Washington Post: The Fight Isn’t Over Whether America Will Be a Democracy, But What Kind of Democracy

The banner is a little edgier than usual this morning.

I’ve been trying to spotlight the post-Civil War era and its trends which are similar to our times. This was an era that was dominated by partisanship, tribal conflict and high turnout elections.

I thought it was an amusing way of illustrating though what we think the modern Democratic Party is all about. Woke progressivism has become the governing ideology of the new Democratic Party. The central truth of woke progressivism is that Black people (now capitalized) ought to be treated better than all other races. The Democratic Party is for Black People and against the White man.

Conservatives will usually decry this as “identity politics.” Everyone recognizes though that this is our reality now. Democrats explicitly favor treating some identity groups better than others. They have come up with a new racial hierarchy and a new racial etiquette. They have redefined the term “racism” itself to mean oppression by White people. They have given up on antiracism as colorblindness. Chris Hayes argued the other night that the problem with Jim Crow was that Whites were in charge.

In the worldview of Social Justice, everything is about race, sex and gender and interlocking systems of oppression which marginalize Black people like Perry Bacon, Jr. who write for The Washington Post. Thus, the government must explicitly favor black professionals over the White middle class.

The Washington Post:

“I and others often say that the partisan conflict in the United States puts our democracy at risk. And it’s true. But that framing implies that the core conflict is about democracy — as if we have one side that supports fair elections while the other prefers dictatorship.

But the real conflict is over what kind of democracy the United States will be: White Christian Wealthy Male Semi-Democracy or Multiracial Multicultural Social Fuller-Democracy.

Though for most of its history, the United States has had elections and a constitution, the country was nonetheless fairly undemocratic, certainly by today’s standards. Most White women and Native and Black Americans couldn’t vote. People who weren’t wealthy, White male Christians didn’t hold positions of power. …

And if the choice is between pursuing greater racial justice for Black Americans or, say, banning books and writings about the United States’ history of racism to weaken the push for racial justice, this Republican Party will opt for the latter. …”


As I have pointed out in recent weeks, the conflict really isn’t over “liberalism” or “democracy” so much as it is about the definitions and parameters of these things and other social justice issues.

In recent weeks, the “pro-democracy movement” has said that it wants to abolish the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the filibuster and the Senate, which are relics of “white supremacy.” It has called for packing the Senate with new states and packing the Supreme Court. It has called for lowering the voting age to 16. New York City has taken the lead in giving voting rights to illegal aliens. Most people in the “pro-democracy” movement want to restore voting rights to felons and give amnesty and voting rights to illegal aliens. The recent fight over the John Lewis Voting Rights Act was over their desire to federalize our elections. These people are really unhappy with American democracy as it has existed since the Founding. They don’t believe they have enough political power under the current system.

The battle over “liberalism” also isn’t really what it seems. The “illiberal” side is constantly defending free speech, free assembly, gun rights and parents’ rights, opposing the weaponization of the “intelligence community,” opposing the surveillance state and especially the vaccine mandates. The “illiberal” side has to defend basic concepts like privacy and law and order at the border or policing within cities. The “illiberal” side has to push back against open and explicit racial discrimination against Whites in everything whether it is school curriculums, agriculture policy, online censorship, the distribution of the COVID vaccine and access to COVID therapeutics. The “illiberal” side is opposed to toppling statues of Thomas Jefferson.

The recent controversy over Joe Rogan put an exclamation point on how the definition and parameters of “liberalism” are the real issue. The “illiberal” side is solidly opposed to Spotify censoring Joe Rogan’s podcast. The “liberal” side is desperately trying to get Rogan kicked off the platform. In the woke progressive worldview, it is too dangerous for adults to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience which is full of dangerous misinformation, but it is entirely appropriate to indoctrinate children in “trans” and lessons based on CRT in public schools and for children to have the right to mutilate their own genitals. Children should also have voting rights. It is their parents who should be treated like children.

Perry Bacon, Jr. is unabashedly for the Democratic Party openly favoring Black people. He is strongly opposed to White appeasement. This is “racial justice.” He supports policies which dismantle “systemic racism” and which promote “equity.” The mirror image of this would be the Republican Party explicitly favoring White people. It would be strongly opposing black appeasement. It would mean dismantling policies that discriminate against Whites like affirmative action and openly favoring Whites in government and the corporate sector. It would championing White identity and interests.

If I were to take my own side like Perry Bacon, Jr. and promote the interests of my own racial group as vigorously as he does, well, that would be racist. We can’t have that!


Note: Charles Murray pointed out that it is politically suicidal for woke black professionals to go down this road given the relative size of the two groups here. This hasn’t stopped them though.

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  1. >… and for children to have the right to mutilate their own genitals.

    I often see this kind of rhetoric; not as often as I see asylum seekers called illegal immigrants, but often enough.

    I presume by ‘mutilate’ you mean surgically (?) — maybe some of them do want to allow this for children, i.e. minors; I don’t know — but the reality today, and I think for the foreseeable future, is that transgender surgery is not done on minors; someone must be a consenting adult, i.e. at least 18 y/o for that — there are both ethical and medical reasons for that, e.g. the body must be physically mature (full size) — any added or constructed, err, parts, will not grow.

    Hormone suppression or replacement ‘therapy’, which interferes with literally every aspect of normal bodily development during puberty, and has unknown long term consequences, is bad enough.

  2. Perry Bacon, Jr. displays the benefits of affirmative action: not even rising to the level of mid-wittery. Reciting myths about both the nature of the old (now-defunt) constitutional republic, whose founders very deliberately limited democracy because they were quite aware of the benefits of mob rule from knowing history and the utopian lie about “Multiracial Multicultural Social Fuller-Democracy”.

    Bacon is so clueless he fails to understand that “Our Democracy” is really a code-word for “Our Thing” (also known as La Cosa notra or – more aptly – Da Kosher Nosetra). Poor little Perry will never be one of the gang who’s included in the “our”, for he is merely a low-rent step-n-fetchit livery-boy for Massahs Fink, Soros, Boomberg, Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos and those un-named for whom they serve as public representatives. The “democracy” he refers to is no more of a democracy than any Gulag in th USSR was, and unlike the zeks in the old Soviet Unions (who at least knew they were zeks), morons like Perry think they be kangz n sheeit.

  3. “In the woke progressive worldview, it is too dangerous for adults to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience which is full of dangerous misinformation, but it is entirely appropriate to indoctrinate children in “trans” and lessons based on CRT in public schools and for children to have the right to mutilate their own genitals. Children should also have voting rights. It is their parents who should be treated like children.”

    You hit the nail squarely on the head here my friend. Well done!

  4. What appears to a mass audience has always covertly regulated in the USA. This briefly went out the window with the “free and open internet” (the rhetoric then being that it was impossible to control and censor because of their desire to use it to disseminate pornography to every kid in school) and the response has been predictable. They’re not going to give up the power of controlling discourse. No state that intends to survive ever does.

  5. Democracy means nothing when you have people in the country not used to living in a democracy. Communist, socialist, Marxists, etc. There are too many different cultures and races for a true democracy to take hold.

    • It also does not work when you have too many people who are voting for benefits for themselves, as opposed to the preservation and good of the society as a whole.

  6. Scum like Burnt Bacon & the kikes who enable him are our mortal racial enemies. They fully intend to drive us to our knees in humiliation & servitude before securing our extinction via open borders & miscegenation. Whites must band together AS WHITES to resist them, or die. Simple as that.

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