Jimmy Dore: Lockdowns Only Reduced COVID Deaths By 0.2%

In the United States, we had the most half-hearted, disorganized and inept lockdowns in the world. In retrospect, it would have been better to do nothing than do what was done so clumsily to control the spread of the virus. We ultimately settled on nothing anyway after a few weeks.

New York Times:

“But age was alone in its ability to predict fatality rates. Nothing else — not body mass index, not smoking, not air pollution, not cancer prevalence, not universal health care, not hospital beds — explained very much.

More unexpected was what the researchers found when they looked at the factors that predicted how many people got infected. Some of the obvious candidates — population density, G.D.P. per capita, and exposure to past coronaviruses — failed to predict much in the way of outcomes. But both trust in government and trust in fellow citizens proved potent.

This yields the paper’s most striking finding: Moving every country up to the 75th percentile in trust in government — that’s where Denmark sits — would have prevented 13 percent of global infections. Moving every country to the 75th percentile of trust in their fellow citizens — roughly South Korea’s level — would have prevented 40 percent of global infections. …”

Lack of trust in everything killed more Americans than anything else.

Note: Alabama “reopened” in May 2020. It didn’t seem like we were ever really closed to me.


  1. Let’s arrest people for being maskless, and alone, outside in the Sun. Pure modern genius, I tell what.

  2. Indeed. And America is just the grossest example (bar perhaps India) of this. For lockdowns to work, they had to be real lockdowns, and liberal democracies are incapable of protecting their people- only their corporations.

    Australia did slightly less weak lockdowns than Americans. More than 4000 Australians still died unnecessarily. New Zealand, with a population similar to Alabama, was the darling for faggot advocates of liberal democracy being able to cope with real problems, and it had 53 deaths because it didn’t keep out infectious Americans and Australians or lock down once they got in. Meanwhile, Hainan in China, with twice the population, has had 6 COVID deaths.

    Only National Socialism can deal with serious threats to human life.

  3. Lockdown hysteria crashed the economy, caused thousands of young people to kill themselves, created a massive internal migration from blue to red states and exacerbated all the political and racial turmoil of the summer of 2020. It also showed just how cruel, irrational and cowardly a lot of people really are. In just a few months the slogan “We’re all in this together” was replaced with “Get vaccinated or lose your job”. I’ve become a lot more misanthropic as a result of this strange, terrible experience.

    • There’s certainly been nothing about the last two years thats made me trust the government more.

      That the lockdowns only reduced deaths by that little is exactly why it was important for White people to know beforehand their government can absolutely never be trusted in a crisis to tell the truth about anything. They know now.

      Mass resistance to the narrative, to the faggotry, would have stopped the lockdowns. Instead we had muddied waters across the political spectrum and no coherence.

      National Socialism won’t work without ethnic cohesion and homogeneity in the population at a high degree.

      There’s not really any Whites I trust now either besides my family.

      Whiteganistan was only ever a dream. I don’t know if it can happen.

      • I remember watching a news report about the beaches in Orange County, CA temporarily reopening during the early summer of 2020, in defiance of Governor Newscum’s lockdown orders. The beach-goers were so happy to be there after three months of punishing home confinement. A girl did cartwheels on the sand. That’s when it all should have ended. But not enough people had the courage to put a stop to it. I have an aunt in Fort Meyers who is a retired nurse. I wanted to meet her for the first time earlier this year but when she found out I was one of those “anti vaxxers” she sort of gave me the brush off. Fine, I never liked that side of my family anyway.

  4. Showman Dore is playing the Anti-vaxx schtick for all it’s worth (up to but not beyond the point where his show could be demonetized, restricted or banned) trying to attract a more right-wing audience, of which there are potentially many more than the “liberals” that watch his show.

    Re: “In just a few months the slogan ‘We’re all in this together’ was replaced (…) I’ve become a lot more misanthropic as a result of this strange, terrible experience”:

    Of COURSE the atomized cosmopolitan capitalist “culture” will do that to you – make you ever more misanthropic, and cynical, self-centred, etc. The fakeness and ineffectiveness of the U.S.’s private-profit response to the new virus was predictable – because the business of America is business, not people, and the U.S. is a protection arrangement for big business and the elites, NOT a real Ethno-nation that would exercise a paternal care for the health of its people. So a microscopic virus was victorious over the medically-disarmed U.S. population, killing more than one million of its over 300 million citizens. There are “only” 900,000 casualties so far, but there was no testing being done in the beginning, and now testing is being shut down in many areas so that the true death toll in the U.S. can be hidden.

    If you want to be encouraged instead of discouraged about the prospects of humanity, look at the GOOD pandemic outcome of blockaded, sanctioned Cuba, and China, and some other real ethno-socialist nations that really do care for the health of their people – and imagine the perfect outcome that would have been possible if all nations, and even the United States, had all worked together to defeat the virus – and they still could, except that the U.S. CANNOT.

    • You’re right, the establishment of the American Republic was not based on tribal, ethnic or racial grounds, which would have made its Revolution legitimate. It was established because a few wealthy Masonic landowners in Massachusetts and Virginia were annoyed at the King and Parliament for not giving them titles of peerage or something like that. So they declared their independence from Britain based on weak, dishonest claims about Muh Freedumbs. Eventually most ordinary Americans supported the Revolution, but only because they wanted the friggin’ war to end.

      • Spahnranch1970,

        Well written Spanner. The following Treaty was unanimously passed and was law until 1805-06.

        Treaty of Tripoli signed into law by President Adams in 1797 and passed unanimously by the United States. It states:

        As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion, – as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen, – and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.’ …

        I believe it was Article 11 of the Treaty. The American Founding Fathers knew their country was founded on Secular principles even if some modern christians are deceived otherwise.

        Now having written this I still believe it is obvious that the USA was founded by Anglos for Anglos. Rather Protestant or Pagan or a skeptic that is still true. Having been on this site for more than 2 years I know your mentality (anglo mentality). Your beliefs in individualism, religious freedom, freedom of speech, religious indifferentism etc. are all core values of Americanism that my religion and myself traditionally reject.

        Your system only works with your own kind. In Religious class I asked my teacher and the class if anyone held these Americanist values. None of us did. No one should hate us for this for we just think and believe differently than the Anglo that is all.

        The United States is like a Greek Tragedy that we have read at school.

        • @ Christina Romana Alva, ” Your system only works with your own kind”, Young Miss Alva, thanks for speaking thee undeniable truth, that being said, their still was plenty of non anglo-celts who prospered and thrived in our political system and culture, who also accepted and thrived under our constitution and bill of rights, but with each successive wave of integration, our system, culture and population ratio of our noble founding stock, too non Anglo/celts was weakened, over the years, the constant changing demographics, has so altered our national character, without the white southern protestant Anglo/celts around to bear witness too who and what we are, we would be truly lost…….

          • Mr. Smith,

            Thank you for your kind and detailed comments. It would take unusual leadership to fix the United States and it could not be done by democratic methods. Those methods are controlled by the enemy and is a major reason why they worship modern democracy or at least what they call democracy.

          • @Terry Smith,

            I agree with you that non-Anglo Europeans were able to assimilate within the framework created during the founding, and that’s certainly not an endorsement of civic nationalism.

            I would disagree with you about the “nobility” of the founders though. The infamous “swamp” that became a popular catchphrase during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was already in place, before Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated in January of 1801.

            John Adams and the Federalist Congress packed the judiciary with Federalist judges and “Justices of the Peace,” in order to provide opposition to Jefferson’s (Republican-Democratic) administration and incoming Republican-Democratic Congress’ legislative agenda.

            If you study to God awful compromise that the Executive branch (Jefferson) cut with the Judiciary branch (John Marshall), that set in motion SCOTUS’ judicial overreach and latter day activism from the bench against congressional legislation (federal and state) and presidential executive orders in their ability to resind and invalidate such acts or executive actions by declaring them unconstitutional.

            John Marshall’s successor Roger Taney as Chief Justice returned most of the States Rights that Marshall’s court reduced. Of course, the Dred Scott v. Sandford case which Taney wrote the majority (7-2) opinion combined with the terrorist actions of John Brown undeniably were factors leading up to Southern Secession and abolitionist SJWs forming irreconcilable differences.

            Anyway, it’s a pleasant thought to believe that America’s Founders were men of highest abilities and qualities, but as with the famous last like in the film The Man who shot Liberty Valance, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

        • @ Christina Romana Alva, ma’am if I may address you again, I quote you two verses of scripture, if you read and understand these two verses, you will understand the Anglo/celts of the american republic and I quote, Luke 12:48 Too whom much is given, much is required, Mathew 5:13 Ye are the salt of thee earth, but if the salt has lost its savor, were with shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but too be cast out and too be trodden under the foot of men.

        • @Cristina,

          I often refer to the Judeo-Anglo combine in America and Great Britain. Here is a nice short (22 minutes) video that illustrates how both aristocratic Anglo Protestants and jews were in league together from the colonial era to nationhood (1654-1789).

          As Al Gore may say, it’s an inconvenient truth.


          • November,

            As usual I see these comments in the morning right before I rush to school. I will check your links when I get back.

          • November,

            Very enlightening despite the fact that the narrator was pro-Jewish.

            Jews are without gratitude however since even though the United States and modern Great Britain (roughtly 18th century and forward) have done a lot for them those two countries are still being destroyed through immigration, integration, and interbreeding with the Jews being complicit.

            Supporting the devil always comes with a price.

        • Infanta Christina Romana: Your comments are always a delight to read and your presence on this forum always elevates the level of discourse and civility.

          The Founders never explicitly stated that only propertied White men of Anglo-Saxon descent would be permitted to govern but it was generally understood and accepted that it would always remain thus. The idea of granting women, Negroes or Mohammedans equal status with free White males in the eyes of the law was absurd. Not even the most radical thinkers seriously entertained such notions, because they knew such a society would soon collapse into anarchy.

          Centuries from now China, Russia and Mexico may still exist but the USA will be nothing more than a faintly remembered bad dream.

          • Spahnranch1970,

            What a delightful comment you wrote. I thank you.

            I think that almost everyone on this website recognizes that a people should never voluntarily give up what they own/built and bled for. I too have often thought that Mexico will probably continue to stumble on while the USA has fragmented.

  5. @ November, you make your point as usual, I think of those virginia and pennsylvania millitiamen, freezing and leaving their bloody tracks in the snow, with washington at valley forge, the cadence that those, brave and noble men, called out as they marched” we have no king but jesus’, it still echo’s to this very day, for those of us, who listen for it…..


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