Mark Zuckerberg Lost $32 Billion Yesterday

I haven’t been on there in years.

I have no desire to ever go back either.

This is what Zuck gets for allowing progressive activists to wreck his cash cow.


  1. He probably didn’t even notice. It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway. The USD in reality is worth less than Monopoly Money. In a very true sense it is Monopoly Money since the private banking cartel known as the “Federal” reserve has enjoyed a counterfeiting monopoly since 1913 (same year the amended the constitution to allow the income tax). A pure cohenkidink no doubt.

  2. Tide is turning for the best. This was a couple of bad years.

    Never allow these Jews to fuck with you. And it’s as clear as hell what the program is. I live in a real city and see this daily.

    Best wishes.

  3. The Metaverse rebranding was one of those obvious hail Mary plays these companies do when they know they’re failing.

  4. 32 million for him is like $100 to you and I . He will make that back in no time with interest. His fellow tribe members will make sure of that .

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