The Leftist Case For Joe Rogan Uncensored

Why do the “white supremacists” support Joe Rogan?

Obviously, it is not because the “white supremacists” agree with everything he says. It is because the “illiberals” and “authoritarians” think he should be free to speak his mind and that his voice shouldn’t be silenced and because we generally don’t get worked up into a rage at the thought that someone else who has a platform in the public sphere disagrees with us or has a bad take.

A better question to ask is why people like Kyle Kulinski, Krystal Ball and Ben Burgis are aligned with those people like Jared Holt and all the rest of the woke hall monitoring shitlibs and tattletales on the Left. Why would you want to be associated with those people? How can you stand those insufferable people? Why would you want those people defining the Left and alienating millions of people and repressing the vote for causes which you support?

It is no mystery why we are opposed to that faction of the Democratic Party. Those people are the political enemies of everyone on the Right. They are the driving force behind our current political alignment. Those people are also more likely to give people like Kulinski or Burgis a harder time than us. Those people are the ones you have to watch out for even on the Left.


  1. HW Your question is a fair one.

    It’s strange that these people tend to have ideas that align (for the most part) with the ideas of the average Republican voter (at least with regard to personal freedom and constitutional guarantees). Sometimes they align with normie Republican types on social issues (I bet they’re not super excited about drag queens reading books to their kids). Yet they still label themselves liberal Democrats.

    OTOH, the dissident right tends to align itself with some crazy people too. Fellow travelers in our circles can be unsavory lunatics at times. Often there are backstabbers in our midst.

  2. Rogan is toast. Pretty amazing take down by Shlomo. His Malone episode was his finest hour.

    • Another site will pick him up. YouTube took him off…there are other sites for vids and podcasts. They don’t care how he votes, they only care that he challenged the vax and used the “n” word.

      • The reason why the likes of Kyle Kulinski and Krystal Ball won’t explicitly join the Right, and why so many Center-Left writers and artists don’t identify with the Right, is because of the twin boogeyman of Social Conservatism and the Religious Right.

        I saw a tweet that got a ton of engagement in liberal normie circles that claimed the long-term goal of conservatism is to replace the public school system with privatized religious schools, and how everything from anti-vax to opposing transgenderism to opposing wokeness in general was just a “cultural war” cover for this agenda, pushed by “powerful interests” such as….uh, Betsy Devos and the Texas Board of Education. :/

        Its common wisdom in Pro-White circles that “conservatives always lose,” and that’s true when it comes to issues that Pro-Whites and Conservatives care about (or claim to care about), but to be perfectly honest, Conservatives have done a better job in the Culture War then their critics give them credit for.

        Reagan’s coalition of the 1980s scared the piss out of these people. Its in the back of their mind to this day. The “Religious Right” could always comeback and create Gilead. Teenagers could be encouraged to practice abstinence instead of being encouraged to wear condoms and take birth control. Abortion and pornography could be banned. Gays could be marginalized and oppressed. Women could be bare foot and pregnant.

        The Left fears Social Conservatism more then anything else in the world. It doesn’t matter whether any of that stuff is imminent, or if Right Wingers themselves even believe in it anymore. “But they did before and they’ll do it again!” is their eternal fear. The Woke Left is a mere annoyance that happens to have institutional power, whereas the Religious Right is pure evil. That’s how everyone to the Left of center sees it.

        I’m not sure if its possible for the Right to “prove” we aren’t gonna establish Gilead. Its a brutal fact that the White Race has become degenerate and actively chases degeneracy. Where the Religious Right failed is they thought they could put a lid on it. Something like half of our race is fundamentally okay with the tenets of Wokeness, if not the tactics.

        There’s no stopping a people that, like the Jews 3000 years ago, made a pact with the devil. Whites are the pigs heading off the cliff, and as much as I hate the Woke Left and want to crush them and humiliate them, the fact that the Right is seen as worse by our would be allies tells me we need to just sit back and watch as the Woke Left crushes these people and integrates them into their sphere.

        Once a ShitLib, always a Shiblib. No forgiveness, no quarter.

  3. Never apologize to the woke mob because they will make your live miserable. Rogan didn’t help his cause by groveling, he hurt it.

  4. Rogan could & should have stood firm and refused to apologize – shit, better still demanded an apology for (((their))) concerted campaign to bring him down. He could have been a true free speech hero, but he chose to be a groveling pussy instead.

    Now see smirking Shmuel swagger in triumph yet again.

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