1. Untrue. Both you and many of your commenters have used “nigger” or other derivations in describing black citizens and neighbors on multiple occasions. While it may be true that you and them do not view the terminology as a slur, the recipients understand the purpose is to denigrate.

    Note that in pointing this out I am not in fact criticizing you or your commenters. It is better that people be honest with each other. In your defense I am making the assumption that nigger refers to black people who cannot comply with adult rules of behavior, not work hard and play by the rules normies of a darker complexion.

    • Very rarely.

      If was dropping nigger this or kike that on a daily basis, I am pretty sure I would be aware of it. I’ve never written like that. My attitude is that I don’t care about racial slurs, but I don’t use them either.

  2. “I hate our hyper sensitive culture.”

    Hyper sensitive to everything, except the endless slander slung at normal healthy WHITES .

  3. The attack on Rogan was obviously well-organized and well-funded, there was nothing spontaneous or grass roots about it. I think most people will be annoyed about that and tune it all out.

  4. linkDem SuperPAC Behind Rogan Smear Campaign. The recent multi-pronged attack on Joe Rogan has been exposed as an organized hatchet job, likely coordinated by a Democratic Party-affiliated SuperPAC called Meidas Touch. …

    Wikipedia/MeidasTouchThe committee was founded in March 2020 by three brothers from Long Island, while in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. … One of the founders, Ben Meiselas, is an attorney who served former NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

    They’re Jews; here’s a tweet aimed at MJT: Twitter/Ben MeiselasRational Jewish person here. STFU!!!

  5. Another tweet from Meiselas (link) — I promise you if Democrats start talking about Jewish space lasers, mocking teenage survivors of school shooting, and support an insurrection I would leave my party too. But see, we want more vaccines, better infrastructure, anti-racism, and we support democracy and I like that.

    Another (link) — HipHop Bar Mitzvah, age 13, and the theme was “All About The Benjamin’s” that’s my little bro @BMeiselas and @J_Mei21 dancing in the background. We got the White Versace suit to honor Notorious BIG.

    But the stereotype of Jews as money-grubbing is just an anti-Semitic trope whitey.

  6. I often wonder why people freely use all manner of profanity – in their writing, no less (it’s not as if they hit their thumb with a hammer and accidentally let one fly – it takes focus to type it out) – and yet, will often go to great lengths to avoid using any of the terms that upset liberals.

    In other words: it’s acceptable to use all the profane terms that upset proper Christian society, but it’s not acceptable to use the words that upset liberalism.

    Seems like many of us have our priorities mixed up.

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