Jake Tapper Reveals The Real Reason Trump Went To Arizona

To sum up this fight:

  • Democrats used COVID as an excuse to temporarily change election laws in key swing states before the 2020 election
  • This happened well in advance of the election in plain sight
  • Trump claims the 2020 election was stolen from him, which isn’t exactly true, but things like ballot harvesting and increased use of mail in ballots probably had some impact
  • Republicans have been fired up over election integrity ever since and have mostly rolled back these changes at the state level
  • Democrats don’t think they can win unless these changes are made permanent and expanded
  • Joe Biden played the race card and compared Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema to Bull Connor and George Wallace in order to shame them into signing off on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act
  • Democrats can’t imagine a scenario where they lose decisively to Trump in 2024 over inflation. They assume it will be close
  • All of this is far less important than swings in the electorate based on what Independents perceive to be the top issues. It’s inflation, stupid
  • Things like voter ID laws have a negligible impact
  • The bottom line is that voter turnout was probably the highest it has been since the 1900 election. More people are voting, not less
  • The real voter suppression is Trump’s own personal unpopularity with Independent voters and the toxicity of the Democrat brand
  • Republicans do need more poll watchers. See “muh water broke” in Fulton County, GA on election night
  • Finally, none of this matters if inflation keeps going the way it is going and lasts for years which could break the political gridlock
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  1. “none of this matters if inflation keeps going the way it is going and lasts for years which could break the political gridlock”:

    The problem isn’t political gridlock but the nature of the system itself. Behind the (s)elected figurehead-puppets that the U.S. population gives their explicit consent to by voting are the real powers-that-be. Not that there is a conspiracy but it is just the way the system works, the very nature and logic of it, which will never be changed by voting in its (s)elections.

    Regarding the inflation: It is White collar theft on a historic massive scale, that makes all the petty thefts committed by descendants of the enslaved Africans look like nothing. Unlike Black petty thieves, the elite and upper class White-collar trillion-dollar thieves responsible for inflation are not arrested or imprisoned, because what they do is completely legal, and the capitalist legal system exists to protect and advance their interests. “The people only ask for what is necessary, they only want justice and tranquility, whereas the rich aspire to everything, they want to invade and dominate everything. Abuses are the work and the domain of the rich, they are the scourges of the people: the interest of the people is the general interest, that of the rich is a particular interest“ – Maximilien Robespierre

    Re: “if inflation keeps going the way it is going and lasts for years”:

    It HAS been going and lasting for years. The theft has always been going. Otherwise there would not be inequality in the U.S. but instead there is extreme inequality, and further increasing, rapidly escalating extreme inequality. The system is very strong and stable by itself. Only a MORE powerful outside force, or combination of forces, can weaken or overthrow it, and stop the theft – making revolution possible, like Robespierre explained it was “the policy of the London cabinet that largely contributed to the beginning of our (French) Revolution, when the (British) aimed to effect in an exhausted France a change of dynasty, and place the Duke of York on the throne of Louis XVI.”

  2. Why is there a Martin Luther King the Third still around and relevant? Why do we still call the First one a doctor? Why has no one spilled the beans that the original was one of the worst human beings to ever walk the Earth part rapist, part thief, part conman, and all liar

    • King Received His Doctorate in Systematic Theology. After earning a divinity degree from Pennsylvania’s Crozer Theological Seminary, King attended graduate school at Boston University, where he received his Ph.D.

      There is nothing wrong in wanting fair treatment for yourself and your own kind but the way you get it is not by bitching and moaning, protesting, rioting and engaging in all kinds of offensive, vindictive and malicious conduct. You get fair treatment for yourself and your own by treating other in the way in which you would like to be treated. Southerns know and live by this way, blacks they just don’t get it. Number 3 was not fair to Sinema. We are drilling down, all the way down to the root cause of anti-black racism. Do blacks see it?

      • Robert- It has been clearly shown that ‘uh, the REV-rund’ (channelling Rush L.) DOC-tor KING’
        plagiarized his entire (or, at the very least, MAJOR portions of his) dissertation.

        Which, in (REAL) academia, is ground for REVOCATION OF THE DEGREE.


        So, no. The ‘I’m white, tonight’ whoremonger King’ is NOT an academic. He was just a stepinfetchit for the JEWS, and is in Hell, burning eternally. HIs holiday must be removed, and his statue MUST come down. REPARATIONS, tenfold.

  3. “Why is there a Martin Luther King the Third still around and relevant?”

    Because the media controllers force the topic.

    • MLK 3 looks like the black guy on Family Guy or, going further back, Archie Bunker’s neighbor who never had anything to do with Bunker and vice versa until they learned Puerto Ricans were moving into their neighborhood and they colluded to keep them out because their mutual dislike of PRs trumped their dislike of each other. “Those were the days!”

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