1. When you are well fed there are many problems.
    When you are not well fed there is only one problem.

  2. White libtards actually put their self-flagellation before anything else. It’s not even some practical political thing for them, that they want to harm Whites because they perceive Whites as standing in the way of their actual political goals. Harming Whites is their actual political goal. If they were given an option that achieved everything they want without harming Whites, they would still choose the path that harms Whites. It’s some weird religious masochist thing.

  3. MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, Comcast, and a movie production company are all owned by a family of Philadelphia Jews named “Roberts”.

    Btw, the “Roberts” family got their start in Mississippi and Alabama. LOL.

  4. Just to check, I went to YouTube to let the ‘banning books’ video load; I wanted to see the comments, not watch the video — after reading some of the comments, it does appear MSNBC has a sympathetic audience on YT — but in checking their channel home page, I notice that for a channel with > 4.5m subscribers, their videos do not get many views: most have view counts in the tens of thousands — I know cat channels that have higher average view counts.

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