutions
  • Pushed lessons based on CRT into K-12 public schools to demonize White children on the basis of their race
  • Pushed transgenderism into public schools to sow gender confusion among the young about their sexuality
  • Created children’s books based on social justice ideology to indoctrinate children in White guilt and “trans” ideology
  • Pushed “equity” at every level of public policy through the executive branch which discriminates against Whites in everything from loans and debt forgiveness for farmers to the vaccine distribution
  • “Journalists” have become commissars who dox private citizens and threaten and punish them for having the wrong political and cultural views
  • Progressive DAs and the social justice system now selectively enforce the laws and charge people or choose not to charge people on the basis of race and ideology. This ideology has seeped down into juries and murderers are often acquitted out of racial solidarity
  • Continued the ongoing purge of all cultural institutions of people who do not conform to woke progressive ideology. In many cases, liberals are now being purged by leftists, as conservatives and people further to the Right were driven out a long time ago
  • Universities have become as ideologically cohesive and hostile to anyone on the Right as madrassas in Medieval Islam. It is not even fair to compare conservatives in these institutions to dhimmis who could pay a tax an be left alone
  • Made it nearly impossible to hold a professional class job or even in many cases a working class job for blacklisted political dissidents
  • Abused the civil courts to repress the First Amendment rights of political dissidents by claiming that free speech rallies are the equivalent of Klan violence. The actual Klan is not nearly as violent, censorious or race-obsessed as these people.
  • “The Free Press” has demanded that tech companies censor the internet to repress their competition
  • Censored the entire internet and rigged the internet up to and including deplatforming the president
  • Repeatedly banned books on Amazon
  • Deplatformed countless rightwing influencers and destroyed their careers like Stefan Molyneux, sued them, hauled them before the January 6th show trial committee
  • Pioneered the deplatforming of dissidents by banks
  • Deplatformed Parler from the internet
  • Repeatedly tried to deplatform Gab from the internet
  • Pressured police officers into standing down and allowing Antifa and BLM mob violence to take places in progressive cities
  • Launched a purge of the U.S. military and law enforcement based on political ideology
  • Weaponized the national security state and launched a witch hunt against “domestic extremists”
  • Used the most aggressive GWOT methods like no fly lists against alleged “domestic extremists”
  • Spread outright lies based on social justice ideology like the Atlanta shooting being an anti-Asian hate crime
  • Blamed White people for attacks on Asians by blacks
  • Toppled monuments of the Founding Fathers including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and everyone on Mount Rushmore including Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt
  • Repeatedly brought family members onto national television to denounce and shame their own relatives like Rep. Paul Gosar or Trump like in the old Soviet Union
  • Created a massive surveillance state and encouraged friends and family members to report people who they know to the FBI for “domestic extremism”
  • Shredded the Constitution to illegally spy on the public
  • Pressured cable companies to deplatform FOX News
  • Destroyed small businesses with draconian lockdowns
  • Weaponized vaccine mandates to drive people into unemployment
  • 2/3rds of the country self censor and have been intimidated and do not feel comfortable sharing their true opinions. The only people who feel they can speak freely are progressive activists
  • Stalked private citizens at their homes to intimidate their families
  • Stalked multiple mayors at their homes to intimidate them
  • The mob at ASU which is trying to hound Kyle Rittenhouse off campus when he is not even enrolled there
  • Jonathan Alter calling for lawyers with opposing political views to be kicked out of bar associations
  • The mob which is targeting the judge and jurors in the Kim Potter trial over the killing of Daunte Wright
  • The time that Trump’s White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was kicked out of The Red Hen in Lexington, VA
  • The time that Laura Loomer was deplatformed from everything from Uber Eats to AirBnb
  • BLM and Antifa have intimidated random patrons in restaurants on countless occasions
  • Repeatedly tried to cancel comedians like Dave Chappelle and anyone who says anything that is politically incorrect like JK Rowling
  • Identified Andrew Sullivan as “white supremacy”

Just yesterday, Joe Biden described his opposition as “domestic enemies” in that speech in Georgia and pretended he was somehow an ideological combatant in the 1960s. According to Joe Biden, Georgia is a “Jim Eagle” state where “21st century Jim Crow on steroids” is practiced. Once again, Main doesn’t seem to grasp why this sounds so absurd and why we are mocking his inflated rhetoric.

So, there has been a surge in “illiberalism” and authoritarianism” on the Right. Instead of complaining about liberalism run amok as we used to previous years, we now use it in the past tense. It died in the summer of 2020 and has been replaced by whatever this is.

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  1. Someone should ask Thomas Main whether he’d rather live in the Selma of 2022 or in a Selma with the conditions of 1950. Somehow I suspect he’d just lie.

  2. I wish we had Wallace, Connor, Long, et al, back. Imagine what we could get done!

    The pajeets at Twitter nuked my acct, again.
    I rarely talked about Biden, Vaxxes, and AOC & hardly ever talk about trannies. Seems way harsh. 🙁

  3. Main wants the kykes to buy his crappy book. You are famous Wallace and your name and your website sell books. The Jews are obsessed with you and Jews will buy this guys book just to read what he has to say about you. Funny?

  4. @ Controversy sells, he is as desperate, as is this illigitimate administration, he is trying to sell his boring book, same as this illigitimate administration is still trying to sell their boring 5th grade, going nowhere, accomplishing nothing agenda, the Democrats are in fantasy land,.no economic growth program, no border policy, no energy policy, no foreign policy, on and on, I could go on, so they distract the people with their controversy, they are splintering, so they sell their civil war wet dream, in a last ditch effort, too keep their loser base united,.predictable, unimaginative and boring…………

  5. What I find both funny and tragic, is that univershitty cuckademics have lost the ability to predict truthfully what will happen as a result of their policies from the simple reason that humans don’t work as their theories predict.
    It’s tragic because it takes good intentions and well functioning societies and and turn them into misery producing machines.

    On the other hand, it’s funny, because when white supremacists suddenly showed up again, even if we were supposedly vaccinated against racism by racial integration, it became the moral duty of all good people to help fight the monsters.

    As long as there were pro-whites to fight, then fine, but because there were so few public pro.white faces to fight, that goodness had to be demonstrated by being mean to sympathizers to any argument we have, like Trump fans, anti-vaxers or climate deniers.

    Had their theories even managed to predict that the simplest way to get somebody to join the enemy team, is to attack them, they might have been able to reign in the attack, but no. Anybody that oppose the good side’s orthodoxy is a closeted white supremacist even if black.

  6. What wound they Charlottesville narrative be if the dissident right had shown up with children in tow? Would the local authorities have protected the rallygoers from Antifa? If children had been harmed by Antifa, would this writer come the the defense of the right wingers and their children?

    Somehow I think he would be criticizing the right wingers for bringing children to a protest where there might be some violence. “Child endangerment” would be the narrative, and Antifa would not be held accountable at all.

  7. “I responded to Main’s emails. I argued with him. I didn’t try to cancel him or anything. Perhaps this is what he thinks is “rightwing illiberalism” and “authoritarianism”!”

    One cannot defeat Cultural Marxist race traitor scum like him by talking to them; they only use the engagement to help them peddle their endless number of toilet paper scare-books to the panicky urban shitlib kike & trannyfag trash.

    Talk mockingly ABOUT them, never talk TO them. Work to get into the position where we can do to them what they’re doing to us right now, and so much more.

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