Antony Blinken Warns Russians

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was all over coastal media this morning.

In spite of what you may have heard, we’re all united behind Joe Biden when it comes to standing up to Vladimir Putin and going to war with Russia over this Ukraine thing. We trust the foreign policy establishment now. We support sending thousands of American troops, warships and aircraft to Russia’s border. We’re not going to be humiliated again by Russia like we were by the Taliban. The American people have absolute confidence in Joe’s leadership, competence and stamina after the way he has handled COVID, Afghanistan, inflation, the border, the supply chain crisis, etc.

Note: Germany and NATO have our back on this.

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  1. They SURELY can’t be stupid enough to embroil us in a hot war with Russia?

    Let BLM, Antifa and the pervert trannies and homos go fight for Washington. I beez chillin’ out max in ma crib wit ma fam, yo.

  2. NATO is finished once the NordStream2 opens. And the Germans need that gas. So why does Russia invade?

      • Roight Banned! But he’s toned it down since Martin Ferris & co. paid him a visit…

      • I am doing Gods work. Evil must be condemned, and you and your blood are evil for hating the innocent, Christ killer. Repent or face the wrath of God, the hour is closer than you think Mick.

        • OK RB, you attack Whites and leave the impression that you are NOT a White yourself. Are you following me?

          Now come clean and tell us your race and ethnic group or mixtures honestly.


  3. Germany needs to get their gold back from the USZOG, drop out of the EU and NATO, start printing Marks, and sign a treaty with Russia, officially ending WWII. France will soon follow. suit.

    This is what USZOG really fears. An official and legal end to WWII. East Germany threatened the West with signing a peace treaty with the Soviets, on several occasions. Which wrankled Washington and London, at the time.

    NATO is how the Washington-London wannabe one world government controls Europe, and especially, keeps Germany from being a White country again. Without the vague, implied threat of Anglo-American nuclear weapons, Europe would begin reversing the mud flood. The Anglo-Americans can’t afford an end to NATO and the EU. It would be the end of them as a World power.

    An alliance between Germany and Russia would be invincible. The power in the West would shift from the Washington-London axis, to Berlin-Moscow. Just as in the East, it’s already shifting to Beijing-Hong Kong-Tokyo.

    The Chinese are menacing Australia, for instance. They want Australia and her natural resources. The Australians don’t have any confidence in Joe Biden or the U.S. to come to their aid, or help hold Australia for the West.

    Back to Europe;

    Look for the Visegrád Countries, adjacent to Ukraine, to block any overland movement of U.S. heavy maneuver elements into Ukraine. And for Germany to quietly decline to participate. Poland is the only country east of Germany that has any real enthusiasm for NATO, and for war with Russia.

    Like the Southern and Western States, the Europeans haf to get rid of Yankeedom, in order for peace, liberty and prosperity to flourish, and in order for them to get their countries back. And they know it. All of them. Even many in the U.K.

    January 01, 2100, USZOG won’t even be a bad memory.

    MAJA- Make America Jeffersonian Again.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

      • @anonymous

        “The Chinese are menacing Australia”:


        Poor choice of words on my part. They’re attempting to destroy Australia’s economy.

        Economic warfare.

      • Looks like the Australians are menacing Australia. I didn’t see any Chinese police in the footage of anti-lockdown protestors being beaten.

        • Australia is one of the “Five Eyes” menacing China. It is still controlled by the UK and US. It tried to be independent once, but that problem was corrected and it is a loyal ally (puppet) in the U.S.’s hybrid war on China.

  4. The USA need Russian light crude to mix with heavy crude, since much of the light crude from fracking is gone, and Europe needs Russian gas now, since NS2 was postponed from sanctions.

    Russia thus have Europe and the USA by the balls, so Globohomo make a fuss about the Ukraine to hide their own incompetence.

  5. Unless the U.S. has some sort of technological edge that isn’t apparent, or the Russians back down, I can’t see this ending well for our experimental military and its toothless NATO allies, if there is actual fighting with Russia. Maybe that’s for the best.

    On a side note, I was around a bunch of military people over the weekend, and to hear a colonel quote the movie “Dodgeball” repeatedly and say how funny it is, is alarming. Maybe he is very serious and competent on the job, but his off the job personality doesn’t inspire confidence.

    • Re: “our experimental military and its toothless NATO allies”:

      “We have the nukes and we are not afraid to use them. We’ve been waiting a long time to use them again.”

      • look on the “bright” side. US ZOGsters nuke Russia, Russia


        Jew York
        (((Miami Beach)))…..(but only if Anna K. is visiting relatives in Russia)
        St. Louis
        Portland and
        Seattle. Thus

        solving all of ‘Murka’s (((problems))).

        • Just ONE “Tsar Bomba” Russian hydrogen bomb releases ten times the explosive power of all the conventional bombs used by both sides in World War Two. One large hydrogen bomb is more than enough to obliterate any of the cities you list, along with their suburbs and some nearby cities. One detonated over Hiroshima would cause third degree burns to exposed skin not just around the suburbs of Hiroshima, but over most of southern Japan, and it would break windows all over North and South Korea and as far as Okinawa. One detonated over Los Angeles could destroy or burn much of southern California and break windows as far as San Francisco, Phoenix and the southern tip of Baja California. If detonated far enough above ground level it could destroy unprotected electronic infrastructure over much of the western United States. People live in denial of what nukes can do.

          • Tsar Bomba was retired a long time ago. The item that will be deployed against the coastal areas of US (and its EUSSR satrapy) is an even larger weapon known as Poseidon. Supposedly it is 200 megatons and designed to create a highly radioactive tsunami 1500 meters high (over 4500 feet). A tsunami even half the claimed size would definitely wash the NYC and DC areas of all the resident trash in short order. Russia allegedly has around 35-50 of these which can be deployed the motherland is hit by nukes from the Rotten Banana Empire, its Zionist operator and the pathetic Cuck Island which still dreams of empire – despite inundation by Pakis and negroes. The east and west coasts of the USSA would be wiped out, probably gulf coast as well, plus the coasts of Israel, UK, EU, and other toadies of the empire. It’s what is known in Russian as the ‘mertvye rukho’ (dead hand) with one last pull on the trigger.

    • The people I know who have recently been in the military are an overall unimpressive bunch.

  6. “Antony Blinken Warns Russians”

    And they’re laughing at him, because they live in the 21st Century, and Blinken is stuck in 1984, watching Red Dawn on a continuous loop.

  7. When Stalin was starving millions of Ukrainians to death no one in the West cared, What is more urgent now worth risking WWIII?

    • “Stalin was starving millions of Ukrainians to death”;

      There was widespread starvation in southwest Russia (Ukraine) in 1932-33, and there had been MANY starving times under the Tsars. But “Holodomor” (“killing by hunger”) is a myth. Read accurate history! Khrushchev, one of Those who would have been purged if Stalin lived longer, lied about Stalin without evidence. The resurgence of the Jewish Element after Stalin’s death (or murder) was revisionist, backing away from socialism at the 19ith Party Congress in 1952, leading to the creation of a bureaucratic elite, and the long, slow bureaucratic ossification of the USSR. Brezhnev and his successors Andropov and Chernenko tried to halt the process. But after them came Gorbachev, who betrayed his country for his personal vanity, for the pleasure of his well-stroked ego, and Boris Yeltsin concluded the deal. In the 1990’s under capitalism there was more starvation in the Ukraine and ALL of Russia, and this time the people did not have the care of their state coming to feed them, and the Russian birth rate plummeted and the population of Russia DECLINED, precipitously, through the 1990s.

        • The Berlin Wall went up not to confine Germans but to preserve socialism, protecting Germans from exploitation by the other (capitalist) half of the city. The two systems are no more compatible than two different races trying to occupy the same territory. All borders must be guarded, even fortified, as long as the old system, which is still extremely rich, extremely strong and globally-predominant, is trying to exterminate the new one. You think the Empire is peaceful and “free trade” is beneficial and therefore the borders of independent, unoccupied Korea (DPRK) should be opened-up, don’t you? No. Korea is a war economy; it is constantly at war, and cannot “open up” to the enemy. The old system “knows” it is inferior and doomed but it intends to survive, so it is constantly attacking the new one.

          • I was in Berlin a few years ago and I stood in what used to be called the “kill zone”. The only people I know of that recommend or apologize for communism never had to live under it. Communism is an evil, hateful religion and you’re a True Believer.

        • I understand that Mike Huckabee is hawking an “education” packet that “teaches children to recognise socialism and why socialism doesn’t work.”

          “I stood in what used to be called the kill zone”:

          I’m not excusing shooting some of those who were determined to leave, but don’t forget that violent apprehension or shooting also happens to common criminals, scofflaws, and husbands who abandon their children and wives, who try to escape the U.S. The imperial “homeland” allows some people to enter it much more easily than it allows some to leave.

          By the way, have you ever stood in any of the Empire’s kill zones? How about Yemen? It’s happening right now.

          “The only people I know of that recommend or apologize for communism never had to live under it”:

          Many interviews of ordinary Germans and Russians who lived in both systems reveal the majority have a deep appreciation and longing (not just nostalgia) for socialism, even though the socialism that they experienced was really a war economy (fighting to survive in the cold war, that never stopped until socialism was betrayed from within), revisionist (losing its vision, since Khruschev, to relentless Western propaganda), vitiated with creeping capitalism (“opening up”), and ossified with unnecessary bureaucracy run by a bureaucratic elite.

      • You’re wrong – they also engineered famine in Kazakhstan. Krushchev admitted privately that he himself was “up to his elbows in blood”.

        • I see you are amplifying some of the propaganda used for the recently-failed Kazakhstan colour revolution, trying to stir up fear and anger in ethnic Kazakhs against Russians.

          Yes, crooked Khrushchev may well have been involved in the radical internationalist (Trotskyist) element’s often deliberate mismanagement of grain requisition and collectivisation. in Kazakhstan and in Ukraine. There was never a plan and there were no orders coming from the top to exteminate any groups, not even the rich Kulaks and Bais who resisted. When Stalin and other Russian leaders became aware of the mayhem that was being caused by the radicals (often deliberately, for political reasons to create chaos to embarrass Stalin and take over power) efforts were made to distriubute food and repatriate the Kazakhs who had fled from the starving areas.

          It was not the first time that a mass starvation occurred in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but it was the last time. Kazakhstan has been relatively a success story ever since, and the U.S. wants to change that to failure and chaos.

          Also bear in mind that much of the starvation was caused by Kazakhs fighting among themselves, the rich taking from the poor. The counter-revolution (civil war aided by the U.S. and other outside forces) had only recently been defeated, and many parts of what was the Russian Empire were still devastated by the fighting, and some areas (including Kazakhstan) knew very little about socialism.

          Also remember: Millions of innocent people starved to death in India during World War Two, when Britain took their grain by force. Churchill was well aware of what would happen. It was not India’s last famine either! Equality and food justice came to Kazakhstan but not to India:

  8. Morning fellow slaves. The swamp wants to annex southern Syria. Look up the owners of Genie energy. I suspect the rest is theater.

    • The U.S. also occupies northwestern Syria where the oil fields are. The U.S. is finishing an oil refinery to process the oil it steals from the Syrian people.

      Israel intends to annex parts of southwest Syria and southern Lebanon. It “needs” the water supply, resources and lebensraum for the rapidly growing settler population.

      ISIS is alive and well in Syria and Iraq, and now also in Afghanistan and Central Asia. Barbarism is not just ancient history, Barbarism is happening now.

      • 18 years ago, my cousin helped build a highway from Iraq to Syria, which ended abruptly at the Syrian border. Seems like they were planning for something.

        • Yes in the beginning, Syria foolishly helped the U.S. attack Iraq. Syria was already on the list of nations to be destroyed. Sharing a border with the constantly expanding Zionist settler state guarantees conflict with the U.S.

  9. The powerful Jewish military authority Alexander Vindman told MSNBC this war is definitely underway, and will be the biggest war since World War Two: “These things are already moving. It’s almost certain this is going to occur, and now is the time to take those last-minute steps… (Nato is) almost locked into a course of action (…) we’re about to have the largest war in Europe since WW2. There’s going to be a massive deployment of air power, long-range artillery, cruise missiles, things that we haven’t seen unfold on the European landscape more than 80 years, and it is not going to be a clean or sterile environment.”

    Up to 50,000 U.S. troops may be deployed to Europe initially, and it appears that all of the U.S.’s NATO members and NATO-connected states (such as Colombia, Brazil, Sweden, Australia) are sending troops or otherwise assisting.

    Trustworthy sources reported last week that U.S. mercenaries brought chemical weapons into Ukraine several weeks ago, and “coincidentally” for weeks U.S. mainstream media has been predicting that a “Russian false flag” is about to occur in Ukraine. But we know it will be a U.S. false flag, designed to demonize Russia and blame it for starting the war. This false flag could be the CIA’s, and Mossad’s, and MI6’s greatest propaganda masterpiece to date – correcting all the mistakes that were made with the “White Helmets” chemical weapons attack false flags in Syria, by using much better false documentation, and much more believable false eyewitnesses – and the professional “journalists” of mainstream media, from the New York Times on down, have been fully prepared for weeks and they are eager to run with it.

    The U.S. is moving its forces into position ALL around Russia, including the Arctic far north on the border with Norway, where operation “Cold Response 2022” involving 35,000 land, naval and air forces from the U.S., and Norway and 24 other U.S. satellites is already beginning.

    On the other hand, there might never be a hot war with Russia. Blinkensteen, Vindman, Victoria Nuland et al, may just be putting on a big warmongering show, and nothing worse will come of it than temporarily distracting common people in the U.S. “homeland” from thinking about their increasing impoverishment under late-stage, mature capitalism. Behind the scenes a compromise may be working out with Russia allowing the U.S. to save face and Russia appear to have been intimidated and backed down.

    Even if there is no hot war, the Empire (aka the Global Hegemon) will never end its cold, hybrid war against Russia. It will keep threatening, demonizing, blockading and sanctioning, and waiting for the deadly poison of capitalist “morality” that it injected into Russia in the 1990’s (and earlier) to do its work, when all the older generation that remembers socialism has died off. Well, that’s my glass-is-half-empty pessimistic comment for today.

  10. Anthony Blinken’s allegiance is only to Jew-only-Israel….

    Anthony Blinken is waging (((…..)))nocidal warfare against:

    1)‘Slavic Christian Russia


    2)The Native Born White American Working Class Christian Historical Majority

    There is nothing else to say…

  11. “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values, Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”
    –Vladimir Putin

  12. @ mister Putin,.has always been polite and well mannered, we all know, how bad it really is, Confederate America, has no quarrel with him, we denounce satanic war piggery…….

  13. None of all these loudmouthed kike usurper scum like Blinken speaks for me. He & they are not my countrymen, and never will be.

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