Secular Talk: George Soros Gives $125 Million To Democrat SuperPAC For Midterms

Editor’s Note: On a serious note, if any of this shit about saving “our democracy” was real, then we would be getting rid of the power and influence of people like Soros.

Bro, it is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory to believe that George Soros and others of his ilk like Nanny Bloomberg or Tom Steyer are buying Democratic politicians.

Why do people believe this shit about him?


  1. This dark money, ask yourself where is it going? It is not going to blacks and Latinos, Jews will not trust black and Latinos with millions of dollars. It is going to the Irish, to guys like Brian Fallon of the Irish anti-white hate group Demand Justice. It is also going to guys like Sean Caddle, the Irishmen who just plead guilty to a political murder. That is where it is going, and the Jew money is being used by the Irish to dis-empower and persecute whites. Tell me again they are just like us. I need to hear that again.

    No argument from Gerry Adams, right Gerry?

    • You aren’t even permitted to refer to them as ‘Jews’ online or it’s hate speech that triggers a censorship algorithm to ban your comments and your accounts

      We were promised by trump that he would put an end to censorship online back in 2015 when he ran his con..instead all we got was bailouts for his Jewish pals on Wall Street , more tens of billions for the apartheid state of piss-ra-hell and more ‘pardoned’ nigger rapper rapists.
      Such progress

  2. “George Soros is using his fortune to influence our politics”:

    What about all the other elites who influence “our” politics? This is perfectly normal. The U.S. is a protection arrangement for big business and bankers, not a real nation.

    • No, all governments anywhere in the world are extortion rackets. Or as the economists say, they are stationary bandits, extracting tribute from owners of wealth generating assets in return for legal authorization to do whatever the owners want to make money and to keep more of it, via lower taxes and regulations written secretly into legislation.

      Grift, pure and simple. ALL politics is accepting bribes from the Oligarchs, nothing more. Even “real” socialists do it-sorry, Mr. collectivist Anon. They all are corrupt.

  3. I find it incredible and instructive that there is a man out there with the money and desire to openly buy politicians in the USA.

    A difference between Soros and Trump is that Soros funds his allies to accomplish his goals while Trump wishes to be funded by others in order to do nothing. Soros is way more dedicated.

    • As always, Cristina, your aim is true, to quote an 80s’ song. George Soros plays to win, seeking to destabilize the USA so people he supports can gain and maintain power. Trump lives to garner praise from his enemies. Big diff.

      Please comment more often, if possible. Your insights are always simple, yet profound, and you speak with understanding and acceptance, like former commenter Ivan. Good luck to you in the future.

      • J. R. Chloupek,

        You wrote me a very sweet comment. Thank you. Now I will have to try and live up to these high expectations. Today anyway I will have time to read this website a lot since most schools are still closed due to the weather.

        I remember Ivan Turgenev. I wish he were still here. He was always kind and supportive.

        Once again, Thank you!

  4. Cristina: A difference between Soros and Trump is that Soros funds his allies to accomplish his goals while Trump wishes to be funded by others in order to do nothing. Soros is way more dedicated.

    Undeniably true. Dumpf is just the grift that keeps on grifting. He should move to Lagos. I’ve read there in an entire quarter of the city where the scammers and grifters work 24 x 7 x 365 to swindle poor fools out of their life savings. He could be a real Kang in Wakanda.

    • Exalted Cyclops,

      Thank you for your kind response. I never knew that about Lagos. I just knew it was in Africa.

      • Nigeria is one of the countries that is used by the mostly Israel-based internet and phone fraud “industry.” Look up “the geography of phone scams.” It is a billion dollar business but the Indians, Nigerians, Costa Ricans, Colombians, et al, aren’t reaping most of the profit. They reap the slave wages that trickle down, and are the ones who go to prison when there is a very rare investigation.

        • anonymous,

          Thank you for the information. They have called our house at times with accents while claiming their names are Fred or Jenny etc. I did not know they were Israeli based.

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