Apple Releases Pregnant Man Emoji

Everyone has been laughing at this.

If George Fitzhugh were alive today, he would feel vindicated.

The Sun:

“Apple’s recent update introduces a number of new emojis- including the one of a pregnant man that has divided opinion.

Among the new batch of emojis are also a gender-neutral pregnant person and one bearing a crown.

The emojis have already caused a stir on social media with some users feeling it was a necessary addition and others joking it’s a “beer belly emoji.”

According to Emojipedia, Apple wanted to make the emoji keyboard “more consistent and gender-inclusive.”

It said that the emoji can be “for representation by trans men, non-binary people, or women with short hair.”

Sun columnist Piers Morgan blasted the emoji on Saturday, tweeting: “Apple’s new pregnant man emoji. Words fail me. #TheWorldsGoneNuts.” …”

Is it “illiberal” to reject the notion that men can be impregnated? This is where we are at now. This is the conversation we are having. This is the Democratic brand now.

Note: Don’t forget that Apple has censored Gab. It has censored countless rightwing podcasts, but it promotes shit like this on its platform.


  1. The left are crazy psychopathic jews, like Pearlman who follow the Talmud and Kabbalah, which teaches them everyone else is a piece of shit dumb goyim, unless they help the jews in some way to their “Tikkun Olam” goal. The jews that can hold their shit together join the conservatives as SPIES and agents of world jewry to deflect and steer the non jews away from figuring out what is going on.

    Put it this way, if it were eskimos doing this shit, you would all notice it right away.

    Who else can get away with screaming “for the children” yet be 100% pro abortion? They are PSYCHOPATHS people with a burning hatred for anyone white, mostly men, because we actually figured them out and stood up to them 2 times in the last 100 years… RUSSIA and GERMANY. If it wasn’t for Americans being unaware of the Talmudic jewish problem, and helping the jews…..the world would be a better place.

  2. And yet the same people who are outraged by this still buy and use apple shit like good company store slaves.

    • I never liked Apple, its products or its shitty, arrogant attitude. But I am impressed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who were the Walter Becker and Donald Fagen / Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels of the modern computer industry.

  3. This proves the ideological power of language. The oligarchs who run the media can label any insanity as “progress” and it then BECOMES progress in the eyes of the masses.

  4. Apple pays dearly for access to the CCP supply chain but will they release their sweatshop slave laborers or do they go the suicide net route?

  5. You can’t get away from this sickness. It seems no matter what company you use, they’re trying to out woke the others.

  6. Someone should ask Apple’s homosexual CEO Tim Cook, “Where is the birth canal in a pregnant man?”

    This is yet another symptom of a dying civilization.

  7. In the end, the usurper kikes, the billionaires and other corporate Cultural Marxist race traitors, faggots & freaks must be deposed, and then destroyed. It won’t be easy, but it can be done: all of them put together are still a minority.

  8. Progress………into the sewer.
    Animal abusers, Peados and the Left are my three pet hates. When I encounter them, I make it clear what I think of ’em.
    ‘Progress’ never means progress for what’s right, just progress for every immoral cause out there.
    Step by step, the left win another gain. Are they ever thankful? No, they move on to their next demand to cross off their list. They will never be satisfied.

  9. Do any of these shitlibs ever bother to consider that maybe all this weird tolerance isn’t social progress but rather signs of social decadence and decline?

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