Politico Playbook: Knives Out For Ron Klain

Whisper campaign has begun in Politico’s Playbook:

Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain is in trouble.

Moderate voters are souring on Sleepy Joe. Is it because Ron Klain is too deep inside the Acela Corridor blue check Twitter bubble which is wildly out of step with Joe Biden’s strongest supporters?


“As Joe Biden limps into his second year in office, a common criticism has emerged among fellow party members: his top advisers are too insular, rigid and self-assured.

At the center of it all is Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain. …”


“When the going gets tough, blame the White House chief of staff. It happens in virtually every presidential administration at some point. And with the Biden administration’s first anniversary in office coinciding with (what the White House should hope is) a polling and political nadir, this week seems to be RON KLAIN’s turn in the barrel.

A pair of stories out this morning highlight the gripes about Klain, particularly from moderates in the Democratic Party, with some complaints coming from both within and without the administration …”

These people are correct.

This was also my take this morning that Joe Biden was losing his right flank.

NBC Narratives:

“This account of the West Wing’s inner workings and the scrutiny of the man who leads it is based on conversations with 30 administration officials, congressional officials and Democratic allies, most of whom spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss their concerns freely.

The main criticisms of Klain, whether from current or former Biden staff members or those who consider themselves allies of the president, flow from a single idea: that Biden has strayed from his core brand as a pragmatic, empathetic politician who won the Democratic nomination as a moderate willing to compromise. They see Klain as the person responsible for that. His ubiquitous presence on Twitter has solidified that view, particularly for those who see it as being out of step with a 2020 campaign that deliberately tuned out cable news pundits and “blue checks” on social media.

During the campaign — which Klain wasn’t a formal member of until after Biden won the nomination, his critics are quick to note — Biden’s staff felt that the narratives on social media and cable news didn’t reflect the concerns of the coalition of working-class, suburban and African American voters that ultimately powered him to the nomination and then the White House. …”

Don’t listen to these people.

Pretty much all I do these days is mock these people for my own amusement. There isn’t much else going on to cover except the trainwreck that is the Brandon administration.

It might be hard to get rid of Ron Klain though.

Klain is Joe Biden’s Jewish handler. He is the guy in charge in the White House.

Daily Mail:

“Everyone agrees that the man who messed up negotiations with Manchin so badly was Ron Klain, who managed to convert the prospect of a deal with Manchin into a burnt-out cinder. 

So why won’t Biden get rid of Klain and start over? 

One former Democratic Senator told me that ‘Under any similar situation in another White House, there would be a staff cleaning and the arrival of new advisers.’ 

But perhaps this is not a typical situation. 

Perhaps the staff can’t get fired if it’s more-or-less in charge of the boss. 

That’s not just idle talk. 

Biden dismissed a question at his news conference from Newsmax correspondent James Rosen asking him about a Politico/Morning Consult poll that found that 49 percent of voters don’t agree Biden is ‘mentally fit.’ …

The suspicions linger that Biden has slowed down and is increasingly reliant on aides. 

Chief among Biden whisperers is Klain, who has been blamed for giving the green light to Biden’s disastrously partisan speech in Georgia last week, in which the president compared opponents of his voting rights bill to segregationists like George Wallace and Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy during the Civil War. …”

The staff are running the White House.

This is why Joe Biden is bubbling around using words like giving speeches about “racial equity” and using terms like “Latinx” and screaming about how Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin are like Bull Connor. Biden often says that the staff gives him notes and tells him what he can say.

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  1. “Klain is Joe Biden’s Jewish handler. He is the guy in charge”:

    Not the only one. Klain’s Jewish, bourgeois parents were a building contractor and a travel agent, so we may assume he is a friend of laissez faire and an instinctive, class enemy of REAL equality. He rose in the Democratic Party ranks very quickly after graduating from law school.

  2. When I was in college, the region from Boston, MA, to Washington, DC, was known as “BOSWASH”.
    I haven’t heard the term for years, but it has a kind of implied derogatory sound, and it ought to be resurrected.

  3. Iirc, Klain was Al Gore’s Chief of Staff for eight years during Clinton’s administration, another eight years as Biden’s Chief of Staff during the Obama administration, and now he’s moved up to being POTUS in all but title. Klain is Jared Kushner with more experience.

  4. Why is there so much talk about “what will we do if Russia invades Ukraine?”
    Why does the US think it’s always about what they think, and they have to police EVERYTHING.
    Why does the US always have to take a side, in matters that are not their business”
    Why does the US always have to label one side as good and the other as bad?

    Why can’t the US mind it’s own business?
    We should be leery of this stuff, especially after invading Iraq with no weapons of mass destruction, and the destablization of Libya and other nations.

  5. This insufferable kike & all the other yids controlling Dementia Joe are doing a bang-up job. Full speed ahead.

  6. The Jews can not leads and rule. They are deficient in the “necessities” to do so. And this deficiency was place in the Jew blood by God almighty. And the only way to correct this deficiency is through Christ. Without Christ who so ever desires to lead and rule will turn into a disastrous failure. Trump-Kushner , Biden-Klain in this regard are identical.

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