Mitch McConnell: 1/6 Was a Violent Insurrection

Why is someone who is so deeply unpopular with his own voters and who has no agenda the most powerful elected Republican in the United States?

Note: As I have repeatedly said, it is the leadership of the Republican Party and these old politicians who are the problem. Mitch isn’t going to be around forever.


  1. Mitch McConnell’s world is getting smaller by the day. He eventually doomed. He’s old, and his support is rather thin among the base. He will get his eventually. He’s powerful only in his own world on the Hill, elsewhere, nah …

  2. Why is someone who is so deeply unpopular with his own voters and who has no agenda the most powerful elected Republican in the United States?

    I suppose this is a rhetorical question, but I’ll answer it anyway: because he perfectly embodies what the GOP is, and has been for decades.

    As I’ve said before: investigate which party has held the presidency and controlled Congress the majority of the time since 1980, when America’s decline accelerated — it’s not even close, yet here we are.

    The GOP is a consensus party; they ride the current political momentum, whatever it is and wherever it’s taking the country — it’s been well documented that whatever the Democrats are saying today will be mainstream in the GOP in ten years.

  3. Mitch the bitch is no different from this creature – a typical Republican. The R-jerseys have zero redeeming features, and they’ve utterly failed to conserve anything except power gains made by their D-jersey team-mates. It’s a succubus-golem whose purpose is to vacuum up all of the opposition energy and money. The G.O.P needs to be killed with fire. Burn the bitch down.

    • I just love idiots who call these guys RINOS. They themselves are too stupid to realize that “Republican” is itself a meaningless term and refers to a bunch of people who don’t stand for anything of importance.

  4. “1/6 Was a Violent Insurrection”

    Our leaders are hypocritical cowards.

    One of the most peaceful protests ever and they run to hide, yet we are suppose to endure weeks of deadly urban riots.

    Why didn’t our exalted ‘representatives’ come out to talk to the protesters ?

  5. McConnell has said “our democracy” and that is a tell as to where McConnell’s loyalties lie. The “our democracy” crap is part of a campaign to weaken the power of rural red states. Liz Cheney, and Roger Wicker are two others. Keep your ears open these people will tell you whose side they are on.

  6. @ Senator McConnell , 1/6 probably wasn’t half as violent as your last bowel movement was, insurrection is something you should talk too your physician about senator…………..

    • A crowd of leaderless, unorganized and unarmed White people, with one of their own being the only casualty, responsible for the crime of the century? Meanwhile, Anti-White screamers and thugs rioting, looting, committing murder and mayhem. Nothing to see here folks.

    • “Mr. Turtle thinks that was a violent insurrection.”
      @Pilot – He doesn’t think that though. He’s just a lying, shameless, soul-less, empty old bag.

  7. Please, tell me Mitch McConnell does not look like a homosexual. On the other hand, Trump loves homosexuals.

  8. The turtle represents perfectly a corrupt party of Jew lackeys.I’m done voting.I voted GOP since I was 18 and got nothing but my race and culture mocked by them.Since 2004 I’ve voted in the primary but written in Confederate heroes in the general.No way was I voting a second time for Bush.Or ever for Mccain.Or Nikki Haley,Tim Scott and Lindsay Graham in my state.I voted for rabbi Trump both times(the second with disgust)as my last try.I say let it all wash away.Voting won’t help.Only God can create the conditions for an awakening.Right now so many Whites are just too brainwashed and conditioned to even vote for a pro-White candidate if we had one.I’m not full of optimism.

  9. Turtle personifies exactly why the Republican party is nothing more than Anti-White controlled opposition.

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