CARR: Beware The Anti-Fascists, For They Have Become What They Oppose

Antifa are raging about this article on Twitter.


“I am increasingly concerned at the rate at which the so-called “CVE field” is being infiltrated by activists describing themselves as “Anti-Fascists” who advocate for committing criminal offences in furtherance of their opposition to the radical right. This has exploded since the riot that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th 2021, for which a large number of criminal investigations are still ongoing.

As someone who has spent more than a decade delivering and studying state responses to counter the radical right, as well as other forms of terrorism, I feel compelled to challenge the implied narrative that the only way to oppose the radical right is by emulating their tactics.

One recent example from late 2021 was an interview in which the lack of progress with engagement and the establishment of dialogue with those on the radical right is highlighted and instead the approach of “brass knuckling up and flattening the nose of a Proud Boy” is advocated. Where to start? I have had very similar conversations with people who have become so jaded by their interactions with the radical right and analysis of content online that they have adopted the view that if you can’t beat them join them. This is also wrong. Incidentally, the issues of safety and mental wellbeing of those studying the radical right was covered in a recent CARR ‘Right Rising’ podcast. …”

Basically, I agree with the article.

If anything is true, Antifa have become a useful boogeyman for the Right. They have become a foil which Republicans use to stir up the base and club the Democrats.

It wasn’t always this way. In the wake of Charlottesville, Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney said there was no moral equivalence between the two sides. Antifa were heroes like the American soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy. Needless to say, Antifa’s reputation has changed since then.

By 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse was being celebrated by conservatives and normies as a hero for shooting and killing Antifa. Conservatives celebrated the death of Michael Reinoehl who killed Aaron Danielson in Portland. Most Trump supporters believe it was Antifa who stormed the Capitol on 1/6.

Antifa used to be our enemy. Trump supporters and normies now see Antifa as their enemy too which is big change. Democrats are split on Antifa. In fact, you could make a strong argument that Joe Biden’s razor thin margins in Congress are due to Antifa who created so much mayhem and chaos during the George Floyd riots that it cost the Democrats pivotal House and Senate seats.

Antifa’s suite of tactics – pointless street battles, street thuggery, causing millions of dollars in property damage, surveillance, doxxing and censorship – have objectively failed to stop “right-wing extremism.” Ask any conservative about their thoughts on the George Floyd riots. It was a watershed moment which repulsed the public, radicalized millions of people to our side and which killed the momentum behind the “racial justice” movement. Lawfare from allied groups like Integrity First for America hasn’t worked either. None of these hardball tactics have fixed the underlying issue.

To be fair, Antifa have a trophy chest. They can boast about their victory over Chris “Crying Nazi” Cantwell. They can brag about Donald Trump’s deplatforming. They’ve personally gotten me banned dozens of times on Twitter. They’ve gotten countless people fired from their jobs. And yet, “right-wing extremism” or whatever it is that they are ultimately trying to stop as a social movement is far larger and more radical today than it was five years ago. Every day now seems to bring a new breakthrough for us.

While Antifa were setting dumpsters on fire and fighting the police in Portland, we stopped engaging with them. Instead of being loud and obnoxious and always in the public spotlight, we became much more quiet and less visible and returned to the internet. Persuasion is what has always worked for us, not pointless street battles with the likes of Commander Burt Colucci and the NSM in Orlando.

Persuasion is the Achilles’ Heel of both the declining New York media and the Far Left. The desperate cries for censorship from the “journalists,” Jonathan Greenblatt, Antifa and politicians like Hillary Clinton (she blamed her loss on Russian disinformation) point toward where they are the most vulnerable.

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  1. Antifa are the Bolshevik communists the Germans were fighting in WW2. Today, they call themself Antifa but they’re funding by the same tribe that funded the Bolsheviks in the 20s and 30s.

    • There is something very stupid about your comments and the Nazis in general we’re stupid…The Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union led to the destruction of Germany…after which came the Anti-commie crusade in America which gave America the integration of the US Military…which resulted in JFK ordering the 82 Airborne to use bayonets to force integration on Southern Schools…from there a direct road to the 1964 Civil Rights Act…a direct road to the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Act….to Hindus voting the Native White Working Class into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America on Nov 3 2024…

      You are a very stupid man…I don’t state this lightly…

      • Nope. You’re too ignorant of actual historical events and their timeline, therefore you fall back on ridiculous summations.

      • Eisenhower used the military to force integration at bayonet-point, not Kennedy. John is correct about the connection between the German Antifa of the 1920s and today’s Antifa – both indeed funded by Jews. In contrast to the German group, the US group is basically an FBI “farm squad” to train young Stasi for Murika’s secret police.

        According to more recent historical theories of WW II, the German invasion fo the USSR might have been a pre-emptive strike to derail Stalin’s own planned invasion of all Europe. In any case, since invading Russia worked so well for Napoleon, it was not a very well-considered idea. The Red Army ended up taking about 1/2 or the European pie at the end of the day.

        The folks who were behind both Civil Rights and Hart-Celler open-borders acts were the same ones who set up and funded both Antifa and BLM down the road: The Synagogue of Satan and its Church of Woke PMCs. Pope Nosferatu is very possibly the one who gives actual orders to the FBI, who like all stasi are murderous armed criminals operating under the color of law.

        • @Exalted Cyclops

          “According to more recent historical theories of WW II, the German invasion fo the USSR might have been a pre-emptive strike to derail Stalin’s own planned invasion of all Europe.”

          Regardless, Soviet Russia and the West were going to fight, sooner or later. It was just a question of whether the fight would be on Western, or Soviet terms.

          Historically, Germany and Russia have either been great friends and allies, or at war with one another, usually over who would be preminent in Central and Eastern Europe. The idea that they’ve always been at war with one another, or mutually hostile, is nonsense spouted by highscrewel history teaching football coaches. Both countries have fought far fewer wars, than have France and England.

          England, and now the Washington-London would-be one World government, fear a rapprochement between Russia and Germany. The last time it happened, the French First Empire, under Napoleon, went down in defeat. A Russo-German led Pan-European Alliance is effectively invincible. Even by US/UKZOG. Hence all the hullabaloo over the Nordstream 2 pipeline, over Hungary’s nationalist policies, and over the possible breakup of the EU, and the collapse of NATO.

          D-Day would have had a different outcome, if every country in Europe had been there, firing at the Anglo-Americans.

      • As I recall, the propaganda line of the 50’s and 60’s was that we have to become more “liberal” or like the commies in order to “fight” communism. Hence, the domestic polices you allude to in the 60’s and a foreign policy committed to supporting leftist regimes and destroying rightist ones.

      • Most of Hitler’s generals opposed Barbarosa and rightfully so. The only way it had any chance of success was if the attack was focused directly on Moscow, not the Crimea, Baku and Leningrad.
        Most of the soldiers in the Great Patriotic War were not Bolsheviks, they were patriots defending the Russian motherland.

        I get the impression JFK wanted to distance himself from the Civil Rights crowd because a lot of Americans perceived him as a Northeastern Catholic liberal. LBJ was the one who took the Democrat party in a new direction, turning conservative White Southerners over to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

        • Barbarossa may still have succeeded if the Germans had not had to delay and bail out the Italians in Greece, mess around with them pointlessly in Africa, and deal with massive amounts of American materiel aid to the communists.

          • It would have been successful if USZOG hadn’t supplied the Soviets with food, medicine, trucks and jeeps, raw materials and diesel and gas. Or waged an aerial campaign against German industry and the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Without that help, the Soviets would have collapsed in 44′. From starvation, disease, and no fuel.


      • 1st of all retard, It was Eisenhower, not JFK that called the military out after desegregation. JFK was dead in 1963 so he had nothing to do with the civil rights act. Too bad you know nothing about history. If I am the stupid, you are below a retard. Learn the dates and players before you make a complete fool of yourself. You seem to do it all the time on all of your posts.

        • Retard

          There have been multiple re-broad casts of a documentary of JFK on PBS. And in this documentary, there is film footage of your heart-throb JFK and RFK plotting to send in the Airbirne in with fixed bayonets to force integration if a Southern Governor if he continued to oppose integration….This is history captured on film…no room for doubt about JFK and RFK open intentions….There we’re on the phone in real time with this Southern State Governor making this threat….

          JFK opened up African Legal to the US…specifically a program that allowed Barack Obama sr into America on a student visa…which was followed by a one night sand with a white 17 year old white 17 year old American Girl whose mulatto son was elected POTUS…and continues to run the Presidency behind his puppet the current shitstain….

          If JFK had been alive in Oct 1965, he would have enthusiastically as POTUS signed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act into Law,,,,,the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act….

          You really are a very stupid and ignorant man….

          • You said JFK sent in the 82nd when he that happened in 1955 under Eisenhower and it was the 101st. You can;t even keep track of your lies. Only an idiot watches PBS. I bet you watch the Hitler Channel and believe that too?

            You care nothing about the White man, you’re a Judas goat.

  2. It is our ability to reason that separates us from the animals, no doubt about it. If you want to live in a civilized world with all the benefits that civilization conveys then you must submit to reason. Otherwise go live in the jungle.

  3. “Persuasion is what has always worked for us”:

    That could be taken to mean persuasion works because the truth, facts and logic are on your side, or it could mean that the skill of persuasion (sophistry) has always worked in spite of facts and against the current of history.

    I agree that the violent, anarchistic behavior of Antifa is counter-productive to achieving its stated goal to defeat fascism. I agree that Antifa effectively drives the masses even further to the right. Both fake-left (Antifa and BLM) and the Far Right have vital roles to play in the political drama (or comedy) that is broadcast by Fox News and other mainstream media (and by most alternative media) – that distracts people from noticing or thinking about the real Left alternative to the present system.

    • I mean, primarily it works because the current state of the American regime is far more oppressive than the worst evils of Weimar Germany.

      Even the most braindead conservatives love to see their fellow running dogs of the jews get their asses kicked. The work the TWP and GSS did at the Battle of Sacramento was great propaganda. The problem is that the jews will arrest you for standing in self-defence up to their puppets, and so propaganda of the word, not of the deed, is the more effective choice.

    • Real Marxist leaders like Trotsky or Che would have had members of Pantifa sent to prison psychiatric hospitals or work. camps.

  4. The antifags & other commie scum are desperate to silence us because they must: they know that we win every argument in the “marketplace of ideas”, so that market must be closed forever. What’s so sweet is that the more they push, the more people they deplatform, dox, financially ruin & physically attack. the more Normies come over to our White side: they of course hate the greasy guts of those fucking race traitor punks, like every sane person who believes in freedom & the survival of the White race.

    In the end, we’re going to win. And when we do…

  5. The gentile sheeple who participated in the All-lied invasion of Europe on 6/6/45 and fagtifa are the same, as they both served and serve the same cabal of international jewish criminals whether intentional or not.

  6. To echo the late Bob Whitaker’s observation: Their unreasonable demands will make our demands look reasonable.

  7. “It wasn’t always this way. In the wake of Charlottesville, Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney said there was no moral equivalence between the two sides.”

    Pure D New England Yankee thinking.

    Morality doesn’t apply to legal and political questions. The Yankees applied morality to their struggle for power with the South, partly because of their Puritan natures, and mostly because they couldn’t win the legal and political arguments. Which were about why they should rule all of America, and why the Southern People should become their subordinate subjects.

    AntiFa and BLM are Jewish organisations, from top to bottom.

    The Jews exploit the rifts naturally occuring in nations, in order to take them over. In our own country, they have exploited the Yankeedom vs. Jeffersonian America schism. And the racial schism between Whites, Blacks and Browns. “Mild” as it was, before the Jews arrived here in politically significant numbers, to exacerbate and exploit it, for their own purposes.

    It’s difficult, and in some cases impossible, for the Jews to take over nations that are racially and culturally homogeneous, orderly and without social chaos and disorder, and which posess few, if any, socio-political, or regional/cultural schisms. They’re working hard, and overtime, to flood Sweden and Scandinavia with Africans, for example.

    “Fighting Fascism” is a Jewish neurosis. Just like fighting Rome, and then fighting against Monarchy and Feudalism were. The Jews rightfully see authoritarian government as a threat to themselves. Countless Emperors, Kings, princes and potentates, have sought to reign in, or outright expel, the Jews from their lands. National Socialist Germany was just the latest iteration of this historical phenomenon.

    Our so called mainstream politics and pop culture polity are completely consumed with, and dominated by, their neurotic fears, and collective group interests and concerns.

    They’re miles away from Southern Nationalism, Jeffersonian republicanism, and true conservatism. We can take over our states without them even noticing. Or barely noticing. They’re distracted by the Proud Boys and other such non-movement movements.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  8. The Jews weren’t chosen by God. They were chosen by “a” god.

    The sooner folks realise this, the better.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

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