Nick Fuentes Releases Infamous Richard Spencer Phone Call

Comedy break.

We’re breaking away from our ongoing coverage of the imminent death of American democracy and the outbreak of Civil War 2 to laugh at the latest ancient movement drama between Nick Fuentes and Richard Spencer. For whatever reason, Nick has chosen to release this old video.

Note: I’ve had a few drinks in my day too.

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  1. While I disagree with Mr. Spencer on the question of white supremacy, there is no doubt that anything bad said about Spencer, true or not, is true ten times over about the Mexican queer.

  2. Spencer was a nobody who has become a has-been .
    We move on.

    (He doesn’t even have self-discipline to moderate his language.
    Rich spoiled, self-centered brat.)

    • Arr- exactly. Thank you for saying so succinctly. Oh, and ‘John Brown?’ Spencer is just as much a ‘fag’ as (possibly) Fuentes…. different sides of the same spectrum, in other words. (Though, to be honest, RS didn’t have a meet and greet with a catboy- whatever THAT was?@!?)

  3. Was this some butch lover’s spat? Unrequited love? Or a potential slap and hair pulling rumble?

    What two ass clowns these egomaniac and narcissists are. Pitiful! These are not the “men” who will lead us to victory. Neither one of them has the gravitas to hold Blondi’s leash.

  4. Spencer has how many children 3? 5? and gays like Fuentes don’t have children so you can see why Spencer is mad about this baseless accusation. Groypers are maladapted incel losers. Naturally they gravitate away from Nationalism and toward GOP cheerleading. Spencer is annoying, but Fuentes is trash.

    • I don’t care if Richard Spencer has 10 kids. He’s a rootless cosmopolitan piece of shit who hates working class white people and set a movement back that could have really appealed to white normies. If you think merely having kids makes someone heroic, your standards are pretty damn low.

      • I really don’t understand his trajectory, and never will. His best contribution, IMO, was his original Alternative Right web site (the first design, with the gold/red/brown theme). The essays on that site actually brought me in to dissident political thought in the first place.

        It featured interesting writers such as Alex Kurtagic, Richard Hoste (sp?), and even some hit-and-miss pieces by paleocons.

        It was probably the first dissident site that had a professional-looking design, at a time when VDare, Am Ren, TOO, etc. still resembled embarrasingly amateur Geocities pages.

        But then he stopped working on it and gave it to a pair of imbeciles. Then he shut it down, revised it, renamed it, went a different route, and every project (and every take) afterwards seemed worse than the last. Cville was, it seems, the final nail, and he’s become a disaster ever since.

        • That “pair of imbeciles” are both friends of mine so I’ll say two things in their defense:

          – It’s the height of modernist trash-baggery to speak of others in the negative ways so common on the internet. What’s the point of being a dissident if you’re just going to conform yourself to the social-mores of the worst – usually African – elements of the world? Want to put bones in your nose and dance around fires while you gleefully rejoice in the pain and humiliation of others? Then stop calling yourself a dissident.

          – Those who tell the truth today are often shouted down, talked over, ignored, or outright despised. Maybe success, then, isn’t the best indicator of truth or accuracy – this, assuming your beef with the “imbeciles” is their lack of success with their inherited Alt. Right project.

  5. “and I figured like ‘Well if I could record him, then I could get him charged for making a threat….”

    Good god, not sure why anybody would want someone like this around.

  6. That rant makes it clear that White identity for Richard just means racial snobbery, which is pretty much the opposite of National Socialism. It’s a concept that alienates 98% or our race and could never lead us to victory.

  7. “Are you threatening me now. Is that a threat”. I have run into a few weak little men that use that tactic and it repulses me more now than a decade ago. Does Fuentes think this is a good look for him? Why would he celebrate this behavior

    • It’s this constant onslaught against anyone public. I think both of them far exceed any of the conservative radio shows online, or any of the dumb books written.
      NO WONDER no one good steps forward, because you guys are ready to go after them.
      Nick Fuentes is half Italian. I don’t disagree with what he says, and I wonder if any of you even have listened to him. Calling him “gay”…he talks about marriage and premarital sex. And I don’t care about the whole gay thing, if someone is pro-white. Don’t ask, don’t tell, it’s your private business.
      Spencer is controversial, but he’s had some good points. They called him gay too.
      We NEED people who don’t need a job, or have enough money to lose a job, when they go public.
      This is WHY many good men won’t step forward.

      We have NO leaders, because most of them sell out for tribal money. The whole “white movement” is so divisive, the enemy doesn’t even have to do anything.

      • Homosexuality is a mental illness, and both of these degenerates are homosexuals. A movement built upon homosexuality is not worth supporting or sustaining.

        • Calling people gay…without any proof, is like the people who call everyone they don’t like, “a jew”. You’d probably say that about Adolf Hitler, if he was alive right now.

  8. Spencer has gone full circle – from being born into shitlib circles he is now back being a full fledged shitlib.

  9. It would have made more sense if Spencer (for Hire) had sung ‘Walking in my shoes’ rather than ‘Enjoy the silence’. Or perhaps ‘Lie to me’.

    So Lie to me like they do it in the factory
    Make me think that at the end of the day
    Some great reward will be coming my way

    ‘People are people’ works – ‘So why should it be/That we get along so awfully’

    ‘Get the Balance Right’ is a good choice too – the lyrics fit:

    There’s more besides
    The little house in the countryside
    Learn to demand
    And sometimes lie

    Get the balance right
    Get the balance right

    Be responsible
    Stable but gullible
    Concerned and caring
    Help the helpless
    But always remain
    Ultimately selfish

    When you think you’ve got a hold of it all
    You haven’t got a hold at all
    When you reach the top
    Get ready to drop
    Prepare yourself for the fall
    You’re gonna fall
    It’s almost predictable


    Don’t turn this way
    Don’t turn that way
    Straight down the middle until next Thursday
    First to the left
    Then back to the right
    Twist and turn ’til you’ve got it

  10. Richard Spencer and Fuentes deserve each other. Fuentes was nearly a kid coming onto the scene and was broiled in the all too predictable nonsense, including much of his own making thanks to his personal sarcasm and arrogance. Spencer is a nearly 44 year old manchild that never had a real job in his life, continues to live off an allowance from mommy and hates everyone. Temperamentally they’re both very similar.

    • Some of you pieces of perfection should step forward. The only people you guys like are Taylor, Edwards, and other pro-zogs.

      • @Pilot,

        Why aren’t you celebrating the SCOTUS ruling against “Biden’s” vaccine mandate? You should be nursing a hangover from a night of Cohibas and a magnum Dom Pèrignon.

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