MSNBC: Florida GOP Priority: Protect White People’s Feelings

My guess is that this is a legislative response to the huge surge in White racial anxiety that is showing up in nationwide polls. The GOP base has warmed up and Republican politicians are catching up with them. The woke shit and COVID authoritarianism is what is resonating with their base.

Who was it who said that these woke black professionals were suicidal? I think it was Charles Murray in his most recent book. There are so vastly more of us than them. If the White man woke up one day, got angry and ceased being intimidated by mere words like racism and said “no” to these people and asserted himself for once, well, that would be the end. We’re being held down by invisible chains.

They’ve leaned on the moral capital of the Civil Rights Movement for so long that they have come to take for granted that Whites will always remain passive and servile. The world will always continue to revolve around them and defer to them. They act like this is a permanent state of affairs.

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  1. Good article, I’ve thought the same. They’ve pushed the whole “racist” thing way too far. Of course, it’s paid out for them handsomely, but now, whites aren’t doing so well economically. Jobs don’t pay as much, college costs more, and inflation is really bad. When someone wants your piece of bread, why should you give it to them?

  2. This whole line of attack is patently absurd. As if white feelings are more easily hurt than black feelings. No race on earth has taken as much abuse as whites over the last fifty years – and whites took most of it with a smile. In contrast, nwords initiate Cat 5 chimpouts over one little word misspoken. How the fuck did anyone ever take these retarded apes seriously in the first place?

  3. When was the last time Biden or Ron Klain went on the Charlamagne Tha Gods program? Why is it always Kamala doing the outreach to black voters? I will tell you why, the Jews and the Irish running things hate blacks and only use black voters to attain power.

    ….and the thing is blacks are starting to catch on.

  4. The US govt has been protecting blacks feeling for decades, it’s long past due our feelings and grievances are recognized. It not for Whites, these parasites wouldn’t have a nation to exploit.

  5. This is the truth. There was this strange assumption that attitudes that whites from the 50 60 years ago had would always be the same. Decades of affirmative action, quotas, incessant crime and social problems, special programs for blacks, constant whining and complaining, fult tripping etc,etc, its wearing out, and its about time. Time for the black community to finally just plain grow up. I really do want blacks to succeed, but we can’t do it for them.

    • Shadowbass: Time for the black community to finally just plain grow up. I really do want blacks to succeed, but we can’t do it for them.

      That ain’t never going to happen, and all White altruism towards blacks is misplaced. Anybody with eyes to see should understand that blacks hate Whites. It’s been right out in the open for decades, while at the same time Whites have foolishly bent over backwards to lift up blacks and to help them to succeed, and even after years of rioting and BLM, they still are bending over backwards. Blacks have never even assimilated into White society because their real goal, and that of the jews who have empowered and enabled blacks and other nonwhites, is to take over and destroy it.

  6. The woke shit and COVID authoritarianism is what is resonating with their base.

    Yeah but you said (more than once) that you thought Trump’s response to COVID, meaning presumably he wasn’t ‘authoritarian’ enough (?), was one of the things that cost him votes among Whites, and therefore the election — right? — now you want to say too much ‘COVID authoritarianism’ is ‘resonating’ with the same people?

    It seems you need to get your story straight.

    For anyone who watches, what companies advertise on MSNBC?

    • It is 2022, not 2020.

      There was a brief window to stop the virus like China and other countries had done. The window closed years ago. Also, it is not even the same strain of the virus which is circulating now.

      • It is 2022, you’re right.

        And people that were sounding the alarm loud and clear about how all of this was being overblown cynically to hurt Trump and justify the curtailment of civil liberties of Whites from the beginning, by people including you, are still trying in earnest to dig us back out of the hole thats been dug with your help, (even if its small because of the limited reach of this blog).

        Turning around the sentiment of an entire population after they’ve been stampeded by cynical fucking propaganda by craven leftist fucks that are now in power, or by people on our OWN side who should have known better is a MAMMOTH task.

        You helped with this.

        Millions of people from libertarians to moderates to milquetoast conservatives and Nationalists have been holding the line, pushing back across the media sphere in the EXACT information war you are now finally getting back on the right side of.

        I don’t really want to hear from you or anyone how its current year and its no big deal anymore. Covid was NEVER a big deal. People made it into the gayop it has become for selfish and misguided reasons (albeit different ones).

        I’ve got zero plan to stop grinding this axe until I have all of my freedoms back, am not being pressured on fear of losing my job if I don’t get boosters, can go anywhere I want without a cuck muzzle on and am no longer being targeted as a domestic extremist for calling out the coverup of better more effective treatments for the few people that actually need them than these vaccines being shilled for profiteers.

        I was right. People like me were right all along.

        Once I get all of the above back I intend for this colossal over reach and mass gaslighting to be turned around and weaponized like a stake in the heart of anybody that shilled this bullshit for any reason.

        People must learn there are consequences for faggotry. I don’t care what the collateral damage is on the dissident side. Everybody that was on the wrong side should feel the heat.

        There are MILLIONS of White people that are reaching the same conclusion all across meatspace. Folks are tired of shouldering the consequences for the cynical bullshit being shoveled by “intellectuals” across the spectrum.

        No one is immune to the backlash. Nobody gets to sit on the sidelines and pretend they didn’t have an opinion so are above the fray.

        I don’t care if its you or Brian Stelter. Everyone should be held accountable for their bullshit.

        Its no less a standard than I’ve held anybody else to. Andrew Anglin, TRS, Cantwell, Spencer, Grindr Greg. None of them have been given less scrutiny.

        Either cop to your part in the faggotry or knock off the condescending tone. You don’t sit on the highground on this, at all and there’s alot of work to do to break even in my opinion.

        Wanna ban me? Do it. Go ahead and do it.

        You’re out of line dude.

        • Yes.

          It is 2022.

          In retrospect, we can look back on COVID and say:

          1.) Actually, it was a real virus, which conspiratards fiercely denied even existed at the time. I’ve had the virus. My wife has had it now. My father has had it twice now. My son has had it. My brother has had it. My sister-in-law, brother-in-law, uncles, cousins have all had it. I’m still not sure if my grandmother died from it in December 2020. But yes, it was real and pretty much everyone has had it now.

          2.) Conspiratards also said that everyone who works in or with hospitals – doctors, nurses, EMTs – including the county coroner were all part of a massive conspiracy that spanned the entire globe to get Trump in the 2020 election. All were in on the plot to pretend that COVID exists. Remember, conspiratards were certain that COVID wasn’t a real virus, but it was real, and it was the flu.

          3.) There was a small window at the outset of the pandemic in early 2020 to stop the virus. It could have been done. China succeeded in doing this and controlling it and stopping the spread of it. The original SARS virus had been stopped as well before it spiraled and spread out of control. Trump failed to stop the virus and took the blame for it and lost the election because he was focused on the stock market. He also generally monitored everything anyway including the lockdowns and riots.

          4.) From the beginning, COVID has always been handled at the state and local level. I’m not sure where you live, but life returned to normal here in Alabama in May 2020, which was almost two years ago. Joe Biden attempted to push a vaccine mandate. It was blocked by the Supreme Court. Corporations are free to do whatever they want to do and can impose their own vaccine mandates.

          5.) BTW, wasn’t it your hero Donald Trump who presided over all the lockdowns and who created the vaccine? The only lockdown we had here was in April 2020 under Trump.

          6.) Once the virus took root here and established itself, there was no chance it was ever going to go away. That’s why novel viruses have to be stopped at the beginning of an outbreak. That ship had sailed by the summer of 2020.

          7.) More people died from COVID than anything else in American history. So yes, it was pretty important to stop it in the beginning because it was so infectious and disruptive than failing to do so would lead to this.

          8.) Pandemics are nothing more than natural disasters. There are usually two or three pandemics in every century. The last one was a flu pandemic in 1967. They tend to happen on schedule about every 50 years. Respiratory viruses also come in waves and over time tend to mutate into more infectious and less lethal strains. COVID has followed the trajectory of previous viruses like H1N1.

          9.) The Alpha strain of the virus took a huge toll on sick, old and fat people. The Delta strain was also nasty. Omicron attacks the throat, not the lungs, which is why it isn’t as deadly. For most people, the virus is nothing more than a cold now. The situation is getting better because after two years and billions of infections the virus is simply running its natural course.

          10.) Things which conspiratards predicted in 2020 which haven’t happened include – 2018 flu level deaths, global economic collapse into a Second Great Depression, mass starvation, forced vaccinations by the military, Trump winning the election, etc.

          11.) Why are you whining on this blog about things which have nothing to do with politics? If you are forced to wear a mask by a private business, it doesn’t matter who is president. If your state is imposing a lockdown or your city has some draconian COVID policy, that’s the fault of your neighbors or the people who live in your state. If your employer is forcing you to get vaccinated, sorry, that’s just the way the system works. Unfortunately, they have the power to do that and the Supreme Court just reaffirmed that.

          12.) One last thing … we shouldn’t underestimate the impact that conspiratards played in Trump losing the 2020 election. COVID was a real virus which everyone could see because everyone knew someone who was getting it. They also ardently believe that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump and he didn’t lose it because of COVID.

          In 2022, public opinion on COVID has changed, but that is because two years later everyone has had the virus now and it has mutated into a weaker strain and everyone is just tired of dealing with it and have finally accepted that it is never going away. It certainly does not in anyway imply that the public agrees with conspiratards that it was all a hoax and was never real in the first place.

          • I was never one of the conspiratards claiming the virus wasn’t real. I don’t recall ever or frequently encountering anybody here who was.

            This is a strawman Hunter.

            I’m at work now, but I’ll respond more indepth later.

            I wish to God Donal Trump had stuck with his gut from the outset and not done the shutdown crap and the vaccine faggotry. The fact remains he did this in reaction to the gayop, not as a precursor to it. Its a big difference. Is it his fault he took the bait? Yeah.

            Doesn’t change the fact it was a gayop, or your small part in it.

          • The Daily Stormer still pushes that line to this day that the virus isn’t real and the whole thing is a hoax. I debated Andrew Anglin at the time when the official death toll was approaching 60,000. It is now over 800,000 which makes it by far the wprst thing that has ever happened in American history. Cut away 1/4th of the death toll and it is Civil War territory

          • I admire your allowing criticism here, Hunter. I don’t have your flair or patience for writing, but I will try to elaborate a little.

            I had C average in college, however one of the subjects I got an “A” in was logic 101. You are making the same mistake here, logically speaking, that you made with your anti voter fraud position.

            Some things are mutually exclusive. I cannot be in both London and Paris at the same time. It is not humanly possible.

            Are voter fraud and losing votes from your previous base mutually exclusive? I don’t think so. I think you are right(in fact I know you are right) that Trump lost votes from previous supporters. That doesn’t mean that the democrats weren’t worried enough about the outcome of the election to pad their ballot box when there was an opportunity to do so. I saw a video that seemed to confirm this in one instance. It’s all a matter of opinion, but logically speaking, they are not mutually exclusive.

            Citing Anglin here is strawman argument because this entire message board admires you and your integrity and completely despises Anglin. You completely destroyed him when you basically wrote a series on that degenerate scum. It was beautiful and righteous.

            The virus is and was real. But you are citing the government death rate. You are citing senile Biden’s jewish money and power grubbing handlers in essence. The hospitals were paid to report covid 19 even though deaths were by other causes. I have first hand knowledge of this. My initial skepticism wasn’t even based on sorting through medical knowledge, which of course I later did. My background in finance lead me to see that money was moving around fraudulently based on this.

            Even if we can’t agree on Covid, I strongly feel that you should at least see the economic gains of the elites that you and I both despise as selfishly taking advantage of a crisis. Covid gave Biden’s jewish handlers the cover they needed to steal and loot and continue with the demonization of white people as Trump supporters. That should be a political position that we all rally around. White people are protesting all over Europe. We should embrace any opportunity to rally against the establishment. The elites always supported Covid tyranny, and we all hate the elites. Covid tryanny and white oppression are linked, Brad. I live in southern California, and I know whites have been denied covid relief. I was one of them. It actually made the news in my area. I have several hispanic friends and acquaintances who got relief money. I was denied. I got the inflation bill.

        • ISA, as you can see from his response below to your tirade, our Host is not going to admit any mistakes in analysis of the covid outbreak as to its actual impact on society. Like all of us, Bloggers have a point of view that is partially resistant to reality, because those paradigms are meant to generate comfort in a world that ultimately does not care whether we exist, much less whether we feel any joy in living.

          You could interpret Hunter’s nonchalance with other people losing their jobs over vaccine mandates or their health from a shot whose deleterious effects cannot be partially compensated for in a court of law as no better then the selfish indifference of our masters when they send us to die in a pointless war or sell regulatory or tax favors to oligarchs for fun and profit despite the harm to constituents.

          If so, that would, as you say, tend to reduce or eliminate his value as a populist observer-laughing at a person who can’t maintain their means of survival (a job) due to genuine fear of consequences in being injected with an experimental medicine indeed strikes me as anything but a man who actually cares about the powerless being crushed by the powerful.

          On the other hand, this site does contain many posts that provide insights into the socio-political flux of 2022 America, and allowing comments to essentially flow unfiltered generates further knowledge. So on balance, OD is as positive and useful in monitoring the situation as Donald Trump was in inartfully expressing inchoate truths. It is up to the rest of us to use those truths to re-form (literally) our world into a secure place for all people, not just the rich or infamous.

          • If you would like, we can always revisit the issue:

            1. In early 2020, conspiratards insisted that COVID was a hoax. They said the virus didn’t exist, but it was just the flu. They also said it was a biological weapon that had escaped from the lab in Wuhan. If I recall correctly, my position at the time was that it was a real virus and that it wasn’t the flu and that it was a serious problem and we should try to stop it and that it may or may not have escaped from the lab.

            2. In early 2020, conspiratards were absolutely certain that every hospital in the United States – every doctor, nurse, coroner – was part of a massive, worldwide global conspiracy to pretend that COVID exists to defeat Donald Trump in the election. Conspiratards were standing outside of hospitals filming people going to the emergency room with COVID in order to “debunk” the “hoax.”

            3. In early 2020, conspiratards said that the lockdowns were going to last forever. They said that the vaccine would kill millions of people. They said that the economy was going to collapse into a Second Great Depression. They said millions of people would starve to death. They also predicted that the military would round up people and go door to door and inject anti-vaxxers with the vaccine. In reality, dozens of conservative anti-vaxxer talk radio hosts have since died of COVID.

            4. Strangely enough, it was Donald Trump who presided over the creation of both the vaccine and the lockdowns. The same people who went on to vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election come here and bitch in the comment section of this website. How strange. Donald Trump’s lockdowns were the worst thing that ever happened, but you people went ahead and voted for Donald Trump anyway.

            5. Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate was killed by the Supreme Court like the eviction ban before it. It was nothing more than a political stunt. I said as much at the time and predicted the Supreme Court would strike it down.

            6. I’ve never supported vaccine mandates at any point on this website. In fact, I have opposed vaccine mandates. I personally don’t care whether people get vaccinated or not. Why? Because I don’t consider it an important issue. What sense does it make to force people to get vaccinated for a strain of the virus that is no longer in circulation? Especially when virus has mutated to evade the vaccine.

            7. Pretty much everyone in my family has had COVID at this point. My brother is vaccinated. He just got over it. My father had the Delta variant and hasn’t been the same since. My wife never got vaccinated. She got over it. I personally had the Omicron variant of the virus. Why on earth do you people obsess over the vaccine when the virus evades the vaccine anyway?

            8. Yes, it is true that people have lost their jobs over COVID. How on earth is that my fault? That’s up to private employers. Some employers require their employees to wear masks and get vaccinated while others don’t. That’s the way the law works.

            9. Do you remember the meltdown that you had here in the comments over Florida’s lockdown in early 2020? Why aren’t you whining about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis who were the ones who were in charge at the time?

            10. Two years later, COVID has killed more Americans than anything else in history. Even if you slashed the official death toll in half, more people have died from it here than died in World War II.

            Did you vote for Trump in the 2020 election? If so, why are you here complaining on this website? It was Trump whose administration created the vaccine and who supported the lockdowns along with Ron DeSantis.

          • Covid is not going away. It is the key to the kingdom of absolute power because the Supreme Court is eventually going to authorize employee mandates and other controls over workers based on public health as a rationale for eliminating both contractual and constitutional limitations on citizen coercion through the employment relationship.

            The reason that eventuality is significant is that this will allow the Leviathan federal government to run all public policy that cannot otherwise survive judicial or electoral limits through employers. We all need to eat, so that is the ultimate control mechanism over citizens, and all business exist only on the authorization of government. The desire to retain the opportunity for profit will cause employers to dance to the government’s tune.

            And once that happens, all forms of political, economic, and social sovereignty vanish. That is the significance of covid. We all will die eventually, and there are many other causes of death that are not utilized by the authoritarian apparatus (elected and appointed persons with legal authority, backed by force). Supporting the grasping of potential absolute power over citizens through the virus, backing the establishments lies that justify that power grab, was wrong.

            That is what IronicSockAccount, Eah, myself, and other commenters have been saying: all the petty disputes about covid’s origin, the proper way to reaction to that disease medically, its initial use to consolidate power, and redistribute money to the already secure, are not the point.

            Using covid for the Great Reset, the re-feudalization of modern society, is what is important. It is this point where Hunter Wallace had failed spectacularly, as has other mainstream dissidents like Sailer and Unz, among others. You all will never live that down. You best hope the mistake is not terminal.

          • Did you vote for Trump in 2020?

            The lockdowns happened under Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. The vaccine was also developed under Trump. If you have a problem with thr CDC’s power grab, why did you vote for Trump? He was the one who monitored the situation and made a fool out of himself asking whether drinking disinfectant could cure the virus

          • Hunter, not disputing what you’ve outlined here, but just admit it: in the beginning of 2020 you went full panic merchant. Have you forgotten those scary Chinese vids you’d post, with people apparently dropping dead in the streets, and the “<–YOU ARE HERE" deaths meter? It's okay to panic. It's human. No one really had a good handle on the dimensions of this thing at the time. But it's a bit much for you to "forget" your initial reaction.

          • I agree with you on that.

            The very earliest videos which were advertised as coming out of China in January and February 2020 were disinformation. And yes, you are right that I fell for that bullshit. The Chinese response to COVID was the opposite of what it was advertised as being. I have no problem admitting I was wrong about that.

            Still though, we are sitting here two years later at over 800,000 official deaths. Nothing else in American history except the Spanish Flu has come close to being as bad. The doomers won that argument. It was unquestionably one of the worst things that has ever happened even if it was a really bad flu for most people who eent through it

      • There was no window to stop it. The American elite are too foolish and incompetent to shut down entry into this country.

        • Shutting down entry as soon as human-to-human transmission of the virus was announced in 2020 might have stopped the pandemic, but sewage and blood bank samples from U.S. cities in 2019 prove that the virus was already present in the U.S. at least five months before Chinese scientists announced their discovery. Blood bank and sewage samples also prove it was present in Spain and Italy at least by October, 2019. However, just being present doesn’t mean it was spreading out of control. The earliest known form was much less transmissible than succeeding mutations.

          What was needed to stop it is a real, functioning truly public health system, that the U.S. lacks.

    • Note that DeSantis takes an even more aggressive stand supporting the redistricting of Palestinians out of existence, and he treats anti-settlement Palestine-defending BDSers even worse than pandemic disease fighters.

  7. “They’ve leaned on the moral capital of the Civil Rights Movement for so long that they have come to take for granted that Whites will always remain passive and servile.”

    That’s basically my position. It’s no longer ballsy to support civil rights. Just like it’s no longer ballsy to support a Democrat revolution against the King. They’re ignoring the real problems the average person faces every day earning a living so they can talk about old stuff.

    There are some fragile white people but I’m not fragile and I still hold that position.

  8. “Some employers require their employees to wear masks and get vaccinated while others don’t. That’s the way the law works.”

    Which is one of the many reasons this country is shit. The god damned corporations are now merely the main enforcement arm of (((Washington))): when the feds are constrained from doing a certain thing by legalese, the crony capitalist moneybags take over and abuse their coercive financial power over the atomized hoi polloi (lest the feds vengefully pull the plug on their lucrative gummint contracts) – and the Supreme Fartbags do nothing. All in the sacred name of Free Enterprise.

  9. My god he’s still leaning on official death tolls like they are gospel.

    What do you say to someone who believes what their government tells them uncritically?

    I give up. Enough of you fine folks above said everything I was going to and more, and with more grace than I could right now.

    • Thanks ISA for the presumed shout out on covid tyranny vs. political trolling. The first issue is existential. The second issue is frivolous. As I have said from the beginning, and you have expertly pointed out recently. Until the power grab is stopped, nothing else matters.

  10. I strongly support Hunter’s position on COVID and think the Daily Stormer and just Conservative White Americans are once again:

    “Never missing and opportunity to…… miss an opportunity”.

    COVID gave us, gives us the perfect excuse to end all bad POC migration, immigration, student visas. We’d have to be idiots, really stupid to miss this opportunity.

    So Chicago’s LGBT BLM mayor Beetlejuice, Soros funded, BLM District Attorney Kim Foxx won’t enforce existing laws against Black criminals car jacking everyone, organizing flash mobs to terrorize tourists and just White people in our beautiful downtown, they won’t even prosecute organized BLM looting.


    So our side in suburbs and neighborhoods we dominate should shift the focus to proof of COVID vaccinations, proof these punks, gang bangers don’t have COVID or just the flu. Yeah, that would be “Profiling”


    “Hey everyone, we’d just love LOVE to take millions of migrants from places like Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Central American but…..

    Because of COVID, we just can’t. We shutting down the border.

    IF the GOP Governor of Texas and the Texas Bush family won’t protect Anglos in Texas from COVID, TB, Bubonic Plague from the migrant invasions, well, we arrest them and confiscate their posh properties and put the most diseased, COVID, TB, Bubonic plague migrants in with them and their families.

    Jewish Israeli nationalists do effective things like this to punish the few (Visiting American) Jews who enable 3rd world migrants.

    Everything sensible and effective J Israeli Nationalists do in Israel to promote/protect their people, I say we should do the same.

    At least Trump talked about building the wall, clamping down on crime.

    But it’s the same old, same old American Libertarian, Constitutionalists, GUNS, GUNS GUNS mindset that says all government is bad, everything is a conspiracy.

    Like we don’t need a border patrol or a national army to defend our nation.

    Yep, never miss and opportunity to…. miss an opportunity.

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