Poll Watch: 70% of Americans Are Ready To Live With COVID

Aside from requiring service workers to participate in the performative mask wearing, life returned to normal here around the time of the George Floyd riots.

70% of the country is done with COVID after Omicron. Nearly half of Democrats have accepted the obvious reality that it is an endemic virus which is never going away.


  1. Alot more to this point in the linked article below


    The reasoning on the conservative rebellion isn’t really supported, but the assumed response if it happens is reasonable.

    There is no upside to being involved in anything that can be construed as an “insurrection”. Forget national politics.

    The gayop is losing steam, and the media across the board has lost credibility because of it. The fringes are being eroded by their own autism and craven faggotry.

    Its a win.

    The next gayop is due to drop anytime now.

    • Yes, it’s time for ZOG to drop the COVID 19 hysteria and replace it with anti-Russian hysteria instead.

    • They always manage to manufacture one crisis after another. The goal is to keep us in a constant state of anxiety and thereby increase their control over us. They don’t give shit about our health.

  2. Ordinary people/workers/consumers/”human resources” in the U.S. are mostly resigned to living with all kinds of disease, suffering and injustice. This has been the rule, the predominant human condition throughout history, but we should look forward and work toward a better world. The next global pandemic that is as infectious and more virulent than Covid, and kills millions more, will awaken some people.

  3. With all due modesty I knew this Ching Chong virus was over-hyped bullshit 2 years ago when it started. But it did manage to turn me into a “COVID refugee” who had to move from a blue state into a red one.

  4. I’m wondering about those 47% of democrats who are still covidians? Do they want it not to end for machiavellian reasons as they see it as a means to power? Are they welfare bums who simply like the excuse this thing gave them for free money to sit at home? Or are they simply just big covid cowards? I work some young 30 something covid cowards who are too chicken to go to a shop and get new tires because they “might get covid.” On the other hand we had a huge number of blacks enjoying all the free welfare this thing was an excuse to hand out to democratic constituents. I bet in a generation we will see some filmmaker make a nostalgic film glorifying this era as a golden age for slackers. Instead of Woodstock we got lowlife punks getting free money to hang around their apartments smoking weed, watching Netflix, and Chilling…that is if there is still a functioning globo homo state here making such crap films and the whole enterprise hasn’t imploded yet.

  5. Moon of Alabama (Germany) has a good relevant post today: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2022/02/when-we-are-done-with-covid-the-virus-will-not-be-done-with-us.html Bernard notes that the NYT is assuring America that it is back to business as usual. “New York Times columnist David Leonhardt cannot await the end of Covid. Over the last year Leonhardt falsely predicted the end of the pandemic every few months (…) ‘Pandemic in Retreat,’ Feb 11 2021 ‘Covid on the Run,’ May 20 2021 ‘Covid in Retreat,’ Oct 4 2021 (…) Omicron Is in Retreat, Jan 19 2022 (…) The last headline may by chance turn out to be correct as the next wave of Covid will likely come from a different SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern. There is no law or guarantee that it will be less severe or less immune evasive. In might in fact be the opposite on both counts.”

    That is why ordinary people need and have a right to a real, functioning public health system: a free-for-the-people NATIONAL health care system. However it is impossible to establish here, because the U.S. is only a big business and bankers’ protection arrangement, not a real nation. The U.S. has the world’s most expensive private health care, which has the world’s poorest performance based on cost. Average lifespan in the U.S. keeps dropping steadily, while elites continue to live longer. The U.S.’s extremely poor outcome in the pandemic should be a lesson.

    It was thought that the pandemic was over after the less-lethal third wave of Influenza subsided in 1919, and 50 million people had already died. But in 1920 the flu returned, in another very virulent mutated form. In the FOURTH wave, death rates in many U.S. cities were equal to the height of the second wave almost two years earlier.

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