New York Times: New York Democrats Are Leading a ‘Master Class’ In Gerrymandering

You’ve probably heard the party line by now in coastal media.

“The Democratic Party is America’s only small-d democratic party.”

– Eric Levitz, New York Magazine

American democracy is in peril. It is on the verge of death or something. Civil War 2 is just over the horizon. We’re descending from “democracy” into “anocracy” because the John Lewis Voting Rights Act died in the Senate and Democrats have failed to make temporary COVID-related ballot access rules in swing states permanent. Republicans are gerrymandering their way to “white supremacy” or “competitive authoritarianism.” We’re in an age of “democratic backsliding” like Hungary, etc.

New York Times:

“Democrats across the nation have spent years railing against partisan gerrymandering, particularly in Republican states — most recently trying to pass federal voting rights legislation in Washington to all but outlaw the practice.

But given the same opportunity for the first time in decades, Democratic lawmakers in New York adopted on Wednesday an aggressive reconfiguration of the state’s congressional districts that positions the party to flip three seats in the House this year, a greater shift than projected in any other state.

The new lines would shape races in New York for a decade to come, making Democrats the favorites in redrawn districts currently held by Republicans on Long Island, Staten Island and in Central New York. They would also help tighten the party’s hold on swing seats ahead of what is expected to be a strong Republican election cycle, all while eliminating a fourth Republican seat upstate altogether. …”

Over the past two weeks, the “pro-democracy movement” has gone from decrying gerrymandering to celebrating the new maps which have been drawn by Democrats in New York, Illinois and Maryland. We can also say with 100% confidence that the filibuster will once again cease to be an undemocratic instrument of “white supremacy” once the Republicans retake the Senate in November.

At the end of the day, “our democracy” means rule by the woke professional class which lives on the coasts. It means rule by oligarchs like George Soros and their PMC handmaiden technocrats. It means that these arrogant, sanctimonious, hypocritical, hysterical, ruthless, power grasping Yankees are in charge. Everything that is an obstacle to these people – the filibuster, Constitution, the Electoral College, the Senate, the Supreme Court, White men – all of that has to go. It is also racist, illiberal, undemocratic and authoritarian to stand in their way. It means you are a “domestic extremist.”

Do you want to be one of Joe Biden’s “domestic enemies”?


  1. “The new lines would shape races in New York for a decade to come, making Democrats the favorites in redrawn districts currently held by Republicans on Long Island, Staten Island and in Central New York.”

    If this country were still a Jeffersonian federal republic, none of this would matter to us, here in Dixie. Nor would our political processes, or elections, matter to them. Or at least they wouldn’t be able to interfere in our states, or impose their will on the rest of us, through the agency of the federal government. They’d just haf to be satisfied with Yankeedom and the Left Coast.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • You’re definitely on to something. OT, the majority of the coverage of the games and athlete profiles of the winter Olympics I have seen so far have been all the oppressed glass ceiling shattering wahmen. When you do see a profile of…..uh I guess we’ll say male, is when they are fairy princessing in the figure skating competitions. You’ll only see men if your watching live but they definitely prioritize the physically superior laaaadeeees lol.

  2. The alleged “opposition” party (Gay Old Pedobears) has been instrumental in assisting the D-jerseys in their gerrymandering nationwide. But we should of course go forth to the polls and vote moar harder to bring in a shiny new congress full of Gay Old Pedos to Make Murika Grate Again and git them Russians and Chi-coms for once and for all. Hey Charlie Brown, this time we absolutely promise not to snatch the football away. WWG1WGA!

    Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result each time. I think there is somewhere a word which defines this behavior.

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