Brian Stelter: Two-Faced FOX Stars Are In Denial About 1/6

No one cares!



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  1. Stelter looks like someone that has a diaper fetish. Probably pays prostitutes to spank him and change his diapers.

  2. FOX “STARS” is a term that I also use. Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, et al are not real journalists who search out and report the truth. They are celebrities, skilled entertainers selling to millions of fans. Fox stars play to a slightly different fan base than the stars of most of the other channels, but the propaganda of all stars and all channels supports the same system. Don’t be surprised when Tucker Calrson, for example, tells you exactly what you want to hear. A feast of delicious truths may be offered to entice you to swallow one crucial lie – not that there is any grand, conscious conspiracy to disinform you, but it is only how the news industry naturally and logically works, in the private profit system.

  3. Lol Brian Stelter’s show is so unpopular that CNN has him present his special reports on Don Lemon’s slightly less unpopular show

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