CNET: Spotify Appears To Remove More Than 70 Episodes of Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Is this illiberalism?

Is this authoritarianism?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki just demanded this censorship and Spotify complied. The censored episodes also have nothing to do with COVID.

JRE Listening:


“Spotify appears to have quietly removed roughly 70 episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast after expressing support for the comedian, who’s stirred controversy for spreading COVID misinformation.

The apparent removal of the episodes, all of which were recorded years before the pandemic began, was spotted by JREMissing. The fan-made website uses Spotify’s API to compare available episodes to a database of all episodes recorded. …”


“Spotify pulled down at least 70 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience from its archives on Friday. However, the disappeared episodes don’t have much to do with the platform’s ongoing controversy over covid-19 misinformation.

One of the first to notice the episode purge was one of Rogan’s former guests, Ukrainian-American author and podcaster Michael Malice, who tweeted out Friday that two of his appearances had been deleted.

After hearing about the takedowns, Gizmodo checked a website that regularly monitors Rogan’s episode visibility on Spotify and found that 70 of them had been deleted. We later manually checked and confirmed the site’s assessment. Clips of some of the deleted episodes appear to still be available on YouTube, though not all of them are. …”

The Verge:

“Spotify CEO Daniel Ek addressed employees about the Joe Rogan controversy in a 15-minute speech yesterday, of which The Verge obtained audio, defending the company’s choice to work with Rogan, explaining its reasoning, and defining why he believes Spotify is a combination of a platform and a publisher. Employees had been skeptically awaiting the discussion at the company’s regular town hall meeting for nearly a week: since things had escalated with Joe Rogan, the company’s star exclusive podcaster, employees had been venting inside the corporate messaging system and awaiting a response from leadership about why it chose The Joe Rogan Experience over Neil Young, setting off a domino effect of other musicians and podcasters pulling content off the service. …”

Who appeared on the banned episodes?

The list includes Alex Jones, MILO, Michael Malice, Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), Owen Benjamin, Sargon of Akkad, Chuck Johnson, Stefan Molyneux and Gavin McInnes.

Note: I checked and episode 1187 with Kyle Kulinksi has been deleted.


    • @Dart. Gad Saad is a “Ukranian American” as well. I know this after an online conversation we had where he responded to my tweet mockingly and calling me a communist because i was advocating for more covid bucks to blue collar and working class people.
      When I pointed out the irony of him and his background referring to anyone as a Communist he for some reason blocked me.
      The “intellectual dark web” of fake intellectuals seems to ironically be mostly “Ukranian Americans” as well. Bari Weiss, Brett Weinstein, Eric Weinstein, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Gad Saad, Pinker, and Shermer. Jordan Peterson and Rogan are the token non Ukranian Americans

  1. Thoughts and opinions spread too fast because of internet. It only took a week or two and I heard people bitching about the Irish on the streets. Joe Rogan is controlled opposition. It is the only way (((they))) can attack someone who has access to a wider audience. You can not have someone in such a position where they can fight back, explain things and make people come to understand what is really going on and win people over. It is too dangerous. You think Joe Rogan is ever going to talk about Moshiach? It is not going to happen. Remember the great enemy of the Jews comes from the bottom and he rises to the top and is heard by all. The Jews can not have that happen so censorship is there way of preventing Christ and his message from being heard. As if that is going to work, stupid Jews.

  2. These 70 episodes that have been taken down by Spotify had nothing to with covid (dis)information. The reason supposedly has to do with racial remarks.

  3. By the time Spotify and all these stupid tech companies are done, there’s going to be an entire parallel economy, with them losing out to it. Facebook just showed the first signs of this the other day when the stock crashed. People are just getting tired of the constant changes, deletions, never knowing if you’re favorite person, liked interview has been deleted, etc, etc. Just let me listen to whom I want, when I want. The arrogance is astonishing. It’s really stupid to attack your best show, and their listeners. Joe Rogan along with others, have options.

  4. Our “governments” intend to kill us. You can whine about it or accept it as reality and try to do better than the Russians and Ukrainians did.

    • @Spahnranch,

      I regret to inform you that Mike Nesmith, Davey Jones, and Peter York are all pushing daisies.

  5. Rogan cucked and apologized for using the word nigger a long time ago on his earlier podcasts. He should have said…”when Eric Adams apologizes for using the word “cracker” I will do the same.”

    When you apologize you look weak, admit guilt and the apology is never excepted. They do it to degrade you.

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