George Soros: The Puppet Master

Tucker enjoys trolling Nosferatu.

The ADL is just another partisan NGO now. Jonathan Greenblatt has been reduced to yelling at the wall inside the Acela Corridor Bubble.

Tucker Carlson:

Glenn Beck:


    • “Jewish power conspiracy is age old, but social media is finding new ways to spread it. ”
      So, now ‘antisemitism’ means anyone holding opinions contrary to those of the ADL or any jewish group.

      In effect, we are being cast as ‘opinion criminals’, committing ‘opinion crime’.

      The ADL/greensplat have commissioned themselves as opinion police.

    • Two factoids that utterly delegitimize “Nosferatu” and everyone like him…

      First, this admission: “..Anti-Semitism -it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticising Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country [the US] people are criticising Israel, then they are antisemitic.” – Shulamit Aloni, 2002 interview, Israeli former member of Parliament (cf You Tube)

      Then the utter impossibility of ANY LEGITIMACY of the [sic] Jews: “recent DNA analysis of Ashkenazic Jews – a Jewish ethnic group – revealed that their maternal line is European. It has also been found that their DNA only has 3% ancient ancestry which links them with the Eastern Mediterranean (also known as the Middle East) – namely Israel, Lebanon, parts of Syria, and western Jordan. This is the part of the world Jewish people are said to have originally come from – according to the Old Testament. But 3% is a minuscule amount, and similar to what modern Europeans as a whole share with Neanderthals.”


      The [sic] “Jews” are what they have always been- LYING, DUPICITOUS BASTARDS. They are NOT Jews. They are Turkic Khazars- as Jews like Shahak, Koestler, et al. have said they were.

  1. Soro’s real name is Schwartz. He like most jews changed their name so it wouldn’t be detected as a subversive jew. He destroyed the British pound and other currencies. These demonic jews never seem to die.

    • Communist China’s Global Times calls Soros an “economic terrorist” and “most evil person.””economic terrorist.”

      He is not well liked in Thailand either, where he once crashed the economy for a huge profit. Pursuit of gold is the opposite of the Golden Rule taught by Jesus. Sociopathy and psychopathy are said to occur at higher than normal rates among top salesman and business executives.

  2. Seeing as how Soros is a threat to public safety in a number of large metro areas in this country by his continued financial support for DA candidates who believe there is no such thing as violent crime, why can’t someone on our side bring a class action lawsuit against him as a danger to public wellbeing? This has been done to people on the alt right.

  3. But Tucky is not going to tell you why. Why is Soros doing what he is doing? Only yours truly is going to tell you why—–the Jews need their messiah, the Jews need the anti-Christ and the Jews hate, hate with a passion the innocent son of God, your lord and savior Jesus Christ, that is why. Why do they hate an innocent man who did no wrong for 2,000 years? There is only one answer, think about it.

    • As if some White-hater like yourself is some authority on Christianity and other issues related to white people. We have evidence of you attacking our white brothers. Get lost you anti-White troll.

      • I hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. I am justified and sanctified in my hatred of Irish and Jew blood by God almighty. Why do you hate the innocent Christ killer? A thousand times why, retodd.

        Do you have any idea how much like a Jew you are? The similarities are staggering. Look in the mirror, see yourself as others see you Christ killer. Why do you hate the innocent, and why are you not deserving of the wrath of God? It is coming.

        • I hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent.

          What an absolute lying anti-White joke you are!

          How many times have I asked you — “Are you a Christ killer?” You can’t even answer that simple question. Why?

          I don’t even think you are White. I see no evidence of it. Are you? I am quite sure now that you are too scared to give us an honest answer.

          • That Cardinal McCarrick really did a number on you. Did you sue for reparations Christ killer?

            You have some serious damage.

      • I am not going any where. And I am not shutting up either. Get it through your thick skull Christ killer. And learn to live with it.

        Wanna call me a racist Mick? BAHA. Have at it clown. Scream it to the wind at the top of your lungs. See if God hears you.

        • You are starting to crack.

          I repeat, you hate innocent Irish mothers … how much lower can you and your cohort demons stoop after you have been chained and cast down, Satan? Get lost, White basher!

          • Anyone White who engages in pitting Whites against Whites is doing the Anti-White’s work. If RB was just a religious nut I wouldn’t care.

          • Anyone perceived as disagreeing is “a Christ killer” or “a kike”. Pretended to know my first name, and he was as far off as one could get…the idea that he thinks he figured out who someone is, arrogantly accosts someone and just launches on a forum like this…calling other posters “kikes”…is such low form.

  4. This is reason number six million why the jewish question (jewish problem) can never be underestimated or ignored.

    If you do not think that (((they))) aren’t obsessed with White erasure, dispossession, and genocide, then you haven’t been paying attention.

    • “We haven’t forgotten about Mary Phagan, Greenblatt!”

      And the millions of others, who met that fate and worse.

  5. This is also the reason, why equal rights, universal things and independent institutions never work. When something is not under our control, it will be under enemy control.

  6. I’ve been calling this Jewish Nazism. German Nazism took place last century. In this century, it’s the Jews who are the nazis.

    • They were always the “Nazis”. That’s really what a large part of Naziism was…..a reaction against jewish behavior, throwing the jews’ intentions back in their face, and putting our own tribe first.

  7. Bills of Attainder are forbidden by the Constitution, otherwise Schwartz Gyorgi, George Soros, would be a poster-child for one.

    He is waging anomic war against this country, his Open Society organizations being delivery systems, his money being anomic bombs.

  8. You are busy undermining or destroying your host, yet you can’t understand why your host grows to hate you? Not a historical first.

  9. There is now “talk” of GOP populists naming George Soros as the main financier funding the hated BLM District Attorneys destroying San Francisco, New York City, Minneapolis and here in Chicago (BLM Kim Foxx).

    But so far, as usual, it’s been just talk.

    The ADL – Greenblatt or whatever that Nosferatu J’s name is has put the word out that anybody including Tucker Carlson that names George Soros as “the enemy” will have their career/life destroyed.

    I note that successful Hungarian populist Victor Orban did make George Soros THE ENEMY and used effective street posters of Soros as the Star Wars Evil Emperor – they look and act like twins.

    Who’s going to be the first to take this needed step?

  10. Tucker has it sort of wrong. Soros is not “anti-American” or anything like that. He is an ardent American imperialist. It’s just that imperial interests do not line up with the interests of imperial subjects (e.g. American citizens, White Americans, Black Americans, Europeans under NATO, etc.).

    Ironically, Tucker is carrying water for Soros and his ilk when he uses his show to agitate against China.

    • Ironically, Tucker is carrying water for Soros and his ilk when he uses his show to agitate against China.

      Yes. Xi is not our enemy. There are obviously elements within China who are allied with Kang Nosferfatu, but Xi is rooting them out. Xi’s policies are closer to Huey Long’s than many here realize. Very interesting character. Carlson views China as a monolith. It’s not. Xi represents a profound change of direction from his predecessors, clearly on board with Globo-Pedo.

      • I don’t know how Carlson himself views China, but he presents a false view of China on his show. He is constantly playing to his gullible My Pillow target audience.

        Your last sentence sounds like Xi is clearly on board with, but you meant “his predecessors, who were clearly on board with.” China is punishing Globo-Pedo now.

        “policies are closer to Huey Long’s than many here realize”:

        Yes, Xi’s Prosperity for all sounds like Huey Long’s “Share the Wealth.” Billionaires created along China’s “capitalist roads to a socialist destination” are being ordered to share the wealth, or else. “Or else” means that two or more billionaires are being executed (capital punishment) for excessive greed and corruption in China each year.

  11. The first time I was ever accused of antisemitism was when I honestly asked why didn’t the Jews show up to work on the morning of 911 at the WTC. I got no answer. Church officials of the last church organization I was ever associated with (almost 30 years ago I left almost a decade before 911) brushed off questions like that as being antisemitic. Refused to even answer the question and yet the founder of that very church was the type that would dig down and get the real story no matter where the truth led to.

    I hope we can have a news media one day that will openly and honestly report the truth and will not have special classes of “untouchables” like this corrupt news media today.

    • @banned

      If not for the collection plate,.modern churches would tell you “go get F’d”.
      They don’t care about you.

      • Modern seminaries are more like business schools. The “church” business model is the opposite of real Christianity.

        Roman Catholic monasticism was also a business model. The “church” owned about half of the best, useable land in Europe, and the “noble” class the other half.

  12. HW,

    I believe you’re incorrect in labeling the ADL as “just another partisan NGO ” I cannot think of any other domestic NGO that has the FBI do their will at their beck and call to do their bidding.

    • “I cannot think of any other domestic NGO that has the FBI”

      Many NGOs operating abroad are connected to (essentially fronts for) U.S. intelligence services and Mossad and MI6, and the U.S. is bound to be using them soon to manage its own “homeland” population.

  13. Carlson & the Hungarians are of course very careful to avow that their opposition to Soros has nothing – NOTHING! – to do with his being a kike, but his own son has made it crystal clear that everything the old shittah does is because of his kikery.

    The eye-rolling spectacle of prominent “goyim” farting in their haste to deny what jooze boast of must at long last come to an end. Away with this truth-avoiding quick-step once & for all.

  14. Glenn Beck “exposing” George Soros is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Soros exposure distracts attention from the System that Beck serves, that needs to be exposed much more than Soros and Beck need to be. See the forest, the big picture.

    The biggest picture of all is that God is in control, and Soros, Beck and all of us are human, subject to the influence of greed and other sins, but on the other hand by God’s grace we are redeemable if we choose the good.

    As the Founder of Philadelphia and the “New Wales” Welsh Quaker colony said, “Let us then try what love can do to mend a broken world.”

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