Poll Watch: Trump Voters Now Twice As Likely As Biden Voters To Say Russia-Ukraine Conflict “None of America’s Business”

Once again, I’m largely happy with Tucker Carlson’s influence on the GOP. He is pushing the GOP to become better on lots of issues than it otherwise would be. By channeling our views on various issues, Carlson has built the largest audience in cable news. It is a win-win relationship.

Yahoo News:

“The poll of 1,628 U.S. adults, which was conducted from Feb. 3 to 7, found that a full 42 percent of Trump voters now say the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is none of America’s business — 6 points more than the share who say “it’s in America’s best interests to stop Russia and help Ukraine” (36 percent).

In contrast, 60 percent of Biden voters now insist that it is in America’s best interests to help Ukraine, while just 20 percent disagree and claim the conflict doesn’t concern the U.S.

By the same token, more Trump voters now say the U.S. should take “neither” country’s side in the clash (49 percent) than say the U.S. should side with Ukraine (46 percent). Biden voters say the opposite, with more than two-thirds (67 percent) insisting the U.S. should side with Ukraine, compared with just 29 percent who prefer neutrality. …

Age and income seem to contribute as well. Hawkishness prevails among older Republicans, with those over 45 favoring Ukraine (51 percent) over neutrality (48 percent) and those under 45 favoring neutrality (53 percent) over Ukraine (32 percent) The same goes for Republicans who make more or less than $50,000 a year; the former side with Ukraine by 4 points, while the latter side with “neither” by 24. …

But on the right it’s a different story. There, independents who lean Republican (57 percent) are 7 points more likely than self-described Republicans (50 percent) to insist that the U.S. should stay neutral. They’re also 9 points less likely — 30 percent vs. 39 percent — to say it’s in America’s best interests to help Ukraine and stop Russia …”

I’m firmly in the stay out of it / none of our business anti-globalist camp.


  1. The US has its our own problems it can’t fix but we are going to be the worlds police and fix everyone else’s. Makes no sense.

  2. “Trump Voters Now Twice As Likely As Biden Voters To Say: Russia-Ukraine Conflict; “None of America’s Business”

    They’re right. It’s not.

    However, the idiots in Washington made it their business when they overthrew the Ukraine’s duly elected government, while on the road to a “colour revolution” in Moscow.

    Prediction: When the field exercises in Belorus end, and the respective forces go home, Biden will claim “victory.” He’ll claim that he scared Putin into backing down. Or more likely, Jen Psaki will claim it for him, as he’ll be unable to answer any questions at the time.

    Send Biden some Bluebell Ice cream. It’s the best tasting ice cream in the country. Take him to Whataburger, so he can feel like a real winner, too.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  3. Re: “in the stay out of it camp”:

    I’m in the GET out of it camp.

    I’m in the GET out of it camp because we really are IN it. Mainstream media disinformers like Carlson give their gullible audiences the distinct impression (make them feel) that the U.S. is considering going into Ukraine, when in reality the U.S. has been fighting a hybrid war against Russia in Ukraine for decades! There is no moderate camp or position between truth and falsehood regarding the evil of U.S. imperialism.

  4. Just being realistic the Russians will cut through the Ukraine like a hot knife through butter whenever they decide to do it.

  5. Jews’ wars of antichrist hatred, have NEVER been in a Christian’s best interest.

    Calvary/Good Friday.
    Case in Point.

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