1. They let every Mexican or other brownie who walked into this country get on Medicaid and Medicare. Yes, there ARE 80 year olds coming here, obviously being shipped in. These people neither paid into the system or pay any premiums. Amazing this hasn’t gone belly up already.

    • Here in California the bay area Asian math democrats are apparently the driving force for shutting this down because they did math and figured out this would cost an extra 100 billion on top of CA’s entire state budget. Whoops….those Asian’s better really watch their backs because “white supremacists” will be really gunning for them now lol..

      • The US spends trillions on supporting brown immigrants every year. In every single way. Since California is 50% Spanish-speaking, that means approx half the population is supporting the other half.

  2. Got some really great news today. A long thing paid off. I would disclose the news but feds are on this place.

    Headed to LA next week. Will go to my old stomping grounds in areas. I’m curious about how bad it’s gotten out there,

    Who knows. I hear it’s pure homeless, like my area. I’ll report back.

  3. Of COURSE the fake left Democratic Party, which is the other right wing of the Beast, won’t deliver it.

    The U.S. is not a real nation, and the trilion-dollar “HIC” (Health Industrial Complex) will never allow a real, public, free-for-the-people national health service to exist in this so-called “nation.”

    A semi-socialist British Labour government tried to create one in Britain about sixty years ago, but Conservative and Neoliberal governments followed and the NHS has been gutted. The remains of a semi-socialist public health system in France, once rated the best in the world world, are also disappearing. The word is: “AUSTERITY” (which means: private profit).

    Faux News shows and other mainstream “news” shows are full of HIC medical insurance and drug advertising (propaganda) and the gullible audiences are buying it. Everyone is searching for “better deals” (just for themselves, of course) in the planned chaos of private-profit health care advertising. When they do find the “best deal,” the “one that works for them,” within a year they will need to start looking again because the deals change, and any care they do receive in the meantime will generate a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork. Those who are destitute, homeless, disabled, etc. may receive free but poor quality health care (because it would reveal the nature of the system too plainly if they were just allowed to die) and those at the top of the income “heap” can afford the best care, while the vast majority of the population are bled dry to pay for mediocre care that is the most expensive in the world.

    • The number of doctors in the US has only modestly increased since 1970, but the number of “healthcare administrators” since then has risen to Himalayan proportions.

    • Allowing drug manufacturers to advertise their prescription-only poison on TV is WORSE THAN THE HOLOCAUST®.

  4. “Democrats dangle all kinds of things out in front of their voters only to snatch it away when they have power.”

    So do the Republicans. That why the two party oligarch needs to go. They both promises their base only to renege when put in power.

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