Poll Watch: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Hasn’t Hit Rock Bottom

The public is trying to communicate three things here:

1. Don’t fire anyone. You’re doing great listening to blue checks on Twitter.

2. We want more obsessive 1/6 coverage from the “pro-democracy media.”

3. The next two elections will obviously be so close that Republicans can only win through voter suppression.

We also have another new poll out which shows a 10 point drop in job approval of the U.S. Congress among Democrats over the past month.

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  1. The border with Mexshitco is undefended, supermarket shelves are empty, inflation is skyrocketing, Negroes are becoming more violent and COVID “vaccines” are killing thousands of healthy young people. What better way to deal with these crises than to provoke Russia into starting a war over the Ukraine?

  2. I see that Alt-right media is supporting the system by amplifying mainstream media’s Biden blamefest. If the Alt-right movement did not exist, the Plutocrats/elites who run the system would need to invent it. Alt-right is not really independent of the system; otherwise it would be ignoring Biden and the rest of the political surface display and focusing all attention on the system itself and the real root of evil that lies underneath.

    The Plutocrats need a whipping boy now, a convenient stooge, to take the blame and deflect attention from what They are doing Themselves. A big new WAR, to be blamed on Russia, and on “Biden’s mistakes,” would also help distract the population while the rest of their residual wealth is being stolen. But in the meantime Biden, and Kamala, will do for a popular distraction and pressure release valve. It is “time to change parties” again, but not change economic systems.

    • Mainstream “news” media is full of headline articles now (that I usually don’t read, I’m only seeing the titles) that say the Biden administration is weak, and too soft on Russia. (Most people have already been indoctrinated to believe that Biden made a disastrous mistake in the withdrawal from Afghanistan.) One such article today features Alexander Vindman saying Biden’s policy toward Russia is reactionary and it’s time to get tough and exert force: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Vindman

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