Tucker Carlson: Airbnb Banned White Nationalist Michelle Malkin

I’m probably banned too.

I’ve never used Airbnb before, but this blog is listed as a “hate group” on the SPLC’s official enemies list. This is why I don’t take Thomas Main’s whining about “illiberalism” seriously. Have people like Thomas Main ever once in their lives had to put up with things like being blacklisted from hotels? Have they ever been deplatformed by their bank or hounded out of their jobs over their political ideology?

Tucker Carlson brought up the fact on his show last night that Michelle Malkin and her husband have been permanently banned from Airbnb for attending the Amren conference and associating with Nick Fuentes and the Groypers. Jared Taylor has to hold his conference on state property because of the climate of illiberalism and authoritarianism which has overwhelmed the progressive movement:


  1. AirBnB has banned many people from using their service.

    >public accommodations

    Generally they are not ‘public accommodations’; they are privately owned homes, condominiums, and apartments — whether or not such open discrimination is lawful is, I supposed, an open question — Malkin wrote about this in a piece published on the Unz site:

    Why Airbnb Banned Me (And My Hubby, Too!)

    Since AirBnB is headquartered in California, in a legal context, some comments mention the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

  2. Michelle Malkin isn’t even White (Caucasian) so she cannot possibly be White Nationalist. But she is far right!

    Tucker this, Tucker that. Fox News is an extremely untrustworthy, inaccurate source of information!

    Last night, as I understand, Ingraham was LYING again about the “freedom fighters” (the U.S. color revolution) in Hong Kong and about “China’s genocide” of Uighurs in Xinjiang. Rupert Murdoch feeds you a steady diet of delicious facts mixed with a crucial trace of poison – the cruclal lies that you WILL believe if instead of going to accurate sources you keep watching Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham.

    Ingraham the anti-Chinese CIA propaganda huckster and the My Bath Towels huckster both wear crosses.

    • Fuck you, “anonymous” agent of the Chinese Communist Party. You “wolf warriors” are no friends of white people.

      How did no one in this board notice?

      BTW, I do not support neocons like Hannity or Ingraham. I do tend to agree with Tucker most of the time.

      • Steve,

        I believe most people on this website recognize that anonymous is pro-communist. He does have more faith in his “accurate sources” than most people do in God. When he condemns obvious evil committed by the United States government and others he is on safe ground as we all are. When he promotes communism? Well that is a different issue.

        • The most accurate source is the Bible, especially the New Testament, that teaches faith, love and selfless service instead of fear, violence and usury. I do not support atheism or practical atheism. Early socialism prior to Marx was mostly explicitly Christian.

          Some monastic orders, giving up private property, were conceived as attempts to lift up the masses (indirectly) in feudalism. Christians also practiced communism in the Book of Acts. All godly human relationships are honest and beneficial, but the ungodly profit system requires deception and exploitation.

          • comrade anonymous,

            Going to a monastery and voluntarily giving your goods away is different than a government forcing all to do so. That is stealing. If you want to quote scripture then begin with—-“Thou Shall Not Steal”.

            There is information on the differences between a monastery and a Communist country. If you need instruction contact a competent authority such as a knowledgeable priest etc.

            I know you are keen on getting the last word in as if that matters so feel free. My younger brothers and sisters also think that matters as well.

            As for me? I am not going to get bogged down in a futile discussion with someone who pretends that there is a connection between government Communism and christianity.

        • Re: “information on the differences between a monastery and a Communist country”:

          The monastic orders, not the socialists, were the ones stealing from the workers. By the time that the French Revolution finally ended (temporarily) Catholic and monarcho-feudal control of France, the Catholic monastics and the rest of the “church” owned immense wealth including about half of the farmland in France – the rest of it “belonging” to (I should say stolen from the people by) the royalty and nobility. Like Ananias and Sapphira in the Book of Acts, the monastics and nobility with their noble intentions were always “keeping some back for themselves.” As Ananias and Sapphira learned, there is really no middle ground, no third position between sharing community and theft.

      • “You ‘wolf warriors’ are no friends of white people”:

        Why should China continue to kow tow and not glory in being Chinese? Ethno-socialist China (“Socialism with Han Chinese characteristics”) checks all the boxes of White Nationalism except that it is yellow, not White. You cannot be a real nationalist if you are not also an internationalist who respects the rights of other nations to be what they are. Otherwise you are an imperialist, and you will lose your own nation, if you even have one (I doubt it).

    • I agree that Faux News sucks, but please feel free to advertise these accurate sources of which you speak.

  3. What makes airbnb so destructive is their normal course of business, not this distraction. Airbnb destroys communities with short term rentals and gobbles up affordable housing for decent people needing a place to live. It could not be more anti family. All in service of the almighty dollar.

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