Dumb and Dumber Press Conference

I don’t know about you, but I have said for years now that I have complete confidence in these two to face down a real crisis. Just look at all of those medals on Milley’s chest.


  1. Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley and last but not least “Rear’ 4 star admiral Rachel(nee’ Robert”) Levine have made our military the laughingstock of the world- nations are lining up for the opportunity to fight us now that the liberals have reduced the U. S. military to a punchline for jokes. An military full of Lesbians , transsexuals and other weird-ohs is a bad joke.

    • I wonder if General Milley consulted with his Chinese Army General buddy on what was appropriate to say and / or do?

    • The insanity of this abomi-nation will eventually be exposed, one way or another. A real nation will deliver a bad defeat, or it will collapse from the idiocy.

    • Love to see Cheeph Silverback and the two trannies flouncing onto the shores of Crimea in rainbow dresses, tripping over their high-heels. Russian defenders would be utterly paralyzed – with spasms of laughter. Peak Clown-World. Ooo-raah!! (Honk-Honk).

  2. When the power goes out the real fun starts. Lies don’t matter when nobody has tv or internet to receive them.

    • Russia has tied one its hands behind its back: Even after the disastrous 1990’s, most Russians still believe and Putin still believes, in The Magic of the Free Market.

      • Free Market = when Jews print and control the currency and ban all competing forms of legal tender.

      • Apparently, Putin is a trainee of Satan Klaus. See here. This explains quite a bit actually. So, either he has turned away from Schwab’s Davos (Satanic) ideals or he’s there to play a part in the plans of Satan Klaus, Soros, & Co. Was Xi trained by Schwab as well? After all, he did nothing to stop the DS release of the bio-weapon in Wuhan, nor has exposed the bad actors like Fauci, Collins, et al here in Murika. Langan is very interesting.

  3. Glad to see Austin has recovered from his battle with the deadly viral pathogen that for some weird reason the vaccine didn’t prevent from infecting him — he’s another one of our indispensable Platinum Americans™.

    >the Ukraine crisis

    But as one comment noted (link), there is no ‘Ukraine crisis’ — instead, ‘our warmongering elites are pure evil’ — that’s the crisis.

  4. One was promoted up the ranks because of his color and the other is should be in jail for his ties to the Chinese military.

  5. The U.S. is playing a passive-aggressive psychological game. After boasting, strutting and crowing and threatening and surrounding the borders of Russia, the U.S. and its puppet the comedian Zelensky are suddenly preaching peace and diplomacy, claiming that Russia is “surrounding” when the U.S. and its satellites are surrounding Russia. The Global Hegemon cries out as it strikes you.

    The U.S. population WANTS imperialism (endless war, hot, cold and hybrid) because they know it brings home the wealth of nations, and some of the the unearned, stolen wealth trickles down to the commons. Selfish Americans don’t care one bit about loss of tens of millions of innocent lives around the world including Russia caused by imperialism. They are willing to believe, easily manipulated to believe, whatever bad things mainstream media and much of independent alternative media tell them they should believe about Russia. Russia is evil, Russia will always be the communist enemy. It represents even more than China the memory (and reality) of real socialism that really worked, and that memory must be once and for all utterly, completely obliterated.

    Russia is resisting the U.S. with one hand tied behind its back because it accepted capitalism in 1992. The people were raped and pillaged all through the 90’s; millions fled the country; life expectancy, birth rates and population plummeted; and the plutocrats responsible still remain free, and many are still in power. Putin’s “nationalist” populism, like all populisms, is a mere emporary reform. Capitalism has taken one step back in preparation for two steps forward in the near future unless many more Russian people wake up soon.

    • Most Americans, even the brain-dead ones do not want endless wars or imperialism. The people who control America need endless wars and imperialism so they can hold their positions.

      The rank and file only care about their bread and circuses.

      • I agree the rank and file don’t consciously want it or directly demand it, but they do like it, and they want all the treasure it brings “home.”

        • It really does not bring treasure home. What treasure was gained by anyone except elites from Afghanistan and Iraq, to name two multi-trillion dollar sinkholes? Maybe some folks with jobs at Raytheon or Boeing got to keep their jobs (for the time being) rather than see them shipped off to China or some cheaper place. (((Wall Street))) will order even MIC corporations to offshore – and pay congress to re-write the laws so they can.

        • The only “treasure” these wars bring is brown refugees. No middle-class American gains one thing from these bullshit affairs.

          • Imperialism brings treasure to the ‘homeland” – to the elites primarily and some trickles down, World War 2 being the best example. The U.S. population loves the wars, at least the successful wars, and the global hegemony, and the humiliation of the foreign victims.

    • “Real socialism that really worked”? Every country snared into the USSR suffered Russification. The collapse of the USSR should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind regarding what “real socialism” will get you. Russia’s elites, like America’s elites are thieves. The socialism that exists is exclusively shared by both countries’ poor and hungry.

      • The so-called collapse was mostly a betrayal, treason. It never had to be. Read accurate history of the time. Decades of bureaucratic ossification with a post-Stalin bureaucratic elite, endless Cold War, arms race, boycotting and sanctions, and relentless Western media propaganda about the superiority of capitalism finally caused many to begin to believe the propaganda. In the 90’s they learned the truth by experience, but the younger generations have no experience.

    • The U.S. is determined to have at least some armed conflict in Ukraine as an excuse to stop the Nordstream pipeline delivering Russian natural gas to Germany and Western Europe. “President Joe Biden reiterated the corny cliche that the United States had a “sacred duty” to defend European allies from alleged Russian aggression. What Biden really meant to invoke was a sacred duty to pursue U.S. imperial interests, uppermost of which is to scupper the giant oil and gas commerce between Russia and Europe. Doing so would greatly profit America’s energy industries as well as propping up the American dollar as an international reserve currency (…) What became clear this week is that the U.S. policy of confrontation and tensions with Russia is about finding a suitable cover for the American sabotaging of Germany’s and Europe’s energy trade with Russia. Without the pretext of confrontation with Russia that American sabotage amounts to criminal aggression”:

      Re: “Russia is resisting the U.S. with one hand tied behind its back because it accepted capitalism in 1992. The people were raped and pillaged all through the 90’s; millions fled the country; life expectancy, birth rates and population plummeted; and the plutocrats responsible still remain free, and many are still in power. Putin’s “nationalist” populism, like all populisms, is a mere temporary reform”:

      I know that Russia’s troubles did not begin suddenly with the treason/betrayal from within by Gorbachev and Yeltsin. The process of revision/counterrevolution (aka “reform” and “opening-up”) began decades earlier with Khruschev after the death of Stalin. In China, the process really began in Mao’s last years and it accelerated rapidly during Deng’s term when “Everyone Get Rich.” Leonid Brezhnev tried to slow or reverse the process of “reform” in Russia in the 1960s-80’s, like Xi is apparently trying to do now in China. China today is a mostly-capitalist independent nationalist state with a thin veneer of socialism, led by one party that still ostensibly adheres to socialist principles while it continues to “use” capitalism to reach “a socialist destination.”

      If the disease continues to take its course, with its ups and downs, both of these once-socialist nations are doomed and the Global Hegemon will finally prevail. Populism offers only a reprieve or temporary improvement, like an ineffective chemotherapy or antibiotic, or a placebo, whereas successful revolution is like achieving full natural immunity.

    • Others present the optimistic view (I think they’re wrong) that Putin and Xi are making real progress against global Oligarchy:

      “Assumed to be another corrupt aspiring Oligarch, Vladimir Putin was not opposed by the west when he ran for the Russian presidency. Putin insinuated that it would be ‘business as usual’ if he became president, that was sufficient reassurance for the West and he was elected Russian president in 2000. However, it transpired that Vlad was neither corrupt nor an aspiring Oligarch, he was in fact a fiercely patriotic Russian nationalist who despised what the West had done to Russia and was determined to reverse it. Of specific ire were the Russian traitors who had so callously raped the Russian economy and impoverished its already blighted people. Putin summoned the eighteen most prominent Oligarchs and laid down the law. They could keep a portion of their ill-gotten gains, but they would pay tax, and they would not influence or interfere with the political process. Many took it onboard and fled Russia for the safe, Oligarch-friendly haven of London and stayed out of Russian affairs. Not all however, Mikhail Khodorkovsky continued to meddle, and Putin, true to his word, put him in jail. Putin had fooled the West and taken back Russia for the Russian people, and the West hasn’t forgiven him and since then Russia has been subject to every trick in the playbook of revenge capitalism. Under Putin, Russia has regained its status as a great power. His popularity with the Russian people is due to their understanding of the forces he is battling. China, while enjoying its spectacular rise from the ashes of its western-imposed “century of shame’ has been fighting the same forces of “money power” as Putin’s Russia. Jack Ma, the head of mega tech conglomerate Alibaba discovered how seriously China is on the subject. Just prior to Alibaba’s long anticipated IPO, Jack felt emboldened enough to criticise the Chinese state banking system. His IPO was cancelled and he was advised to go live quietly somewhere and enjoy his money, he has wisely done so. In fact, Jack Ma is just a creation, a front for the rich and powerful Jiang family faction from Shanghai. One of its sons, Jiang Zemin, was Chinese premier in the early 2000’s. and was always considered too sympathetic to Western interests. The real power needs frontmen, and like Gates, Zuckerberg et al., Jack Ma was just such a front. President Xi addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos by video link last week. If the attendant Davos crowd were expecting any softening on China’s position, they were to be disappointed. In typically nuanced fashion he referred to the capital class and its ambitions. He made it clear that China intended to strictly adhere to its policy of zero tolerance towards foreign interference in the affairs of China. He restated the Chinese commitment to a multi-polar world. At an ensuing internal summit on anti-corruption the language was less nuanced. “The collusion between capital and power” (Oligarchy) was the main cause of corruption and would not be tolerated. The spectacular economic and societal rebirths of both Russia and China should serve as an example to the world of what can be achieved without the insidious influence of a parasitic money class. As the west continues to slide inexorably towards a dystopian economic and societal abyss, its people still fail to recognise the true enemy. The Russian and Chinese fight against this Oligarchical class is everybody’s fight”: https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2022/01/26/oligarchy-capitalists-trojan-horse/

  6. In a very real sense KT_88 is one to something. There will be no revolt, revolution, secession, or Ethno-State as long as the economy can keep things going. Imagine how America will look if power went out for a week. Some regions would be fine but other regions would riot, rob, rate and kill!

    • The Ukraine Crisis was once the Confederate Crisis. My, how times have changed!

      This would appear to be the ideal time for us to go for session.

      – Russia flexing their muscles.

      – The USA is ironically currently arguing our (secessionist) position that bigger nations should not force smaller nations especially with a hot war to come under their control.

      – The USA military is currently turning into the brownie scouts.

      – Covid hurting the economy worldwide.

      – USA’s economy being almost finished off by the Dems’ stupid non-profitable, kill-the-keystone-pipeline, tree-hugging, the-hippies-are-back solutions whatever Covid hasn’t yet destroyed.

      – And of course hungry mouths pouring unrestrained across the USA’s open borders.

      – etc, etc

      If the pro-secessionist states seceded now the Yankee Empire would be forced to restrain itself from using military force to beat us back into their corrupt godless union because of the fact that if they tried to do that they would openly show off their hypocrisy to the entire world doing the very same thing they are accusing Russia of doing and plus millions of lives would be put at risk of starvation, destruction, etc as the stressed economy, broken supply lines, external threats sensing USA is about to collapse all coming to bear down on everything if their was a war within our own borders. We would then be able to force Big Yank to sit down peacefully with our negotiators and divvy up everything and then go our separate ways.

      Just a thought…

  7. This is about the pipeline, Nordsteam2. Once the pipeline opens NATO is finished and Russian influence over Europe will expand. So something has to be done to stop this pipeline from opening. Something has to happened and be blamed on Russia to make it so the pipeline never opens. Russia now has taken a ready defensive position to discourage anything for happening.

  8. Milley is a political general. He’s also a Masshole.

    That’s all we need to know, in order to discredit the rest.

    Joe Biden is Yankeedom’s middle finger to the rest of America.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

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