The Atlantic: Does Biden Have a Second Act?

Ronald Brownstein is high on copium.

The Atlantic:

“Ronald Reagan did it. So did Bill Clinton. Barack Obama did as well.

Can Joe Biden do it too?

After a difficult first two years in the White House, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama each rebuilt enough public support to win a second term—not long after many observers had labeled them fatally damaged by their early setbacks.Although the specific environment and challenges confronting those three presidents diverged in many ways, the trajectory of each man’s first term followed the same broad arc. Each was elected at a moment of great unease about the country’s direction, particularly in terms of the economy. Each saw his approval rating tumble over his first two years, as voters concluded that conditions were not improving as fast as they had expected, or at least hoped. For all three, that decline culminated in big losses during their first midterm election (especially for Clinton and Obama). But in the second half of each man’s first term, public attitudes about the country’s direction improved, lifting the president’s approval rating. Just two years after their midterm reversals, all three won reelection, Clinton and Obama by solid margins and Reagan by a historic 49-state landslide. …”

Look at him.

Joe Biden is angry and gassed. Grandpa needs a nap. He is shouting about someone named Bull Connor and reliving his glory days when he was arrested fighting apartheid in South Africa.

Do you really want to think about what Joe Biden will be like in two years? If hasn’t gone completely senile or died in office, he will be even more enfeebled in every way than he is now.

We’re going to beat back Joe Biden and win the battle for the soul of America!

Note: BTW, it is worth remembering that Joe Biden’s first act was sitting in his basement in Delaware and doing nothing except for being “Not Trump.” Trump himself was also facing the worst pandemic in a century which wasn’t exactly an enviable position. He still barely lost.


  1. “Does Biden have a second act?” Yes if the powers-that-be want him to do a second act, he will have a successful second act. Like movies, books and TV shows, if the first one sells, soon there will be a series of look-alikes to repeat the success again and again. Fighting ISIS for almost ten years was so successful that now they have brought ISIS back for a second act.

    They can fool most of the people most of the time, and some people all the time. “Everything is relative” they say – and if this mission yesterday was successful, then Biden is very successful:

  2. The Irish think it is never going to happen again. They think they are never going to be put in chains and taken away because people just get fed up and sick of them. It could never happen again, BAHA.

    • How very inconsiderate of the Irish to be miffy about the Brits invading their country, stealing their food so that over a million starved to death, and then sending hundreds of thousands into slavery.

    • What in the God-damned bloody hell is wrong with you, “Browning”? You need your noggin examined.

      HW: Why are these divisive anti-White (Irish people are White, last I checked) messages being approved for publication? It’s your blog, Sir, so you can accept whatever contributions you like; I’d just like to understand your rationale. Thanks!

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