When Motives Aren’t Hidden . . .

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, there was a debate over showing violent footage on television. It might provoke anger against Muslims. The National Interest ran an article last September 12 saying that there had been too much media coverage, and it drove Americans into an “angry,” warlike mood.

Most people understand that showing people violent acts against their own people will make them angry. The media provoke moral panics about certain events to promote a storyline. This creates the moral climate in which people understand future events. Journalists downplay other events, often more important or interesting, if they don’t fit the storyline.

Here’s how it works. Last week, a black immigrant, Winston Glynn (pictured above), murdered Burger King employee Kristal Bayron-Nieves, a Puerto Rican. You could call her a white Hispanic. Mr. Glynn isn’t ashamed for what he did. When reporters took pictures as he was being moved out of a police building, he screamed, “F*ck you all!” adding, “Where’s our reparations for four hundred years of f*cking slavery?” Hispanic onlookers cursed him in Spanish. Mr. Glynn shouted back that this would start a race war between blacks and Hispanics. “America is gonna burn!” he yelled.

It’s already burning, partially because Mr. Glynn’s opinions are mainstream. Some states and localities are already paying reparations to blacks, and many congressional Democrats like the idea. While few political leaders would openly endorse “burning” America, the policies that have helped unleash the current crime wave were considered crazy not long ago.

Some District Attorneys are deliberately not prosecuting certain crimes. It was President Donald Trump, whom some journalists called a “white nationalist,” who signed a bill that let prisoners out early. Winston Glynn was on the street because his lengthy criminal record evidently wasn’t serious enough for him to be held in jail for very long. That record included death threats, weapons offenses, and a fight.

The case of Winston Glynn and Kristal Bayron-Nieves hasn’t had much attention. It  may have been in the news only because the victim was Hispanic and her family was willing to denounce the suspect.

You may recall Tess Majors. She was a white teenager and an aspiring journalist/musician. A group of black teenagers, two under age 18, robbed her. One then stabbed her to death. A court just gave him the minimum sentence. There is little public outrage or speculation about whether they killed her because she was white. The parents cried, and that was the end of that.

In Los Angeles, Shawn Laval Smith, a black man, stabbed Brianna Kupfer to death. She was working alone in a furniture store when he walked in and Kupfer texted a friend that he was “giving her a bad vibe.” Her “profiling” was correct. Mr. Smith’s criminal record is so long that his mug shots, taken after crimes committed coast-to-coast, could make a short movie if you showed them in sequence.

A Los Angeles prosecutor blamed current District Attorney George Gascon’s liberal policies for this and other crimes. Yet there is no Kupfer “movement”like the one that sprang up for George Floyd. Terrible policies lead to her death, but George Gascon probably doesn’t need to worry about re-election. He certainly won’t be demonized like Derek Chauvin.

Sometimes, a case can go either way. Earlier this week, a hostage-taking at a synagogue seemed to be the biggest story in the world. A gunman took several Jews hostage, including the rabbi. This was like the 2018 Tree of Life synagogue shooting by Robert Bowers. After that case, media organizations lavished attention on Bowers’s political views and the social media he used. Some even blamed President Donald Trump for the attack.  The attack became a political event.

In the more recent case, no one was killed except the gunman. The Independent called him a “British man from Blackburn.” In fact, Malik Faisal Akram isthe son of Pakistani immigrants. British intelligence monitored him because of his radical Islamic views. He was on an MI5 “watch list,” but American border security let him in. This is a minor political scandal, but hasn’t created moral outrage among most journalists, and thus, the public.

The suspect’s motives aren’t of much interest. The Jewish Chronicle obtained his last phone call to his brother. His brother tries to talk him out of violence and the suspect essentially calls his brother a coward, unwilling to fight for Allah. Akram demanded the release of an al-Qaeda affiliate and swore to bring “the war” to America. Interestingly, despite being a “British citizen,” he makes a clear distinction between “their countries” and “our countries.” He memorably “asked” his brother:

They come into our f*cking countries, rape our women and f*ck our kids and we can’t come in their countries and f*ck with them?

The media call him a “British man.” He didn’t see himself as one. This case doesn’t fit with the Biden Administration obsession with white “domestic terrorists.” The suspect’s failed jihadism hasn’t spawned a campaign for a renewed fight against Islamic terrorism.

The Waukesha Massacre is also not of much interest anymore, if it ever was. Suspect Darrell Brooks urged violence against whites, but this isn’t being treated as a hate crime.  There’s no media hysteria over what may have “radicalized” Mr. Brooks. The answer would be the dominant media culture.

Mr. Brooks’s rap songs, including an anti-white tribute to Malcolm X, are still on YouTube. His Malcolm X song is also on Soundcloud. “F*ck Donald Trump,” he says, after a lengthy excerpt from Malcolm X. He raps a list of charges against America about ghettos, the unwillingness of whites to talk about race, and whether there is a “small town somewhere hanging n*ggers.” Maybe that was going through his mind when he drove through Waukesha.

Mr. Brooks’s views are conventional. “Let’s face the fact that my people really built this nation,” he raps, “after you [whites] stole it from the natives, you [whites] the truest haters.” He’s more restrained than Brittney Cooper. This is the mainstream view.

Mr. Brooks may be a little confused. The famous photograph of Malcolm X holding a gun was originally directed against the Nation of Islam. However, Mr. Brooks’s seems to think it is a symbol of black militancy, and brandishing guns is that “Malcolm X Sh*t.” This is what Malcolm X represents to many blacks. He has streets named for him in several cities.

There are other homicides in which there may have been a racial motive, but not one was interested.

  • In 2015, black journalist Vester Lee Flanagan killed two co-workers on air. He tweeted that one of the victims had made “racist comments.” He also sent a rambling manifesto that vaguely blamed racism and homophobia.
  • In May 2020, during the height of the Black Lives Matter hysteria, black man Sheldon Francis shot two white octogenarians visiting their son’s grave. He was reportedly worried about COVID-19 and had set up a tent in the woods with weapons and body armor. This was the best the police could offer as a motive. The murder took place just after the Ahmaud Arbery killing. There was some online gossip that he may have posted messages about it on social media, but I haven’t seen any confirmed. The media weren’t interested.
  • Last year, a Kenyan illegal immigrant, Billy Chemirmir, went on trial for killing more than a dozen elderly victims, overwhelmingly whites (no blacks I can see). The case ended in a mistrial, leaving the victims’ families “devastated.” One juror reportedly would not change his vote, no matter what. The case involving what could be one of the biggest serial killers in history drew little interest.

“If it bleeds, it leads,” they say, but I suspect there will be no movies, television shows, public campaigns for new legislation, or public sympathy for the victims’ families. These cases had no media significance and thus no political significance.

From innocent women butchered at their workplace to a mass cull of elderly whites by a foreign sociopath, America is full of terrors. In many of these stories, there is an undercurrent of black racial resentment against whites. In Waukesha, it was open and obvious. In other cases, it wasn’t investigated.

Journalists don’t want to investigate or talk much about certain criminals’ motives. Crimes are hyped if they’re useful, dropped if they’re not. These cases shock us, but to the media they are less important than “micro-aggressions.” A “Karen” who calls the police on a black birdwatcher stirs more moral outrage than a black man who murders a white woman in cold blood.

First published on American Renaissance on January 21, 2022.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. @ the crimes being committed daily, in this country against white Americans, is truly sickening, the stats speak for themselves, the hatred against our people is satanic, too do the things these beast do, you cannot help but conclude, they are demonically possessed, I happen too like animals, so let’s not compare these fiends with animals, I really wonder, what the outcome would be, if the news stream, was saturated with stories about our people, being robbed, beaten, set on fire, in their own homes, our seniors preyed upon, our children attacked daily in america’s wonderful public school system, our women defiled, I could go on, but I don’t need too, we have the honest right, too point our finger, in accusation also, I am so sick of our people being attacked and even sicker, is how we so quickly, forget them, we need to speak up and remind our enemies 24/7 , we forget nothing………

    • The Jews are INFINITELY smarter than the white American rabble. That’s evident.
      It’s really no surprise that the white American elites serve the Jews because what are the alternatives?

      • The kikes have maintained more of their tribalism than Whites have. Whites do not consciously care specifically for their own people. I know who my people are, but they are destroying themselves.

      • @ Slava “STENCH”, you reflect badly upon your people, you come across as very uncouth, is that the result of a vodka and cabbage diet? as long as there is one southern man alive in this country, we will better than you…..

    • “if the news stream, was saturated with stories about our people”

      The very reason we need WHITE media.


  2. This will only end in bad ways for these morons. As people can they will leave these areas to live in safety. Father away from these urban areas, people are armed and not in the mood to be patient with stupid people killing innocent people. And no one cares what the media thinks out here. The media is burning its cred faster than a jet on afterburner burns it fuel

  3. The black on White murders will only increase because the politicians have made it easy for them to avoid jail or get very little bail. These animals only take advantage of the 2nd,3rd,4th, 5th, etc. chances they get due to weakness of the justice system that panders to them because of muh racism.

    • “made it easy for them to avoid jail or get very little bail”

      You mean, like the cannibalization of Andrea Blankenship ?
      Isn’t diversity worth having some of your women savagely knifed to death, then cooked for lunch? C’mon, what’s a murder here or there or an occasional torture rape to enjoy the diversity of multiculturalism.

    • @Dart,

      Good point.

      Did you see the video of the cozy exchange between Jonathan “Nosferatu” Greenblatt and FBI Director Wray? It could not have been more obvious who the bureau is in employ.

  4. It’s a paradox that negro music once was called “soul music.” Look at the negro’s “windows to the soul.” Why do you see? Nothing. They are soulless dead eyes like those of sharks. No ‘sky daddy’ can tame their malevolent, low impulse, violent Homo erectus disposition and urges.

    • November,

      I told a lot of people about this incident. The fury is intense. We will not forget. Some said he should be worked on with knives. I receive news from this website not readily available elsewhere.

      • Watch out. “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X

        Re: “Mr. Brooks may be a little confused. The famous photograph of Malcolm X holding a gun was originally directed against the Nation of Islam. However, Mr. Brooks’s seems to think it is a symbol of black militancy (…) This is what Malcolm X represents to many blacks”:

        Yes, Brooks is confused. Malcolm X called for separation of the races, separate spaces or territories, not integration with interracial competition and conflict. He gloried in his race and opposed all Black-with-White miscegenation, He said “Negroes weaken themselves by mixing (their genes) with Whites.” He was a Black nationalist with socialist leanings.

        “Just as a tree without roots is dead, a people without history or cultural roots also becomes a dead people.” – Malcolm X

      • Cristina,

        As you have written several times in the past on OD, Mexicans already distrust blacks with good reason.

        In my day to day life, I know some “Hispanics,” and none of them like negros. Surprisingly, some of the are Red Pulled on the JQ/JP, but not on the autistic level that I and others are.

        Growing up I knew some Japanese-Americans, and they too were wary around blacks. It would have been an unforgivable dishonor to their family to date or marry a negro.

  5. good analysis of our Jew’d legal/media system, calculated to sic niggers on Whites.

    as to the (((Kupfer))), though,

    it got hoist by its own sword.

    • Jews have a long history of tossing their own non-elites under the bus. One would think events like Kupfer’s murder would cause more of them to break the omerta and resist. Very, very few do this. Most remain obedient to the ADL, etc. The free money is obviously worth it to them.

  6. It’s like letting cockroaches and termites into your home, just to be nice…then complaining when they wreak havoc and destroy your home. Why most Americans can’t see that this is what is being done, is beyond me. But then, in my daily life, I run across really dumb or selfish whites.

    • Read some sportsball forums if you have the stomach. They worship these beasts. A lot of these “whites” would gladly hand over their wives, sisters, and daughters.

      • Yep, it’s disgusting.
        The media is complicit in this, they stuff nggr ball down the audiences throat.
        I wonder (((who)) puts this emphasis on the programming ?

  7. I don’t want to hear anymore bitching about „violent accelerationists“ as long as these crimes are constantly being commited against us. Blood begets blood.

  8. Tessa Majors wasn’t robbed. No 115 pound female or person would fight three teen males over a trivial sum of money.

    She was targeted for being an anglo. The Jewish media is lying in concert with the Jewish-run NYPD.

    • ” The Jewish media is lying”

      NEVER !
      They would never distort reality to serve thier own devious agendas.

  9. “but hasn’t created moral outrage among most journalists, and thus, the public.”

    The very reason I endlessly harp on the need to support WHITE media.

    • @Arrian,

      Eric Striker’s National Justice and Media 2 Rise are the only ones we have. That being said, they both do a terrific job if getting stories that matter to us out. Their problem is a lack of publicity.

  10. It does have an severe effect on white psychology, even for normies crossing the street to avoid passing a black man. The problem is we expect visceral armed marches of whites storming the ghettos in revenge killings over 1 white girl killed at her job…. not ever going to happen. Some problems need to be addressed, quietly.

  11. The irony of a black who is an immigrant ranting about slavery in America. Where is he from? Was his family directly affected? In any case, we’ve more than made amends for it. And don’t we pay for it every day in one way or another?!

  12. ” not in the mood to be patient with stupid people killing innocent people”

    I don’t know why.

    Stupid WHITES have been tolerating it for 60 yrs.

  13. We’ve tried for over 30 + years to get English speaking, poor and working class Black Americans to take our side against massive, low skilled Hispanic immigration/migration invasions – it’s just common sense that Black A Americans now should think and act like Booker T Washington and resist mass, low skill immigration that hurts Black workers. But we haven’t had much, any success. Blacks still vote identitarian and hate White people. Anything we’re against, like resisting massive low skilled Latino and Muslim immigration they’re for it.


    They hate us.

    So far mass immigration hasn’t effective Black political power. The anti White Jewish media/Democrats still favor Blacks in all politics, affirmative action. Jewish power puppet masters like Chicago’s David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, hard left Communists Js like Bill Ayers took a completely unknown half Black African with an Islamic name and made him 2 term President of the United States.

    Now there is some rumblings in California, Texas and even here in Chicago that Hispanics want to challenge Black political dominance and that Hispanic are as sick as everyone else with Black murder and mayhem, BLM riots etc.

    The only group that violently resisting BLM riots and looking here in Chicago was the Hispanic gang the Latin Kings and they did a very good job, took to the streets, stopped cars trying to invade their neighborhoods.

    My recommendation is to now take the Hispanic side and try to find Whiter Hispanics, same as we did with other once marginalized groups like Sicilian Italians.

    We should run White sports starts, White actor celebrities like John Wayne that married Latinas. John Wayne’s Grand daughters are very beautiful and very White.

    Just finessed openly anti Black politics, but yeah, do dog whistles like the Willie Horton advert.

    Run on the 3 Cs

    Crime (Black Crime)
    Corruption (Black corruption)
    CRT Critical Race Theory

    Richard Nixon’s Law and order campaign won him the highest Black support of any GOP in my life time.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      I liked your article a lot. Sooner or later our numbers will make a difference. Your enemies are my enemies.

        • Some people just don’t get it, that whites come in a lot of shades. The most skin shades, the most shades of eye and hair color, etc. They try to divide up Europeans. I’ve seen where they go after the northern Euros, for the whole ancient Asian influx, hence the Samis, Hungarians, etc., but these were sooo long ago. Even Russia, which we think of as white, has the Slavics, but also the Asian/White mixes (think Brezhnev). It’s so divisive.

      • Why are there so many White gentiles that claim to be intelligent so absolutely ignorant about European ethnicities?

    • @Jaye ryan Most blacks don’t work. No matter what, they will still get a check every month. That’s WHY they don’t care.
      As far as Hispanics (or Latinos or Chicanos) defending their neighborhoods…you praise them, but you DO realize that whites are not allowed to do this. If armed whites had stopped cars from going into our neighborhoods, they’d be in prison. So it’s not a matter of wanting to do something. Duh.

  14. And folks, just run candidates that have strong local, ethnic appeal. Armenian Americans in California elected a GOP Armenian American governor in the 1980s. He won against a heavily favored Black Democrat mayor of LA Tom Bradley. All the polls said Bradley would win, all the media champion the first Black Democrat governor of California. Hispanics, Asians and Armenian Americans wouldn’t tell pollsters they wouldn’t vote for a Black guy but they wouldn’t.

    California Conservatives were fools, cucks for trying to run a decent Black Republican Larry Elder as the GOP Governor candidate. Blacks are now less then 5% of the population of California. Conservatives or just whites could have run a White celebrity married to a Mexican pop singer – sure winner.

  15. Who are some of the worst haters of all who have been teaching/inciting this whole nation to despise and want to physically attack Whites? And these “elites” get paid high salaries, write plenty of these one-sided practically “pulp-fiction” books for extra money and basically live on Twitter and have fun all day long doing all this crap.

    Why of course these bad guys are all these “lovable” decadent left-wing university “professors” who engage in historical revisionism and cast white people in the worst light possible and try to give Blacks all the ammunition and justification they need to want to try to slaughter us. (Tearing down our monuments is just an appetizer.)

    If all universities except technical (non-political) institutions could all be defunded/banned and shut down for good, this would go a long way in helping restore this nation. These are training grounds and “safe-zones” for Antifa/BLM/Anarchists/etc who if they get their way would make the white race extinct.

    One man in particular stands out among the others in trying to tear down Southern whites is Adam H. Domby.

    Dr Domby is the one who as a grad student discovered and had published facts from a speech by Julian Carr at the dedication ceremony of a Confederate memorial known as “Silent Sam”. Carr makes “racist” statements not even as bad Abraham Lincoln made and tells a story about whipping a black girl who had insulted a white lady close to the very spot of the dedication and this article by Domby eventually led to Silent Sam being pulled down by a violent mob of Antifa and other left-wing radicals and some dedications to Carr himself being threatened/removed.

    Of course Domby being the “fair-minded” “balanced” “historian” that he “is” (isn’t) somehow never mentions that Julian Carr, although he fought for the Confederacy and was very pro-White he was probably the best friend in his era that the Blacks had. And this is documented. Take a look at this.

    Southern statesmanship must always be appraised in its relation to our colored citizens. In this respect the General met the test. I quote the views of as good an authority as can be found, President James E. Shepard of the North Carolina College for Negroes at Durham, North Carolina:

    “In all my dealings with General Carr and knowledge of his kind actions, I have never known the first time for him to fail to give to any enterprise which he thought would benefit the colored people or to lend his influence in their behalf.

    “Soon after the war ended between the States, when the higher education of the Negro was not popular, General Carr selected Prof. W. G. Pearson to go to Shaw University and fit himself as a teacher. He agreed to pay all the expenses. Professor Pearson went, received his degree there, and became principal of the graded school in the city. Afterwards he became principal of the high school and for 50 years served the city of Durham. The Board of Education named their largest elementary school after Pearson. This was indeed vision and it was one of the best investments General Carr made.

    “When the National Religious Training School and Chatauqua was first established, which was afterwards to become the North Carolina College for Negroes, General Carr became chairman of the board of trustees. He put his time and money into the effort to establish that institution, and no call upon him was ever made in vain. I have known scores and scores of colored people who were the recipients of his kindness and generosity. I, too, was a recipient of the same. I never knew a cause, as stated above, to be in vain. I have never known a colored person too poor or ignorant who went to General Carr for assistance who did not receive the same.”

    — Excerpt from “General Julian S. Carr, greathearted citizen; addresses and addenda of centennial observance of his birth, Durham, North Carolina, October 12, 1945. Ed., with a foreword, by C. Sylvester Green.”


    Here is a podcast back in Nov 2020 by Phil Leigh who made a request to Adam Domby to be to be interviewed on his YouTube channel to discuss Domby’s attack book on the South — The False Cause. Domby apparently did not respond. (Yesterday — 09/08/2021 — on Domby’s Twitter acct, he tweeted showing an image of the Lee statue separated at the waist and pulled into two pieces with comment, “I feel like I just found the cover photo for the second edition of #TheFalseCause?”


    Phil Leigh:
    While watching a seventy-minute interview with Professor Adam Domby about his book, The False Cause, I was surprised at the number of errors, biased interpretations and even endorsement of “extralegal” conduct by anti-statue mobs. The False Cause focuses on Civil War and Reconstruction memory, particularly involving Confederate memorials.

    First, and foremost, Domby erroneously proclaims that the signature Confederate statues erected in Southern courthouse squares between 1900 and 1920 were chiefly installed to celebrate white supremacy. In truth, they were erected because the old soldiers were fading away. The typical surviving Confederate veteran was aged 60 in 1900 and 80 in 1920. Moreover, memorials for both Federal and Confederate soldiers surged during the war’s semicentennial from 1911 to 1915. Additionally, prior to 1900 the postbellum South was too poor to fund many memorials. Even in 1900 the region’s per capita income was only half the national average. Finally, after the sons of Confederate veterans eagerly joined the military to help win the 1898 Spanish-American War, Union veterans realized that their former rivals were also Americans who deserved their own memorials.

    Second, Domby wrongly singles-out Southerners as racist without mentioning Northern racism. Consider, for example, the widespread obsession with defeating black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson.

    Johnson became the first black to hold the title in 1908. Since most white boxing fans were outraged that a black had become champion, promoters searched for a white boxer to beat Johnson. In 1910 they matched him against previous champion Jim Jeffries who had earlier retired undefeated. San Francisco novelist Jack London had summoned The Great White Hope, “Jim Jeffries must now emerge from his Alfalfa farm and remove that golden smile from Jack Johnson’s face. Jeff, it’s up to you. The White Man must be rescued.”

    The bout attracted unprecedented attention. Led by The New York Times, the mainstream press was hostile toward blacks: “If the black man wins, thousands and thousands of his ignorant brothers will misinterpret his victory as justifying claims to much more than mere physical equality with their white neighbors.” After Johnson won the fight, race riots erupted in New York, Washington, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Omaha, Columbus, St. Louis and Wilmington, Delaware.

    It took boxing promoters another five years to find a white fighter, Jess Willard, to beat the aging Johnson in 1915. When his victory was displayed on a bulletin board updated by telegraph in New York’s financial district the roar from the streets “would have done credit to a Presidential victory,” according to the New York Tribune. “For a moment the air was filled with hats and newspapers. Respectable businessmen pounded their unknown neighbors on the back” and acted like gleeful children.

    Third, Domby sarcastically disparages the fighting qualities of the Confederate soldier. He suggests that the Civil War would have lasted far longer than four years if Southern warriors were any good. He’s merely repeating a common but flawed analysis taught by academics. America’s Revolutionary War, they argue, lasted eight years, which was twice as long as the Civil War. But that remark overlooks the relative casualties.

    Soldier deaths during the Revolutionary War totaled 25,000, which was 1% of the population. In contrast, at least 300,000 Confederate soldiers died during the Civil War, which was about 5% of the available white population. (Assuming a larger 400,000 Northern soldiers died during the Civil War their loss ratio would have been only 1.8%.) Thus, the Confederate death ratio was five times the rate of the Revolutionary War in half the time. Such casualties were unsustainable. If America were to engage in a war today and endure the same proportional losses, the number of dead soldiers would total nearly 17 million.

    Fourth, to support his assertion that Confederate statues are “all about” white supremacy Domby referred to businessman Julian Carr’s speech at the 1913 Silent Sam statue dedication at North Carolina University. Carr notoriously boasted of whipping a black woman shortly after the War as punishment for insulting a white woman. In the telling of the story Domby makes a number of ommissions and misrepresentations.

    First, his claim that Carr was the most prominent speaker is dubious. There were five others including the state’s governor and the university’s president. None made racist remarks, nor are there any such words engraved into the statue.

    Second, although the nineteen-year-old Carr’s racist incident is indefensible, Domby fails to explain that he later became a major benefactor to blacks. His was among the first Southern textile mills to employ blacks in production work as opposed to maintenance. His donations to black education included the North Carolina College for Negroes, presently known as North Carolina Central University (NCCU). The school’s black founder praised Carr:

    I have never known the first time for him to fail to give to any enterprise which he thought would benefit the colored people or to lend his influence in their behalf. . . I have known scores and scores of colored people who were the recipients of his kindness and generosity. . . I have never known a colored person too poor or ignorant who went to General Carr for assistance who did not receive the same.

    Third, Carr also helped black educator William Gaston Pearson who was born a slave in 1858 and worked as a youth at the Carr Factory. Carr recognized his potential and financed his education at Shaw University where Pearson graduated in 1886 at age 28. Thereafter, Pearson began teaching in Durham. In 1922 he became principal of Durham’s Hillside Park High School. In 1931, Hillside was accredited by the Southern Association of Secondary School and Colleges, a major achievement for a black high school during the Great Depression. Pearson also made other business, religious, and educational contributions to the Durham community.

    Even if, for purposes of argument, it is assumed that Southerners seceded for slavery, it is not the reason they fought. The North could have let the first seven cotton states secede in peace but instead chose to coerce them back into the Union. Thus, they fought to protect their homeland from invasion. As historian William C. Davis put it,

    The widespread Northern myth that Confederates went to the battlefield to perpetuate slavery is just that, a myth. Their letters and diaries, in the tens of thousands, reveal again and again that they fought because their Southern homeland was invaded. . .

    Fifth, Domby excuses such present acts as mob destruction of Confederate memorials by explaining that any laws protecting them justify that opponents use so-called extra-legal means to demolish them. Since “extra-legal” is merely a euphemism for illegal, Domby’s argument is the same as the one the Ku Klux Klan used. The Klan argued their extra-legal conduct was necessitated by the ironclad control of the voting apparatus of Carpetbag regimes. Even though he condemned the KKK, South Carolina’s last Carpetbag governor (Daniel Chamberlain) considered it a predictable result:

    No excuse can be framed for its outrages, but its causes were plain . . . It flourished where corruption . . . had climbed into power and withered where the reverse was the case. What is certain is that a people of force, pride, and intelligence [when] driven to choose between [temporary] violence and lawlessness and [permanent] misrule will infallibly choose the former.

    In his farewell address to the Massachusetts legislature in January 1866, Republican Governor John Andrew warned that Reconstruction should require no humiliation in the South and that it should ally with “the natural leaders” of the region. He prophetically explained that if such men were not taken in as friends, they would resume their leadership as enemies. Republican Reconstruction architects Thaddeus Stevens and Oliver Morton ignored Andrew’s advice.

    Chamberlain ultimately concluded that Radical Reconstruction was born of sinister motives, cruelly exploited Southern blacks and was destined to die of its own inadequacies. In retrospect he was certain “there was no possibility of securing good government in South Carolina through Republican influences. . . The vast preponderance of ignorance . . . in that party, aside from downright dishonesty, made it impossible.” The blacks, he felt, were egregiously abused. “Race was used as the tool of heartless partisan leaders.” Blacks were “mercilessly exploited for the benefit of a political [Republican] party, and heartlessly abandoned when the scheme had failed.”

    Sixth, Domby makes the common mistake of citing the Declaration of Causes for secession of such states as Mississippi and South Carolina as so-called proof that the Civil War was all about slavery. Yet he ignores the sectional conflicts that are revealed by comparing the constitutions of the CSA and USA.

    Unlike the Federal Constitution, the Confederacy’s did not permit protective tariffs. Southerners were ahead of their time in recognizing the benefits of Worldwide free trade. They also outlawed public works spending, which were instead to be financed by the states themselves. Since Southerners disliked crony capitalism their constitution prohibited subsidies for private industry, which were arguably allowed under the “general welfare” clause of the Federal Constitution.

    The Confederate Constitution only permitted spending for military defense, repayment of national debt, and the operating costs of the Central Government, not pork barrel spending. In order to further discourage pork spending the President was given a line item veto and bills were normally introduced to Congress by the executive branch. If Congress originated a bill it would need a two-thirds majority to pass as opposed to a simple majority for one proposed by the President. Although her constitution authorized one, the Confederacy never formed a Supreme Court. As a creature of the Federal Government, Confederate leaders, their parents and ancestors had observed that the U. S. Supreme Court tended to make rulings that increasingly concentrated power in the Central Government, which was contrary to the South’s tradition favoring states’ rights.

    Seventh, even though Domby states, “Anytime you have someone trying to prevent a topic from being debated, it is a sign they are on the losing side” he never responded to my request to be interviewed on this YouTube channel.

    In sum, Domby’s interview by the Avery Research Center suggests that his research merely follows the predetermined conclusion of cloistered academics regarding the reasons for Confederate memorials. Presumably his only purpose was to find evidence that the statues were erected to celebrate and enforce white supremacy, particularly up to 1920. But given the wartime loss ratios noted earlier, only a cynic could reach such a conclusion. To repeat for emphasis, if America were to fight a war today with the same loss ratio as the Confederates, our soldier deaths would total about 17 million. Nobody can doubt that 30 years later the families would badly want to build memorials to both the dead and survivors before they faded away.

    And historical revisionist Adam H. Domby made these “balanced” observations about General Stonewall Jackson when his statue was removed in Richmond, VA

    Adam H. Domby – Jul 1 [2020]
    There goes Jackson…not quite like a Stonewall…more like a flying statue…


    Adam H. Domby – Jul 1 [2020]
    Today we finally find out how hard it is to displace Jackson. Will he still be standing there like a stonewall by nightfall?


    Adam H. Domby – Jul 1 [2020]
    Little known fact, the full quote by Barnard Bee at Bull Run was “There stands Jackson like a stonewall…a stonewall about to be hit by a wrecking ball.”


    I am not 100% positive but I think I saw some place that Dr Domby just happens to be a Jew. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • The worthless evil professors (parish priesthood of Church of Woke) will not cease until the regime collapses and they are defunded altogether. Don’t expect to Gay Old Pedobears to do this. They have never once defunded the edumacational racket, which starts in kindergarten and extends through greaduate school. They couldn’t even abolish the Dept. of Edumaction. The one thing useful to keep in mind when the house of economic cards finally collapses is that these bastards are generally very soft targets. They tend to be well off also, so they can be striped of assets as well.

  16. The only reason the Majors murder made the news at all is that she was a good white (born and raised in the progressive hothouse of Charlottesville, attended private school there, supported and encouraged suppression of the bad whites, and was young and pretty) and her father had some pull within the system (professor at multiple universities and a published author multiple times). As a good white this was not supposed to happen. She was insulated from all that. Does ANYONE here wonder at all why there were no violent Burn, Loot, Murder protests in Charlottesville? Why is there no calls for the police department there to be defunded? The good whites there won’t allow it because it’s bad for property values and things. Pfft…let them cry. They asked for this, supported and encouraged it, and voted for it. The satisfaction of seeing these people hoisted on their own petard and getting it good and hard is very satisfying. I fully expect the groids to give these Charlottesville good whites a real taste of their criminal disfunction. They’ve been given the green light in multiple cities to loot as much as they are able to carry off and there’s not much left that is bad white to attack within the city limits or Albemarle County. The only thing that might stop it is the massive tentacles the deep state have sunk there.

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