Henry Olsen: Democrats Could Get Blown Out Even Worse Than 2021

Yes, this is important.

Brandon’s approval rating has dived even further since the 2021 elections. Jack Ciattarelli could have won in New Jersey with a little stronger backlash.

Washington Post:

“Consider these facts: Biden won the 2020 popular vote by 4.5 percentage points, but on election day 2021, his net job approval rating on the RealClearPolitics polling average was negative 8 points, a 12.5-point swing in about a year. That’s eerily similar to shifts seen in state contests. Youngkin won by 2 points, a 12-point swing from Biden’s 10.1 point win the year before. Murphy won by 3.2 points, but a 12.7-point drop from Biden’s winning margin. …

And it could be even worse. Biden currently has a negative 14.4-point job approval rating on the RealClearPolitics average, a massive 18.9-point shift from 2020. If the 2021 trend holds firm and Biden doesn’t improve those numbers — and historical analysis from Inside Elections guru Nathan L. Gonzales suggests that’s unlikely — every Democrat in a district or state that he won by less than that amount could be seriously threatened. That includes seven Democratic senators up for reelection in 2022 — including Colorado’s Michael F. Bennet and Oregon’s Ron Wyden. Even Washington’s Patty Murray, already facing a well-funded challenger in Republican Tiffany Smiley, hails from a state Biden won by a bit more than 19 points. A 2021-style clean sweep on current polling data would give the GOP 57 Senate seats, more than any time since after the 1920 election. House Democrats could be looking at a loss of 60 members or more. …”

“Latinx” voters and suburban women outright say their lives have become worse off since Joe Biden has become president. You don’t see headlines like that every day under a sitting Democratic president.


  1. As long as we have the two party oligarch, nothing will ever change for the better. It will keep going back and forth from centrist to left.

    The GOP is never going redefine itself to pro-White stances and Anti-Israel stances.

    The Democrats of today are not the Dixiecrat’s on the 50s 60’s and even the early 70s and never will be on the side of the White majority.

    • We had one party oligarchy in Soviet Union and we managed to bring it down.

      Electing or sending new people in the system will break well oiled machine . Even if all new people are cucks or communists, they are still new people, they do not know each other, they do not trust each other, they never worked together and all this causes mess and impotency in the hostile organization.

      Soviet Union communist party was destroyed this way. Serious things need trust. When you need massive corruption, political murder or other important things, you can not just call random new employee. You need your old time tested Swamp Thing .

      So when someone manages to kick your Swamp Buddy out of office, your most hardcore repression or string pulling methods are gone. Thins is how regimes are taken off. By destroying trust in the system.

    • >As long as we have the two party oligarch, nothing will ever change for the better. It will keep going back and forth from centrist to left.
      The environmentalists got their will in this system, as both sides ended up needing green votes to win, and the same will happen (is happening) when enough voters go pro-white from all the cuckery.
      The only way for the Democrats to turn this is to stop being anti-white, and that will force the cuckservatives in a pro-white direction, etc, etc.

  2. The poll results are even more devastating when you scroll down on the RealClear site and compare each poll to its earlier iteration, from one month prior, two months prior, etc. ALL of them show further slippage, not by massive leaps at a time, but by a steady drip-drip of 1-2 points per month, occasionally more. If that continues, yeesh, Dems are looking at going below the 40 seat minimum in the Senate to stop Reps from passing any legislation they choose.

  3. I’m very pleased with the new governor of Virginia’s performance in office so far. But will he do anything about protecting Confederate war monuments? It’s kind of important, since 60% of the battles in the Civil War were fought in that state.

    • The problem are the people who taking down the monuments.

      So best way to defend monuments is making rules and regulations what will cause financial burden and misery in liberal folk, so they do not have the time and energy and resources to loot white heritage. Losing liberal jobs forces also anti white filth to move out.

      It is very boring. Bureaucrats sitting in the offices and making regulations what will destroy jobs for people with liberal arts education. No flags or music or patriotic speeches or barricades. Just bureaucracy.

      Invisible but effective. Putin and Orban winning .because they destroyed the liberal income sources. No jobs for professional managers, people with psychiatric disorders, people with soft education and so on.

      Here we go back to the local Government. Nazis must run into offices and regulate liberal jobs away. Our municipality does not need this manager or clerk or public relation or whatever soft education job.

      Russian laws are worse than American ones. So when new State Security law emerged, it was so huge that nobody could read it. This law had more words than all Dostoyevsky books together.

      But there was one small and important point. Security clearance shall not given to people with close relatives abroad.

      Well, most Jews had. So this tiny regulation wiped entire Jewry out of Russian State system and USA lost it’s entire spy network. So Crimea and Syria came as total surprises. This is what bureaucracy can do.

      • Interesting, Tovarich Juri. Get rid of all those useless Affirmative Action positions at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and the liberal troublemakers who held them will be forced to grow up and find REAL work in the REAL world!

  4. Spawn- Youngkin has started well, with his CRT ban. But UNLESS he makes this ban institution-wide, including all Community Colleges, Private four-year colleges, and all STATE colleges and Universities, by FIRING ALL GODLESS BOLSHEVIKS, it’s a nothing burger.

    • Agreed. Additionally, there should be some kind of pre-employment test given to determine the applicant’s character or political ideology.

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