Jonathan Capehart Explains Why He Is Worried About Democracy

I highly recommend listening to that Counter-Currents podcast with Gregory Hood. The Orwellian phrase “our democracy” essentially means rule by libtards, technocrats, woke professionals, the shitlibs, coastal elites, the PMCs, etc. It means rule by this class of people who you see on television.

Jake Tapper is Jewish. Brian Stelter is White. Jonathan Capehart is black. And yet, they are really all the same in some fundamental way though. They all look the same. They talk the same. They all say the same bullshit. They all live in that professional class Twitter bubble in the Acela Corridor.

  • Lives on a coast
  • Talks like a fag
  • Calls you a racist
  • Thinks he is better than you
  • Tells you what to do

“Liberal democracy” doesn’t mean what you think it means. It doesn’t mean exercising your rights as a citizen. It doesn’t mean voting in elections. It doesn’t mean being able to participate in the marketplace. It doesn’t mean trusting ordinary people to make up their own minds or building a consensus. It doesn’t mean persuasion or tolerance. It means that people who “journalists” approve of are in charge.

“Authoritarianism” ISN’T rule by experts. It ISN’T constant surveillance and censorship. It ISN’T coastal PMCs scolding people and trying to micromanage every aspect of their lives up to forcing them to get the vax or lose their job or dictating their diets because of climate change. It ISN’T getting rid of the Senate and Electoral College and Bill of Rights because those things are obstacles to “our democracy.”

No, the “authoritarians” are the people who say the wrong words on Gab or who mock these inept, sanctimonious and pretentious fools with funny memes and especially those who vote for the wrong candidates. It ISN’T authoritarianism to weaponize the FBI against your domestic opposition, have Amazon ban all the books you dislike, to demand total ideological conformity in your department at your university, to purge the military of people you label “extremists” or to transform Congress into an Inquisition.

Are you planning to run for a local office? Considering voting in the next election? Planning to show up at your local school board? I’m sorry my friend, but that is “fascism” and “domestic terrorism” and destroying “our democracy” and the triumph of “domestic extremism.” It cannot be allowed to stand!

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  1. The ultimate form of authoritarianism? Toilet training. Let’s not ask these spiritual jews like Stelter too much about that, though.

  2. Brian Patrick Stelter is an Irishmen who married a Jew in a Jew ceremony. Which means he had to have converted to Judaism. The kids are going to be raised as Jews. Trumps daughter renounced Christ and Christianity too. You have to renounce Christ to become a Jew.

  3. “Jake Tapper is Jewish. Brian Stelter is White. Jonathan Capehart is black.”
    “Every. single.Time. I’m tttho thraight! Want some watermelon?”

    In other words, NONE of these sorry excuses posing as the Adamic Elect, speak to my/Christendom’s condition; nor are ANY of them, valid representatives of ‘for US and OUR posterity,’ if we’re merely talking about a proposition nation, devoid of God’s covenantal blessings**.

    Either way, they’re all TRAIF.

    Oh, and Browning’s point, too…..

    ** Speaking on Article VI, Clause 3 of the apostate covenant document known as the Constitution: “…If there be no religious test required, (of citizens, and people in public office) pagans, deists, [Jews] and Mahometans might obtain office among us, and that the senators and representatives might all be pagans.” [Henry Abbot, N.C. Ratifying convention, 1780’s] A prophetic voice, indeed! But it was not heeded.” – G. North, Political Polytheism, p. 390-91.

  4. Yes, I personally know of a cradle Christian woman who renounced her faith and accepted Judaism in order to marry a Jew. The Jew turned around and slept with her brother’s wife. Her brother had been a friend of the Jew. Nothing like keeping it in the family.

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