NY Mag: Joe Biden Is Losing Crucial Black Support

When you are accustomed to getting over 90% of the vote from a racial group, you really have nowhere else to go but down.

New York Magazine:

“Joe Biden’s poll numbers aren’t what they used to be. Since last June, approval of the president has fallen by more than ten points, while disapproval has risen by roughly the same amount.

Although Biden has lost ground with most every demographic group, he’s suffered especially steep losses with African American voters. …

There are other explanations for Biden’s difficulties with Black voters that have stronger empirical support. Chief among these is the unpopularity of his vaccine-mandate policy with a small but significant minority of Black Democrats. …

But because Black voters are overwhelmingly concentrated within the Democratic Party — and therefore not politically sorted by their attitudes toward meritocratic expertise, collective responsibility, or trust in government to the same extent that white voters are — a small minority of Black Democrats are vaccine skeptics. And Biden’s mandate appears to have alienated much of this contingent.

Another issue that makes itself felt to Black voters, whether or not they pay attention to goings-on in D.C., is inflation. For months now, polls have indicated that rising prices are a top concern for the electorate as a whole, and that voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden’s handling of the matter.  …”

It has been obvious for a while now that PMCs have been having a harder time manipulating the black vote. The same is true of browbeating Whites into submission with guilt tripping about “racism” and “anti-Semitism.” BLM was part of their effort to shore up the black vote at the margins.

If you are under the age of 45, you don’t remember World War II or Jim Crow. You grew up with the internet. Nosfetatu was on MSNBC the other day whining about this “virus of ignorance.” He cited a recent poll from 2020 that showed over half of Americans were unaware that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. How many blacks in 2020 have ever heard of Bull Connor?

As the oldest generation of blacks dies out, the Democratic margin with the black vote is going to come down. Dump was able to peel off some young black men in 2020.

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  1. When even the blacks are souring on Biden, you know it’s over.

    By 2024, the only person still supporting Biden will be Richard Spencer.

  2. Now is the time for a new Malcolm X to appear. No, a new Thomas Sankara.

    “Imperialism is a system of exploitation that occurs not only in the brutal form of those who come with guns to conquer territory. Imperialism often occurs in more subtle forms, a loan, food aid, blackmail. We are fighting this system that allows a handful of men on earth to rule all of humanity.”

    Thomas Sankara

  3. I predicted it quite a few years ago. The future of the black vote in the United States is not the two party breakdown, but the total numbers. As more and more old blacks that remember the Civil Rights era die, there will be fewer and fewer blacks by percentage that feel the urgency to vote at all. It’ll still be blue team getting at least 90% of x, but with a much lower x.

  4. They may see Biden unfavorably, but they are not going to vote for the republicans. At best they will simply not show up to vote, but that’s why democrats want universal mail in ballots. Requires little effort to vote as most blacks aren’t very conscientious, and the democratic urban machine can go door to door and harvest all those mail in ballots. Every vacant lot, dead person, non-citizens going through the DMV, etc will be mailed a ballot resulting in way more votes out there than before and their well oiled machine will go around like Pac Man gathering them all up.

    “Chief among these is the unpopularity of his vaccine-mandate policy with a small but significant minority of Black Democrats. …” What do they mean by “small”? My experience with blacks is they are ALL anti vaxers. When the annual flu shot clinic would come around not a one bothered to show up and were all ranting on about how “the government is experimenting on you” etc. I have a hard time believing they all suddenly showed up for this vaccine?

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