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  1. Communists have 100 years imprisoned people who they don’t like. So unfortunately not news. Next question will be, what should we do to those defects to stop madness what lasted centuries.?

    Should we let them change the name again like they did in Ukraine where they hijacked and perverted nationalism ? Infamous Azov Battalion is nothing more than renamed Antifa.

    • Re: “Azov Battalion is nothing more than renamed Antifa”:

      The only sense in which Azov and Antifa are the same is that they are both NOT communist.

      Azov is fascist, Nazi and Neo-Nazi, and thus, exremely anti-communist. Antifa is left-liberal and left-anarchistic, anti-fascist, and not communist.

      The Ukro-Nazis are openly supported (including arms and training) by Israel and the U.S. It is not clear what supports Antifa besides the CIA.

      Azov is as far from communist as it is possible to be. Extremely anti-communist Neo-Nazis from Brazil and Croatia, and many other places are in the Azov and other Ukro-Nazi militias, which are counted as regular military forces by the U.S.-installed puppet regime.

      • “””…Azov is as far from communist as it is possible to be…”””

        Homosexuality, Climate warming , mass immigration. This is what I told about hijacking nationalism. Do you think that Nazism is fighting all woke things under Swastika with guns.

      • ” Antifa is left-liberal and left-anarchistic, anti-fascist, and not communist.”

        Surrrrrre, and turds are just chocolate in disguise.

    • The “Nazis” were actually quite reserved by comparison. The work camps were initially deportation camps. The SS actually assisted relocating Bruno Bettelheim to Chicago. I suspect the Germans needed the labor more later.

    • “Defects” is exactly right, Juri. They need to be quarantined to keep themseles, and everybody else, safe.

  2. I would love to see Stern shoveling snow in sub 0 weather and when he gets sick, sorry jew you should have dressed warmer.

  3. I have Sirius XM radio but I never listen to the Stern channels anymore. He’s become just another cranky, miserable old jew.

  4. Democrats who answered that loaded polling question were mostly venting their frustration with the mean spirit and ignorance of anti-vaxxers. (However the government that has essentially let the virus rip for the sake of big business while pretending to try to stop it, is much more to blame than the anti-vaxxers.)

    Grifter Dore has been trying to expand his entertainment enterprise to include a more right-wing audience, getting them excited by telling them what they want to hear, playing on their fears of vaccination and a global conspiracy. The poorly educated Fox News / My Pillow audience and most Alt-Righters are easy pickin’s for Dore.

    Dore is fully vaccinated himself and he is careful not to tell his audience not to be vaccinated, so he won’t be censored or deplatformed or demonetized.

    • It is the vaxxers who are mean-spirited. Imagine demonizing people who want nothing to do with a “vaccine” that doesn’t even work.

  5. These clowns. Meanwhile, in real Amerikwana…people go into medical offices, and just lie about their Covid status. “I had it last week.” “Oh yeah, I got retested”, while they are coughing up their lungs. But…they wanted to force healthcare workers to get either vaxxed or pay for weekly testing. But the clowns going into these places walk in and tell the clerks that their partner in the car has Covid, and they can’t come in. BUT YOU JUST DID AND PASSED IT ONTO EVERYONE IN THE WAITING ROOM AND THE WHOLE PLACE. How do they think THEY contracted it? Or, they simply don’t care, because they’re so special. Fock stupid whites, natural selection will take them out.

  6. While we are posting all this stuff from progressive liberals, we may as well hear what a couple other prog Jews are saying about the Covid Gayop.


    When people like this are even willing to thumb their noses and call this thing what it has always been, it makes it even more ridiculous to have people on our side still adamantly claiming how earnest all the policy has been. How reliable all the “science” we’ve been beat up with everywhere has been. All the bullshit statistics.

    I wish to god that Trump had the sense to have followed his instincts on Covid from the start. He was right to be dismissive and he should have listened when other business people in his orbit told him to “stay the course”, like he had started out doing.

    But to have turncoats who were roughly on his side help gleefully turn this thing into the cudgel it has been, helping our enemies to grasp this enormous power they’ve accrued at Whitey’s expense, that they then used to kneecap him in bad faith all the way through the election, destroy the economy, erode our civil liberties, it has been nothing short of a total catastrophe for White interests.

    All because orange man bad.

    • Trump was never on our side, nor was he one of us. He is first and foremost a grifter and liar. The ultimate example of the long-running Republican scam – the grift “right”. All he managed to so – besides endlessly fellating Jews and blacks (his instinct) – was to tweet away at shitlibs. Of course he was for the Jew-vaxes. It would be a serious advantage for our side if Garfinkel had him arrested and put in prison – perhaps the same hole in DC his hapless supporters were cast into.

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