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  1. You have to file for it now. I’m going to help a friend with this today. If I learn anything I’ll mention it. These types of credits are really important to take advantage of unless you are already off the grid and independent.

  2. I predict regardless of which of the twin parties is in power, the pace of austerity will increase. There will be no real jubilee for the indebted masses. The story of plutocratic ancient Israel never having the jubilees that were prescribed in the Torah is being lived out by the U.S.

  3. Hitler gave families incentives for having kids. The more kids, the bigger the incentives. America has declined to the point that it’s not worse living here anymore.

    • Every country in W. Europe would be wise to pay for more children, but they have decided to replace their native people with 3rd world orcs and commit suicide.

  4. A Federal program that helped actual Americans. Got to get it shut down. Keep the welfare to Israel, Saudi, Poland and Ukraine flowing though.

  5. White Gentiles should just game (((the system))) in the same way non-whites do. You weren’t too proud to take the child tax credit shekels from Uncle Schlomo.

  6. The child tax credit was never a true gib. Just a pull forward of the tax credit that all families have gotten for years. When they file in April they will see a far smaller refund due to this. I expect inflation to turn over and possible deflate as excess savings burn off.

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