American Thinker: Chris Wallace Is Irate Over Jeff Zucker’s Departure

You’re laughing.

Chris Wallace sank his career like Shep Smith, CNN is in chaos, and you’re laughing.

American Thinker:

“Apparently, nobody told Chris Wallace that rats are supposed to jump from sinking ships, not onto them. After leaving Fox News for the nascent CNN+ streaming service (and watching ratings soar for his old show, Fox News Sunday, once he was gone), Wallace now finds himself abandoned by the person who lured him away, Jeff Zucker. Radar Online reports …”

To add insult to injury, ratings have gone up since this Big Cheese of journalism left FOX News for CNN. The news was triumphantly announced as a big scoop by The Eunuch on his show back in December.

“That “team” bloviation obscures the reality of the snake pit nature of TV news, especially at a failing operation like CNN. Wallace has got to be worried about the long knives and his ample back at his new employer that looks like it is about to clean house. Notably, there are no reports of him bringing any staff with him from Fox, and his old support staff at Fox News Sunday must be popping champagne corks with the new ratings they enjoy with Shannon Bream helming the broadcast. For what it is worth, her colleagues at the Fox News Washington Bureau refer to Shannon on-air as “the nicest person in the building” — which is consistent with her on-air persona.

Wallace is very unhappy, according to Radar. …”

Coastal media is collapsing.

The “mainstream media” no longer exists.

What will the media landscape look like after the Joe Biden era? How will the remnants of the mainstream media preserve the sacred norms as power and influence and control slips away?


  1. Re: “popping champagne corks with the new ratings they enjoy with Shannon Bream helming the broadcast. For what it is worth, her colleagues at the Fox News Washington Bureau refer to Shannon on-air as the nicest person in the building”:

    I refer everyone to the many episodes where the Miss Florida beauty contest winner spews Fox News audience tailored CIA propaganda about China, Russia, Iran, etc. /I’ve only seen a few moments of her show a few times, but I skimmed some archived videos now, thinking she might be important and worthy of attention here. Not.

  2. >the new ratings they enjoy with Shannon Bream helming the broadcast

    I can’t imagine any reason why viewers might prefer watching Shannon Bream to Chris Wallace — can anyone help me out here?


  3. >Chris Wallace sank his career like Shep Smith


    On October 11, 2019, he announced on Shepard Smith Reporting that he was leaving [ed: Fox] … In a speech to the International Press Freedom Awards on November 21, 2019, Smith warned of authoritarian governments that make it dangerous and difficult for journalists to do their jobs, saying autocrats have learned to use online tools and social media to shore up their power. At the event, Smith gave $500,000 to the host organization, the Committee to Protect Journalists.

    He does not seem to have done, or be doing, too badly.

    To me one of the worst aspects of America is that trained monkeys like this guy can become wealthy by parroting establishment bullshit on TV while the plebs watch trashy commercials.

    • He was tired of working for Rupert Murdoch who has described himself as “a radical conservative” (extreme capitalist). From Sky News in Australia to Fox News in the imperial homeland, the Murdoch “news” empire is a bulwark of the whole Empire.

      There is no employment opportunity in mainstream media for real, honest journalists. There is plenty of employment for “press-titutes,” and very good pay for the most charismatic or physically attractive press-titutes, like Murdoch’s female replacement for Wallace.

      It is difficult to find any accurate news reporting of politics even among the “many choices” of alternative media online that mostly tell “what people want to hear” because they are scrambling for donations.

      Diogenes of Sinope looked with a lantern for an honest man, and we look with a search engine for an honest journalist.

  4. For example, Mainstream media would never “confuse” you with politically-incorrect news of U.S. ally Argentina going over to China and Russia: Argentina is trapped in an immense debt to the U.S.-controlled IMF and U.S. interference/control of its political process. President Fernández traveled to Russia and China in the last few days, formed an alliance with Russia and China, and joined the Belt & Road Initiative. China gave its support to Argentina’s demand to take back the “Malvinas” (Falkland Islands) from Britain, and Argentina gave its support to the One China principle (the return of Taiwan from the U.S. to China).

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