Happy Lunar New Year!

It is Chinese Lunar New Year.

So, we’re learning how to make the perfect egg fried rice. It has been a while since I have shared my favorite recipe videos, but I have since discovered spicy hot pots. I’m getting one tonight.

Note: In the rest of the non-woke world, people are more relaxed about ethnic stereotypes. I’ve been enjoying these YouTube recipe battles.


    • I watched a little of each of those links, but I’m “very narrow” not cosmopolitan so I really don’t like Chinese music, art, clothing styles, and food. However I do admire Chinese ethno-socialism: “Socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

      Ethnic music that is much closer to home, that I do like, includes almost everything by “Otava Yo”:

  1. I like tofu. The stuff about phytoestrogens is nonsense. I would bet even steers have more active estrogens than any plant food. Chinks do good tofu. The restaurants in the west coast call it “family bean curd” with shiitake mushrooms.

  2. @ subject change: On behalf of Confederate America, I would like to congratulate and salute the brave and gallant truck drivers of Canada and their inspiring truck conway in the cold,cold northland, we follow your action’s of late, with great interest and excitement, way too ” Stand Tall…….

  3. Sechuan and Hunan dishes (spicy) are some of my favs. There is also a “Pork Bun” – similar to a soup dumpling by pan fried and much bigger – unique to Shanghai (never seen them in US). You bite in and it’s a steaming pork-stew. Chinese is one of the great cuisines of the world.

      • I used to eat at Chinese restaurants quite often….but not anymore, not since the Wuhan Flu. I mean, who knows what the “chicken” really is…in “cashew chicken”? It could be pangolin, or your next-door-neighbor’s missing cat.

        • My brother in law has done maintenance/repair work in Chinese kitchens and says you would not want to see the situation going on back there.

        • Not-so-Old Chinese proverb:

          Chinese will eat anything with legs except a table, and anything with wings except an airplane. Dog not off menu either, round eye.

        • It would make no economic sense to put some exotic meat in there as obtaining and processing such is way more expensive than the industrial scale mass produced corporate chicken available in the stores. Plus most Chinese don’t eat dog anymore than most Americans eat Limburger Cheese. These exotic dishes are often eaten by rich Chinese men who hold superstitious “sympathetic magic” ideas that you get the power from the type of animal that you eat.

  4. Speaking of people who use the lunar calendar, Dump has endorsed a neo cohen in Tennessee, a woman named Ortagus. From Wikipedia, “Ortagus converted to Judaism.”

    That is the simplest explanation. Those Jews, open and marranos, do stick together.

  5. I stopped eating chink food many years ago because of their inhumane treatment of dogs and cats. I They boil and skin them alive. Barbarians!

  6. Welsh food: Cawl (lamb or mutton stew, the national dish) with leeks aka “Welsh onions” (a national symbol), oatmeal, potatoes, cabbage, turnips, carrots, carrot pudding, bread with black currants in it, bread with cheese (Welsh rabbit) on it, and just plain cheese. The two main staples are bread and cheese.

    Doesn’t carrot pudding sound better than Chinese fried rice?

      • That’s the Japanese who can’t say “r” correctly. A good example is the stereotypical voice of the Japanese DJ playing big band records used as scene transitions in the 1970 MASH movie.

    • @Anonymous,
      I’m afraid you lost me at ‘carrot pudding’. Lol.
      I love carrots, but hate carrot cake. I believe carrots belong in savoury dishes……..but that’s just me.
      I love fruit and vegetable juice though, which often has carrot juice in the mix.

      • I was jesting.

        Parsnips I forgot to mention. Also apples and any other tree fruits and berries that grow at the north. My peasant ancestors ate nothing that was tropical or exotic.

  7. Just don’t get too close to ding dong butt. In China, they sometimes kill their dogs and cats by skinning them alive or shoving them into boiling water alive as the shock of it is reputed to improve the taste of the resulting dish.
    Africa’s wildlife is being ravished owing to Chinese demand for their heads, bile or some other parts reputed to have special healing properties that help with impotency, cancer or some other useless cure.
    I despise the Chinese for these reasons, and many others. A sense of common decency is sadly lacking.
    Yes, Chinese nationalism is strong………in China. Pity they oppose whites having the same nationalism in the West.
    I used to love Chinese food, but pretty much just can’t tolerate it now. I’m by no means a vegan, but hold the view that animals earmarked for the dinner table must die quickly and painlessly.

  8. There is an excellent book about what China is really like called Ways that are Dark by Ralph Townsend, who was an American diplomat stationed there in the 1930s. After reading it you’ll regret that we defeated Imperial Japan.

  9. @Spahn,
    That book would make insightful reading, but after nearly 90 years, it could be time for an updated edition!
    I suggest you check out a couple of…….ahem…….. YouTube channels:- China Uncensored and China in Focus for a glimpse of the many issues facing them.

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