Joe Biden’s Reset Begins

Joe Biden is getting a brand replacement


  1. This is the end product; people, paid professionals, worked on it and refined it, until it was just right.

    Seeing videos like this just further convinces me that America suffers from terminal infantilism — who can possibly find this meaningful?

    • At this point pretty much everyone on the planet have figured amerikans and brits as infantile suckers who only exist to be used and exploited (the Jews have the primacy because they realized and started the abuse and exploitation first)

      • @ oh ya, ( SLAVA SUCKS) and you suffer from the same infirmity, that the rest.of the planet suffers from, “Anglo Envy”, jealous, trifling, second rate nobody and enjoy your cabbage……

  2. I wonder if Doctor Jill and her boyfriends have sex in the same room where Shitpants Joe takes his afternoon naps?

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