Damon Linker: America’s Hyperbole Habit Is The Worst Thing Ever

Excellent article from Damon Linker.

Personally, I have accepted that these are just the times that we live in. The world probably won’t be ending anytime soon. Instead of trying to fight it, I try to roll with it and wake up every day to enjoy the hysteria and the inflated political rhetoric and mock it for my own amusement.

The Week:

“Have you heard the news about the imminent end of American democracy?

The president of the United States has been talking about it — how the country has embraced Jim Crow 2.0 and the midterm elections coming up in November could be illegitimate because the Democrats’ voting rights bill went down to defeat in the Senate last week.

Republicans, meanwhile, are busy preparing for the imposition of “soft totalitarianism” on the country by woke progressives who control all of America’s elite institutions and are eager to use their immense power to ruthlessly stamp out dissent from every sphere of life.

Then, of course, there’s the danger of COVID-19, even to those who have been fully vaccinated and to children too young to receive the vaccine, necessitating continued mask mandates even in elementary schools.

Or, if you listen to the other side, vaccine mandates are apparently just like Nazism.

Don’t forget the threat of war in Eastern Europe, which could well lead to the destruction of NATO and the unraveling of the entire liberal international order.

And looming behind it all is climate change, which poses nothing less than a threat to humanity’s very existence. …

It’s as if we’ve found ourselves forced into service as participants in an experiment designed to confirm the wisdom of both “Chicken Little” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf. …”

Two weeks ago, we were on the verge of Civil War 2. Now, we are on the verge of World War III with Russia, China and Iran and possibly Great Depression II and the cataclysmic collapse of American democracy.

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  1. I used to have a subscription to The Week until I realized it was just more of the same old neo-liberal Establishment propaganda you can get from the Boston Globe, CBS News, TIME, etc.

  2. Re: amusing hyperbole:

    But there is also intelligent hyperbole, as opposed to hysterical and commercial hyperbole, that is not false “hype,” not a sales pitch, and that is either true now (rhetorically) or will become true, literally, in the future, in the long run. The Bible is full of such accurate hyperbole.

  3. No Hunter, the Civil War can come only AFTER the Big War, and only if ZOG loses. In our society only States could fight a Civil War, but not against ZOG intact.

    America is too big, too diverse to survive. The breakup is coming. When the checks and deposits that all the nonwhites live off of become worthless, it is over.

    If you have guns, buy more ammo. They are legion, and when they have no food they will be coming out of the shitties to literally eat you and your family.

    There, was that hyberbolic enough?

  4. The woke liberals and blacks are just hymies useful idiots, nothing more. The jews use the white goyim traitors/fifth columnists to help destroy healthy white nations, inside out. When this woke society collapses and complete, literal anarchy takes place, the negros and their jew masters must be forced to run for the hills. No mercy should be shown to these subhumans.

  5. Yep, the liberal (along with some conservatives’) tactic of calling everyone they don’t like “Hitler” is a complete crying wolf hyperbole. They are calling Putin him now, not really much in common other than being an autocrat, Putin is as cold as ice. Trump was endlessly called Hitler, a more apt comparison though would be with Taksin Shiniwatra, the Billionaire with Chinese blood who became prime minister of Thailand with a populist campaign against the chagrin of the Thai ruling families, was endlessly accused of plotting with China, and ultimately ousted by their deep state. Saddam was called “Hitler” as well, though he ran a two bit 3rd world country and was more a mafia thug than a demagogue. Now Desantis is being called “Hitler” by the female running for the Democratic Gov. nomination. Some of the local right wing radio hosts also get off calling Biden “Hitler” and the Maoist “woke” movement…the fourth reich. Enough hyperbole, seems also most pundits assume the American People are so dumb and uneducated they think Hitler had a monopoly on force and don’t know about a single other bad guy in history other than perhaps Bin Laden. Heck, even Napoleon has vanished down the memory hole, you heard him referenced all the time in 40’s movies and cartoons.

    • Hitler opposed the jews, but the jews are running the show now, so Hitler is the ultimate and eternal bad guy.

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