MLK III Reflects On His Father’s Fading Legacy

Today is MLK Day.

It was also the deadline to pass voting rights reform.

It turns out that this deadline has gone the way of Thanksgiving which was supposed to be the deadline to pass Build Back Better. Pramilya Jayapal looked Joe Manchin in the eye and got a guarantee that something would happen. Nothing happened on either front because of Democrats who couldn’t get either bill across the finish line. Comparing Kyrsten Sinema to Bull Connor didn’t work.

Doesn’t this say a lot about our present moment? Back in 2006, George W. Bush signed a bill that reauthorized the Voting Rights Act which sailed through Congress. The House passed it by 390-33. The Senate passed it by 98-0. Back then, our politics were less polarized, there was more trust in the media and conservatives were a lot more cucked than they are today. Did anyone ever think we would live to see the day where Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse would hold the line on voting rights?

Why did Joe Biden deliver that disastrous speech in Georgia? I think it is because Stacey Abrams publicly snubbed him and MLK III, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the rest put him up to it. They wanted Joe Biden to make a power play and shame Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin into getting their way. They’ve been saying for a while now that there would be no celebration on MLK Day until it got done.

In my view, this whole episode has revealed that no one gives a shit anymore about what the “Rev.” Al Sharpton or the “Rev.” Jesse Jackson thinks. No one gives a shit about what MLK III thinks about voting rights. The likes of Ibram X. Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Don Lemon, Charles Blow, Joy Reid & Co. have even less moral authority than Jackson and Sharpton. The “mainstream media” doesn’t exist anymore. It has shrunk back to a narrower metropolitan audience that is concentrated on the coasts.

Politics used to be so simple for civil rights activists like MLK III. You called a White politician a “racist” or a “white supremacist.” “Journalists” would say it is a big story about race in America. The politician’s spine would collapse into jello. He would immediately fall to the ground and go into something like an epileptic seizure because you had called him a name. He apologized to you. You got your way.

What are they going to do when that doesn’t work anymore?

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  1. I walked around New York City with 50 fliers exposing MLKs Communist ties, sexual degeneracy, and fraudulent activity. All of them sold out within less than an hour.

    A bunch of old people and unsuspecting young White women took them. Everyone just said thank you and smiled.

    Half way through, one old White guy told me I am “slandering MLK” and I said “he is a Communist.” He then tells me that my parents did a bad job raising me.

  2. I have serious negro fatigue. I used to make an effort to be pleasant. Now I just want to get away as quickly as possible.

  3. MLK’s dream is no longer relevant as growing Latino and Asian minorities take a dim view of Black victimhood. See ethnic cleansing of SoCal.

  4. Malcolm X and Eldridge Cleaver are more interesting black figures than Michael King. And unlike him neither one of them have the stigma of being ZOG approved.

    • Followed up by BLM: Burnin’, Lootin’, Murderin’. MLK and BLM – same old golem, new name. Ownership never changes.

  5. HW axes (my ebonic tribute to MLK): What are they going to do when that doesn’t work anymore?

    It still works on whites – though to a lesser degree than even at the start of Dumpf’s failed term. As someone noted down the hall, Dumpf’s losing (through his own fecklessness and failure) was the best thing he ever did for our people. The PMC still wields much power over many whites. The more they ruthlessly enforce it, the more whites start to see it’s all a big lie. Segregation is the only answer. The old southerners were right. Blacks who care about their own people had better find some new leaders as the crop mentioned above are all grifters and con-men, along with nearly all of their clergy. They’ll try a new angle of course since negroes are even more deluded and clueless about reality than normie whites are.

    • When the boomers pass on the zoomers and their kids aren’t going to give a damn about Snivel Rights or the Holohoax. They’ll probably be too busy fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic hellscape.

  6. So sick of self-identified conservatives caving in and giving the usual perfunctory “I have to pretend to like MLK” to appease no one who was going to vote for them anyway. Why do they keep conceding ground and telling us it’s to our advantage? It’s like they don’t want to win.

  7. HW, you have not touched upon the real reason for the growing disenchantment with the civil rights revolution. The civil rights revolution was promoted as extending equality to blacks. In practice, it has resulted in legal discrimination of whites. Affirmative action was supposed to be temporary but appears to be permanent with the extension of the status to Hispanics and all non-whites.

    Christopher Caldwell argues the United States now has two Constitutions. ““Much of what we have called ‘polarization’ or ‘incivility’ in recent years is something more grave,” he writes. “[I]t is the disagreement over which of the two constitutions shall prevail.” More bracing still, he puts the blame for this crisis on the most sacred totem in American politics: our civil rights legislation.”

    “The Civil Rights Act passed under President Lyndon Johnson was meant to address an emergency situation that most Americans, even most white Americans, recognized as a national disgrace. Over the following decades, those emergency measures would be revealed as a permanent apparatus combining “surveillance by volunteers, litigation by lawyers, and enforcement by bureaucrats.” Civil rights offered “new grounds for overruling and overriding legislatures and voters on any question that could be cast as a matter of discrimination. That was coming to mean all questions.”

  8. We are talking about 13% of the American population, why should society be set up to do nothing except worry about how the rest of the country relates to them? They are a minority group, and one that is prone to criminality and anti social behavior to a high degree.

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